November 02, 2016

Top five for the Counter Jihad: War between migrants on Paris streets; Orlando 911 call starts with ISLAMIC PRAYER

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. GERMANY AT BOILING POINT: Furious mob takes to streets hunting and attacking migrants.

A MOB of up to 50 stone-throwing neo-Nazis went "hunting" for migrants in the eastern German city of Bautzen yesterday in a repeat of scenes which played out there two months ago.

Two fled for their lives from the right-wingers who screamed insults and threats after them.

Police were out in force at the time of the confrontation but apparently did not act until the refugees began to run from the mob who had gathered at the city’s Holzmarkt.

One of the asylum seekers was hit by a bicycle ridden by one of his pursuers and suffered a cut from a stone which hit him.

Yesterday, the Express featured this story about the same issue with some video.

2. One German does a cost analysis per refugee and compares it to state benefits for indigenous Germans.

One wonders if the rioting Germans in item 1. had been aware of this when they went looking for fake refugees.

3. in the US, while 11,000 migrants have been brought in to the country as "refugees, only 56 of them are Christian.

This seems interestingly consistent with the Wikileak on Obama's hiring policy as well. 

In the course of a trial concerning a related issue, a federal judge chastised the Obama administration for allowing in to the U.S. such a small number of Christian refugees from war-torn Syria, as reported by The Daily Signal.

While the administration exceeded by almost 1,000 its goal of admitting 10,000 Syrians to the U.S. (during the 2016 fiscal year), only 56 were Christian.

“To date, there has not been a good explanation for this perplexing discrepancy,” wrote Judge Daniel Manion.

“It is well‐documented that refugees to the United States are not representative of that war‐torn area of the world. Perhaps 10 percent of the population of Syria is Christian, and yet less than one‐half of one percent of Syrian refugees admitted to the United States this year are Christian,” he added.

4. WAR ON THE STREETS OF PARIS: Armed migrants fight running battles in the French capital.

According to George Friedman of the geopolitical think-tank, STRATFOR, "Wars happen not because people are different, but because different people are forced to mix."

Therefore none of what is happening in Europe should come as a surprise to anyone.  

The area around Stalingrad Metro station was turned into a refugee battleground as rival gangs of migrants set upon each other in shocking scenes of violence. 

Asylum seekers wearing hooded tops wielded makeshift clubs fashioned from lengths of wood which they used to bludgeon each other as horrified pedestrians looked on. 

Clearly the French are in urgent need of some kind of stick control.

5. The phone calls to 911 from Orlando's Pulse gay bar are being released.

Get ready for some truly tragic listening. 

It also bears noticing that the jihadi started out his call with an Islamic prayer. In fact the Islamic motives behind the gay bar murders are made as clear as possible, demonstrating the extent to which the Obama administration will go to deceive the public to force the narrative of Islam as miscible with classical civilization.



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commented 2016-11-03 01:43:02 -0400
Someone phone Israel and see if they have any extra spines for sale. The west is all out.
commented 2016-11-02 16:50:28 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,112 Attacks, 204,984 Killed, 287,347 Injured that we know of
commented 2016-11-02 12:38:19 -0400
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world