June 19, 2016

Daily Top Five for the Counter-Jihad: PM's brother supports Iran's nukes in new film

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Today's Daily Top Five has a little good news! But only a little, sadly.

1. Egyptian court sentences Mohammed Morsi to 25 years in prison

CAIRO — An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced six people, including two Al-Jazeera employees, to death for allegedly passing documents related to national security to Qatar and the Doha-based TV network during the rule of Islamist president Mohammed Morsi.

Morsi, the case's top defendant, and two of his aides were also sentenced to 25 years in prison. Morsi and his secretary, Amin el-Sirafy, received an additional 15-year sentence for a lesser crime. El-Sirafy's daughter, Karima, was also sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Morsi was ousted by the military in July 2013 and has already been sentenced to death in another case. That death sentence and another two — life and 20 years in prison — are under appeal.

See! It isn't always bad news here in the Daily Top Five!

For those of you who have forgotten, Morsi was the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and was installed as President during Arab Spring 1.0. Then he was deposed in the largest people's revolution in history a year later in Arab Spring 2.0, despite Obama's insistence that Morsi remain president.

The sharia, you see, stuck in the craw of most Egyptians. 

Here is one clip of Morsi in 2010 but I have seen more... passionate ones on the same theme. Remember, this is Obama's pick for Egyptian leader.

Search YouTube for clips of Morsi speeches. He wasn't shy with his opinions and beliefs.


2. Sam Harris, author of "End of Faith," reminds us that in 1935, the New York Times called Hitler a moderate, and said we had to appease the Germans so as not to encourage the radicals in the Nazi party.

"Only Trump showed moral clarity."

Once again we see that in times of deceit, stating the obvious is a kind of genius.


3. So 49 gay Americans were murdered in cold blood by a jihadi in Orlando. But what is the New York Times concerned with?

The joy of breaking a 16-hour fast with the first bite of a sweet date. The horror of hearing about the attack on a gay nightclub in Florida that left 49 dead. The drudgery of reviewing a year’s worth of earth sciences and trigonometry notes. The frustration of defending Islam — and the right to be in this country — after another terrorist attack carried out in the name of the Islamic State.

“I just don’t get it,” said Muhammad, a 17-year-old junior at Abraham Lincoln High School in Coney Island, Brooklyn, who immigrated from Pakistan with his family in 2014. “Islam is all about peace. In Ramadan, we don’t even curse. You’re not supposed to do anything bad.”

Apparently the slaughter in Orlando has made the month of skipping lunch, then gorging and killing infidels slightly less fun for a few Muslims.


4. Sectarian violence against Copts reported near Alexandria

Copts in the village of Qaryat Al Bayda reported Friday they had been subjected to sectarian violence following attacks on the pastor of a local church and a services building affiliated with the church.


Naeem Aziz, the house owner, told the website Copts Today that he and his brother were injured in the assaults and, instead of interfering to protect them, security forces let the violence occur and arrested a group of Copts on accusations of planning to illegally construct a church.

(Chants in video: "We don't want a church")

Like socialism, Islam turns the notion of causality on its head.

Women are guilty of being raped and so should be stoned to death. Christians should be arrested for being attacked by Muslims because they might have been planning to build a church.

If you defend yourself against a violent criminal you may be arrested for illegal use of force, and your neighbor should be able to ruin your life by accusing you of racism for pointing these facts out even though they are true. Then there is High River. 


5. Belgian Jewish student "gassed" with deodorant by classmates in showers, says mother

Could have been worse. Someone might have said something bad about a Muslim facecloth. Then 60 Minutes would be there doing a segment on it.

Belgian elementary school students are accused of anti-Semitic bullying of a Jewish classmate, whom they allegedly sprayed with deodorant while he was showering at school to simulate Nazi gas chambers.

The three students told their Jewish classmate they were “gassing” him during the incident, according to his mother.

The Jewish student was subjected to anti-Semitic abuse over the past two years at his elementary school in the Brussels suburb of Braine-le-Chateau, according to a statement Friday by the Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism. All the involved students are now 12 years old.


LBCA president Joel Rubinfeld told Belga he interviewed other students who confirmed the anti-Semitic nature of the “gassing” incident and the recurrence of jokes and taunts referencing the Holocaust in the student’s bullying by the three other classmates.

The case reported last week is one of several recent anti-Semitic incidents in Belgium, including the bullying of a high school student who was forced to change schools amid alleged inaction by the institution where the harassment occurred. Last year, Belgian media reported on the online shaming by classmates of a pro-Israel high school student who also left the public education system for a Jewish school.

Such cases, Rubinfeld said last year, are turning Belgian schools into “Jew-free” zones.

I think the Germans had a word for that actually. 

No top five is complete without at least two more. So lets continue:

ICNA, much like the New York Times linked above, has a fascinating take on the slaughter of 50 Americans by a Muslim for jihad at a gay bar in Orlando.

 Oh yeah and this: Belgium Charges Three Amid Reports of Plot to Attack Soccer Fans

Belgian authorities charged three people in connection with a suspected terror plot amid a broadcast report of a plan to attack fans gathering to watch the national soccer team.

The trio of Belgian citizens were accused of “having attempted to commit a terrorist murder and for participation in the activities of a terrorist group,” Belgium’s federal prosecutor said in an e-mail Saturday.

The country’s terror alert will remain at level 3 out of 4, Belgium’s government said earlier Saturday, after security forces raided properties across the country and arrested 12 people. The prosecutor didn’t confirm a report by broadcaster VTM that the terrorists were planning to attack fans -- possibly on Saturday -- while Belgium’s soccer team played in the Euro 2016 tournament.

Finally, an article about our Prime Minister's brother and his efforts on behalf of Iran.

PressTV, the Iranian state-owned propaganda organ, was a co-producer of the documentary The New Great Game, which was produced and directed by Alexandre Trudeau.

According to Honest Reporting Canada Executive Director Mike Fegelman, in the film, the Liberal MP’s brother “reports that Iran’s atomic ambitions are for “defensive” purposes only, serving as an effective “deterrent” against Israeli ”aggression” and belligerence.”      

All we need now is for one of the Trudeaus to marry a Kardashian.







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commented 2016-06-20 00:27:20 -0400

“America must unite the whole civilized world in the fight against Islamic terrorism”
~Donald Trump, June 2016



And now for your short history lesson…

“World leaders should unite to end anti-Christian persecution”
~Vladimir Putin, August 2013










commented 2016-06-19 23:05:04 -0400
This very intelligent, common sense, soft spoken man makes all the western leaders look like fools, which they are. Keep on appeasing, you idiots & see where this leads to, until it’s too bloody late. I will be gone but my children & grandchildren will suffer the consequences. I am referring to the BZ video, but the one in the intro is also remarkable. I agree, every left wing nut on this planet would be well served to watch both.
commented 2016-06-19 19:48:16 -0400
Wonder why the CBC isn’t using his nickname “Sacha” Trudeau, daddy’s offering to the Communist next generation? It’s much more catchy than Alexandre, and more in keeping with the family traditions and leanings.
commented 2016-06-19 13:55:12 -0400
Thanks BRAVO ZULU for the “reminder” clip that so many over here should have as compulsory viewing. What will it take to awaken the stunned Liberal and leftist Islamist apologists here and in the US, groping and rape gangs? muslim children bullying our kids? more terror killings? more encroachment of the sharia? etc etc, CAUSE ITS COMING!!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!! View BZs clip and draw your own conclusions about the leadership? in the so-called free world. WAKE UP TRUDEAU, YOU F#%$#^^&&ING TRAITOR.

DJBT and the rest
commented 2016-06-19 13:49:25 -0400
Israel would be destroyed in a day if they were not ”aggressive” and "belligerent.” And no, to those who would misunderstand me, that is not an insult.
commented 2016-06-19 02:50:21 -0400
Well it all makes sense now since Israel wants to wipe Iran off the map wait wasn’t that the other way around? Now I’m all confused again. If Trudeaus’ brother makes racist propagandist films for the enemy of one of our allies while acting as an advisor to the PM, isn’t that considered some sort of conflict of interest?
commented 2016-06-19 02:31:03 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: Attacks – 31,147, Killed – 197,401, Injured – 277,275