July 01, 2016

Daily Top Five for the Counter-Jihad: Swedes give women “Don't Touch Me” wristbands — Migrants can’t read Swedish

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

A few examples of the sign of the times. And that sign reads: "This way to the death of the Enlightenment"

1. Bangladesh: Hindu priest hacked to death

Another non-Muslim has been murdered in an identity killing in a nation which, like Canada, is officially secular.

This shows that the imposition of sharia law is indifferent to geography. It just requires enough believers with enough dedication to force the issue.

A Hindu temple worker has been killed by three men on a motorcycle, local police have said, the latest of dozens of brutal attacks in Bangladesh.

Shaymanonda Das was preparing for morning prayers at a temple in the district of Jhenaidah when he was attacked.

Police said he was hacked on the neck several times with machetes.

More than 40 people have been killed in attacks blamed on Islamist militants in Bangladesh since February 2013.

That includes secular bloggers, academics, gay rights activists and members of religious minorities.

2. Police Launch ‘Don’t Touch Me’ Wristbands to Stop Migrant Sex Attacks in Sweden

This may be the most illustrative act by a Western nation in terms of our collective impotence in resisting aggression by religious Muslims in our societies.

This wristband is designed to create a false sense of security.

The press release announced that police intend to equip young women with wristbands with the slogan “don’t touch me”. This will happen over the summer, at festivals and other events for young people. “By wearing these wristbands,” Sweden’s police chief said, “young women will be able to make a stand”.

It is unclear how effective the wristbands, which read “don’t touch me” in Swedish, will be in preventing attacks, as the majority of sex attack perpetrators are thought to be recent migrants who are unlikely to be able to read them.

Maybe if they stretched the rubber "Don't Touch Me" band over a forked stick and placed a steel ball on it... But that would probably be a crime in Sweden. 

3. The Controversy Surrounding Public Eating in the Maghreb Region

Once again, a powerful illustration of the difference between Islam and most other religions.

The observance of sharia and Islamic rituals is compulsory for all in a given region, to the extent that the Muslims are able to enforce it.

In Algeria, although there were no arrests made against public fast-breakers this year, many have expressed their concern regarding some hostile behaviors demonstrated not only by law enforcement agents, who seem to act solely based on their personal feelings on the matter, but also by Algerian citizens who take it upon themselves to “defend God’s word.”

Despite the fact that there are no laws which exclusively outlaw the public eating in Ramadan, opponents of breaking the fast cite Article 122 of the Algerian penal code, which sentences anyone who offends the Prophet or disparages the doctrines of Islam to 3 to 5 years in prison.

In a country where religious freedom is protected by the constitution, Tunisia nonetheless is still suffering from intolerant and violent behavior towards people who choose to not practice fasting during the month of Ramadan.


4. France: Charity boss stabbed by couple shouting 'Allahu Akbar' armed with axe and knife 

The attackers allegedly called the director of a soup kitchen "infidel dog" - as they stabbed him three times - and both are now being hunted by cops after fleeing the scene 

The couple are said to have suddenly appeared on the soup kitchen premises and 'for no apparent reason' the male attacker - described as being of African origin - swung at him with the axe which the victim managed to dodge.

The woman - said to be wearing a veil with an open face - then dealt him "several stab wounds" to the stomach.

It shouldn't take too long for our various government-media complexes to make Muslims the victims and the charity operators the provocateurs. That is, if the story gets noticed at all. France has a whole stable of Loretta Lynches to take care of the pesky truths.


5. Over 750 people in one German town showed up to "discuss" the building of a Mosque in that city. 

At least 750 citizens of Monheim am Rhein, North Rhine-Westphalia, came to the City Hall, Thursday, to discuss plans to build a mosque in the city.

Many people, such as former Islamic jurist Sam Solomon, argue that a mosque is more factually a beachhead than a house of worship.

More videos of that town hall meeting are being looked for now. 

So now for the good news:

Earlier this year, Austria held an election for the largely ceremonial position of President. The regular voting was won by the leader of a new classically liberal party called the FPO. However at the last minute, postal votes, which are notoriously susceptible to fraud, overturned the results and gave the election to the leftist Green Party.

It has also been revealed subsequent to the election, that the party had hidden from the public the fact that their leader may be extremely ill and barely competent to function in his own home let alone be President of Austria.

As a consequence of voting irregularities, Austria has now officially stated the election will be done over. 

This means real liberalism has a chance again in Austria and that the kind of cheating and deceptions the far left does to hold power doesn't always work.

It should be noted that in the style sheets of the Government-media complex, classical liberals are always to be referred to as "Far Right Wing" and when possible add the word, "extremists". 

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch, People's Freedom Party, speaks constantly on the right of gay people to exist in the Netherlands without being beaten up, the right of Jews to be allowed to walk the streets without constant intimidation by anti-semites, nearly all of whom are Muslim, and all the other benchmarks of a man who in the 1950s would have been called a left winger.

Except far less politely.

The fact that anyone who believes in individual rights for gays, Jews, women and non-Muslims, AKA a classical liberal today is labeled a "far right wing extremist by the GMC (Government-Media Complex) is an indicator that something truly rotten is taking hold in Western civilization. 

Lastly, a word from the brilliant author and genuine human rights activist from when human rights meant rights for humans as opposed to collective rights for ideologies to be shielded from criticism, Ayaan Hirsi Ali:





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commented 2016-07-02 12:18:31 -0400
If only Custer had thought of wristbands at HIS last stand. If nothing else the lefties provide a good laugh everyday at their own expense. Perhaps it would make more sense to close the barn door before the diseased horses kill the rest? Ya think?
commented 2016-07-02 01:57:07 -0400
The wristband is an idea that has possibilities.

But instead of inscribing “don’t touch me,” how about “Walther PK380?”
commented 2016-07-02 00:51:35 -0400
Victor Laszlo provides his “top five” as if he were David Letterman.

He’s not.

This garbage amounts to hate literature.
commented 2016-07-01 23:57:25 -0400
Yeah i feel so safe with a wristband LMAO! Even if they could read it they would not give a damn. I hope Swedish cops enjoy when their masters sacrifice them to the fanatics as well.
commented 2016-07-01 17:10:12 -0400
One sees in most Canadian (and I assume other Western democracies) supermarket bunkers of meat and other food products that are halal…with a sign indicating as much. These special halal displays are growing yearly, if not monthly. This is for an ideological (political, social and religious) demographic that is little more than one per cent of the population. Some meat producing companies produce all their products according to halal, and then label only some as halal (because it is less labour costly). Why these special sections cow-towing to a minority that in many cases has its own butchers and food shops?
Sections for Kosher products for Jews, by the way, have not been so blatantly displayed, but just quietly placed along other food products and individually labeled, with some special displays only made (in neighbourhoods with dominant Jewish populations). Furthermore, Jews don’t make a fuss when they are exposed to pork, for instance, in gentile settings. Muslims, on the other hand, often complain.
Why are the big supermarket chains cow-towing to Islamic sharia practices?
Many examples of abuse of Western democratic freedoms by Islamic individuals and groups have become evident. Perhaps the freedom and democracy loving citizens can show their disapproval of Muslim social muscling by taking pork chops (and other pork products) from the non-halal (obviously)supermarket bunkers and placing them in the halal bunkers…..say one or two pork chops per freedom loving customer. It would be a way of making a statement against Islamic abuse of our Western culture. It would be a small, symbolic sort of Counter-Jihad.
commented 2016-07-01 14:00:05 -0400
As of this morning, since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,250 Attacks, 198,007 Killed, 278,184 Injured.