October 12, 2016

Daily top five for the Counter Jihad: Thousands heckle Merkel; IS cell in Spain and more

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Thousands of regular Germans protest Merkel and Muslim immigration on October:

2. Germany Knowingly Let in Migrants with Fake Passports

The German federal migrant agency has admitted that they are letting in migrants even when they have full knowledge that the passports and documentation they carry have been forged.

A new report suggests that the German agency in control of migration, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), knew that passports used by migrants who flooded into the country last year were fake – but let the migrants attempt to claim asylum anyway.

3. Three Pakistani asylum seekers held for rape

(ANSA) - Brescia, October 12 - Three Pakistani asylum seekers were jailed Wednesday on suspicion of the gang rape of an Italian woman in the Lombardy town of Chiari. The victim, 22, reported the men after being allegedly raped Monday night in the town's public park. The three suspects are aged between 23 and 26. They are being held in prison pending an investigation.

The video below is an unrelated yet interesting example of multiculturalism in Italy:

4. For the second time in four days, a missile was fired at a US Navy vessel in international waters from Yemen, most likely the Iranian proxy army, the Houthi. 

From ABC:

 For the second time in four days, a cruise missile has been fired at the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Mason (DDG 87) from Houthi-controlled territory in Yemen.

The missile fell into the sea short of the destroyer, which was in international waters in the Red Sea. No one was injured. The Pentagon said it would respond "at the appropriate time and in the appropriate manner" to the attack.

"At about 6 p.m. local time today (11 a.m. EDT), the ship detected at least one missile that we assess originated from Houthi-controlled territory near Al Hudaydah, Yemen," said Peter Cook, the Pentagon press secretary. 

5. Another day, another Islamic State terror cell busted in Spain:


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commented 2016-10-13 03:07:14 -0400
“Auf Wiedersehen” Frau Merkel!… And you and Chickenshit Hollande will have much to reminisce about on some sunny beach in Tahiti come next summer… And do try the split coconut with rum… rather nice…
commented 2016-10-12 23:41:25 -0400
1. Merkel the witch is in trouble -she has caused the war that is coming.

2. Germany was told to be “nice” by the EU and the witch merkel.

3. Pakistan is as bad as Saudi – keep them out.

4. I wish it would hit – I do not wish the casualties but you either fight the evil islamic cut or you get out of the way.

5. Lots of terror groups – security cannot catch them all – sooner or late a big one is coming.
commented 2016-10-12 22:30:59 -0400
Merkel is complicit in every migrant crime she should face the victims from a defendant’s box.

Yemen was implicated as a financial backer of ISIS in the Clinton email hack, now they fire missiles at the US ships in international water – you could drone the whole nation in about 12 hrs
commented 2016-10-12 21:26:14 -0400
“isn’t SAFE to come to the west”.
commented 2016-10-12 21:20:43 -0400
There a lotto Italians around in that 3rd video. If they all ganged together and attacked the attackers the attackers would soon learn it isn’t are to come to the west. Ah,the enjoys of diversity and multiculturalism.
commented 2016-10-12 20:30:00 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 31,942 Attacks, 203,031 Killed, 284,374 Injured that we know of.