October 13, 2016

Daily top five for the Counter Jihad: Two Muslim teens in Oz arrested for planning to decapitate a random person

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Crimes by foreigners in Denmark have doubled.

A new analysis from the Danish National Police shows that while many categories of crime are either falling or stagnated, the number of crimes committed by non-citizens more than doubled between 2009 and 2015.  [...] 

 “As long as there are such significant welfare differences in Europe, there will be an incentive to leave one’s own country to commit crime somewhere else,” he told Berlingske. “There can be more to gain in the richer countries and one cannot expect that this is a phenomenon that will just stop on its own.”

Two teachers who were struck off for feeding pupils a 'diet of Islam' at a school linked to the 'Trojan horse' scandal are being allowed back into the classroom. [...]

Anwar, the head of modern languages, and Ahmed, in charge of religious studies, were accused of changing the curriculum so sex education was not taught. 

NCTL officials also said Ahmed organised religious assemblies where boys were segregated from girls.

He was also said to have encouraged prayer during the school day through posters and a call to prayer on the school's loudspeaker system. 

 Both men were also accused of taking part in a WhatsApp chat that discussed the murder of soldier Lee Rigby and the Boston Marathon bombings. 

3. New ITV documentary exposes high ranking and influential Muslim cleric with pretenses to liberal views. as actually calling for death on anyone who "insults Islam". His views on a number of other subjects, while not surprising to those who have read the Koran, are not the ones to which he pretends. 

This is an interesting follow up to a recent story, also in the UK, where leaflets had been passed out in front of a mosque demanding death for those who "insult Islam" and the founder of the doctrine, Mohammad. 

4. Somali Muslim with Danish passport arrested on charges of training Al Shabab fighters in Kenya.

The Star wrote that the Dane was arrested alongside a British man and a Kenyan woman. The arrest took place in the upscale Nairobi neighbourhood of Gigiri, one of the largest expat communities in Africa. 

The Star detailed that the two women arrested are Yasmin Sheikhdoa and Kenyan Zamzam Hussein. The British man is "Tom James" and details remain thin around his role in working with the Somali terrorist group.

5. Australia: Two armed teens charged over plot 'to behead an innocent person in an ISIS-inspired Sydney terror attack' - and one of them is the son of a convicted terrorist.

Two teenagers who had allegedly planned to carry out an attack on an innocent member of the public have been charged with terror-related offences.

The 16-year-old's were arrested near a mosque in Bankstown in Sydney's west on Wednesday, and were allegedly carrying handwritten notes pledging allegiance to ISIS.

Police believe the pair, one of which is understood to be the son of a convicted terrorist, allegedly bought bayonets from a gun shop before setting off to carry out the attack.

After the pair were arrested, radical Muslim preacher Juniad Thorne (pictured) approached officers and demanded them to tell him 'Where are my brothers?'

Here is an interesting collage of video clips from Paris. Some of these events look like ones that took place earlier in the summer, but it gets difficult to tell them apart. The video quality on some of the migrant riot parts is higher than the ones previously circulating on Youtube, so they may be new riots.





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commented 2016-10-14 09:47:06 -0400
Video 3: The actions of the imam, minister of satan aka allah, and his screech is very reminiscent of Hitler, founder of National SOCIALISM.

Video 5: The body language of the other minister of satan aka allah demanding his brothers also speaks to a lack of fear and respect muslims have for police. Imagine the average Australian, including aboriginals, approaching the police aggressively like that…they would be in a choke hold and back of a cruiser.
commented 2016-10-14 00:05:07 -0400
1. Foreigners? You mean evil cult islamics. Tell the truth.

2. The legal system is already bought and paid for to work against those who built this country – that is why I not only despise lawyers – I think all of them need to be sent to live in Aleppo for a minimum of one year – or be taken out back and beaten senseless with a 2×4 – their choice. As for judges I would rather spit on them than sit in the same room. Both of those vermin are completely untrustworthy.

3. Until the cbc – communist broadcasting system and msn start telling this story – which will never happen – canadallah is doomed. In fact it is already sliding down the slope at high speed.

4. A somali? Says it all – they are truly some of the worst.

5. Australia – no surprise – it is falling faster than we are.

The extra thingy…….

Blacks – rioting – islamic or not – nothing changes – all trash. That is why most companies I work with would never hire one now – not even those with training, education or capability. The risk is too high now. Far better to stay with the white guy now. Less trouble and far less potential trouble.



commented 2016-10-13 23:23:36 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 31,958 Attacks, 203,107 Killed, 284,524 Injured that we know of.
commented 2016-10-13 23:03:17 -0400
The death of free speech is the death of Christianity and our nation… It is absolutely unbelievable that people don’t know and can’t see the long term projection how this will play out in this country..
commented 2016-10-13 22:46:24 -0400
Seriously do these judges and Chancellors and PM’s and other leaders think they will not bear any threat or danger or maybe the end of their lives from these fanatics they enable? Is there some magic force field they are not telling us about, some kind of sharia shields?? Their actions seem to suggest they think they are immune. Man are they in for a hard lesson.