June 23, 2016

Daily Top Five for the Counter-Jihad: Former ISIS SEX SLAVE's powerful testimony

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Today has quite a list. From chemical weapons attacks that won't be reported by Western government-media complex, to terrorist attacks and geopolitical events of real concern. This list will probably go over five.

1. Video 1: Escaped Yazidi sex slave from the Islamic State very diplomatically demonstrates that the Islamic State is sanctioned by all Islamic governing bodies she is aware of.

Another video of the Nobel Prize nominee is embedded in this article where the headline also points out her important observation. 

In this video, the same women points out that the US has been ineffective at protecting its own citizens, so how can they expect to deal with them in the Islamic State? 

Related article here.


2. Here is a little bit of schadenfreude for those sick of watching entitled, useful idiots of the far fascist left who call themselves, "Anti-fascists" but in fact threaten, and attack those they do not agree with, disrupt speeches by classical liberals and aid and abet illegal migrants.

It seems that the government in Germany felt that the squat many of them lived in was needed to house migrants. So they were evicted. They responded by setting cars alight. (Video)

I wonder where they learned that tactic from?

More video here.


3. If you are a Muslim living in Great Britain and looking for a second wife, its now gotten much easier with this new Web based Second Wife Finder


4. The Islamic State attacked Syrian troops with VX Nerve Gas today

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — According to Lebanese Al-Mayadeen broadcaster's Twitter account, the Syrian military came under attack in the western part of province with the terrorists using the nerve agent VX.

The VX nerve agent is an extremely toxic substance used for chemical warfare, and is classified as a weapon of mass destruction by the United Nations.

When the Proto-Islamic State first ramped up in 2012, , there were videos floating around of them using chemical weapons to kill rabbits in test facilities.

Shortly after it was reported that they had used a chemical weapon to attack civilians in Syria, although American media reported it as Al Assad having used the illegal weapons.


5. Leader of the Islamic party in Morocco refuses to discuss his party's views on homosexuality during Ramadan, but assures us that Koran expresses his views perfectly.

Rabat – General Secretary of the Istiqlal Party (Independence Party) Hamid Chabat recently refused to discuss the issue of homosexuality or voice his opinion on heritage laws as he explained that the answers are “present in the Qur’an.”

During a conference organized by the Machoura Foundation, Hamid Chabat explained to the audience that the Istiqlal Party is based on “Islamic denotations.” Chabat further conflated religion and politics within the Istiqlal Party by saying “Anyone who is opposing Islam is also opposing the Istiqlal Party.”

Really have to put at least one more.

Within the last few days, Men claiming to be members of the Islamic State, attacked some people outside a restaurant in Philadelphia. The security footage was so brutal, the police took it offline a day after they put it up. But segments of it are included in the news clip here. 

Robert Spencer has a write up here at Jihad Watch.

Lastly, Stephen Coughlin, who has been featured here on The Rebel several times, a former US Army intel officer as well as a lawyer, offers this basic answer on Orlando.

It was Jihad.

In the world of ISIS jihadis, there are no forms to fill out to send in a check to get a membership card. This is not the Sierra Club. When ISIS declared to its target audience of followers in the West that this year’s Ramadan (June 5-July 5, 2016) would be a time of jihad, if they heard the call and agreed with it, under sharia law they had a duty to act. The Orlando shooter heard the call, agreed with it, and therefore had a duty to act, and acted.

It’s just this simple.

Why was the Orlando shooter an ISIS jihadi? Because he said so. He was ISIS because he declared as such when he acted. Why? Because once he agreed with ISIS’s call to jihad, he had a duty to act based on a common understanding of the doctrines of jihad in sharia — Islamic law.  Hence, it was a legal duty. 

There is a lot of geopolitical events today of significance. The BREXIT votes are not all counted yet, but its looking good for independence for Great Britain. 

If we go by previous plebiscites held in Europe which dealt with EU control over European nations, they will just keep doing them over till they vote the way the EU wants.

The EU is a totalitarian institution. They will not take no for an answer. Let's hope the British are still made of stern enough stuff that they can remain masters of their own destiny.

"Rule Britannia. Britannia rules the waves. Britain never ever ever shall be slaves."








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commented 2016-06-24 02:08:46 -0400
Britain, if your majority vote to leave holds up i say congratulations
commented 2016-06-24 01:25:53 -0400
LMAO, left wing SJW weasels get a taste of the medicine they prescribe for others. Funny how they cannot practice what they preach , i think there is a word for that, what is it again??? OH YEAH HYPOCRISY! Hey SJW fools, you made these people into infallible, untouchable gods, now pay your pennance.
commented 2016-06-24 00:25:35 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,188 Attacks, 197,638 Killed, 277,515 Injured.
commented 2016-06-24 00:23:30 -0400
Congrats to the UK for ignoring the fear mongers and voting for freedom.