June 29, 2016

Daily Top Five: Bakery refuses to make cake for Ex-Muslims of North America

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

There are so many items to go through that choosing only five feels a little like picking cherries in hell.

1. Wegmans bakery refuses to make cake for Ex-Muslims of North America, saying it might offend Muslims

Now this makes a fine contrast to what happens if you are a Christian and you refuse to make a cake for a gay wedding. And, what happens when a Muslim bakery is asked to make a cake for a gay wedding.

Muslims didn’t even complain. Wegmans was just afraid that they might: “The associate further added that – the store had Muslim workers, ‘my employees may not know what this stands for, Ex-Muslims of North America, and I don’t have enough time and people to educate them on what it is,’ and although they were not sure if the employees would be offended, they ‘can’t put them in that situation.'”

Of course, Wegmans. To put them in the situation of getting offended would be absolutely intolerable. No one should ever have to live with the fact that somewhere else, some people who believe differently are enjoying a cake. Cakes should always be denied to anyone who might somehow be offending Muslims. To allow such people to enjoy cake could turn out to be a mistake of explosive proportions.

So now Christians are forced to bake gay wedding cakes, but “Islamophobic” cakes? Everyone agrees they’re beyond the pale.

I think we can all be confident that there will be no repercussions to this baker that refused to make this cake.

2. Taking Kids to Church Violates Their Human Rights, Says UN

Whereas, in many Western nations, school kids are forced to visit mosques and in Toronto, there are mosques in the schools. 


Asking children to attend Christian assemblies undermines their human rights, according to a United Nations committee.

A highly controversial new report by the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child expresses "concern" that pupils in the U.K. are legally required to take part in a daily act of collective worship, which is "wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character."

Conservative MP David Burrowes described the criticism as "ludicrous" and said the government can "respectfully put those kinds of reports in the bin where they belong."

3. Pakistan: Two Christians, one Muslim sentenced to death for blasphemy

Anjam Naz and Javed Naz, both Christians, and Jafar Ali, a Musilm, have been found guilty for insulting Prophet Muhammad by the Anti-Terrorism Court in Gujranwala, Punjab province.

The three men were found to have insulted the prophet in an audio recording.

"When police arrested Javed and Jafar on May 15, they recovered an audio recording of Anjam committing blasphemy," said Mohammad Tanveer a senior police official, according to Newsweek Pakistan.

"We also recovered the recorded audio from Jafar's possession and found that he and Javed were blackmailing Anjam by threatening to release the audio to the public if he did not pay them."

Coming to a city near you. Actually, it's already here.

4. Gay men attacked over photo posted by U.S. embassy

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast -- Gay men in Ivory Coast say they've been assaulted and forced to flee their homes after the U.S. Embassy published a photo of them signing a condolence book for victims of this month's killings at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

The photo, published on the embassy's website, shows the faces of six men with the caption "LGBTI community signing the condolence book." It was taken at the embassy on June 16, the same day Prime Minister Daniel Kablan Duncan and other officials signed the book in honor of the 49 people killed in the Orlando attack.

And this is how sharia is implemented.

Not because it is debated in Parliament and debated in the senate and then passed into law, but because religious Muslim thugs just implement it in a way that the police can do nothing to stop.

The police however, can stop law abiding citizens fro protecting themselves or fighting back. And they do. Just ask Tommy Robinson or anyone who ever got an Osman warning

5. In Moderate Malaysia: Fears of brutal punishments if Malaysia adopts strict sharia penal code

Malaysia risks turning into a hardline religious state, where adulterers are stoned to death and thieves have their hands chopped off.

The grim warning from former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, comes as current premier Najib Razak courts Islamists to shore up support for his scandal-tainted United Malays National Organisation (Umno) party. [...]

PAS wants to introduce the strict sharia penal code hudud, which punishes thieves by chopping off their hands. There’s a chance this could happen, according to Mahathir.

The "Hudud" or brutal corporal punishments are by far not the most problematic aspects of sharia law.

In fact it may be the least. 

They just cause the most shock and horror to those of us raised with liberal notions.

The real problems with sharia are:

A) There is no presumption of innocence.

The accusation is all that may be needed to bring on a torturous and humiliating death sentence.

B) No due process. There is no actual method of determining guilt that uses reason. All outcomes in a procedure that might resemble a trial, if there even is one, will be to the benefit of the supremacy of Islam, not the facts of the case.

C) The nature of the charges, such as thought crimes and speech crimes and sexual conduct crimes. [See problem A)]

Blasphemy is one example we see spreading across the world were Muslims have the numbers to enforce it, from Garland, Texas to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Under sharia, the crimes for which we may be charged are things which we consider our most basic and fundamental rights. However a brief conversation with an openly homosexual man, or a women of reproductive age in an area recently put under a degree of sharia, like Sweden or parts of England, may well reveal a new set of expectations. 

Liberty after all, only exists to the extent that you can defend it.

 D) No equality before the law. Muslims are considered innocent irrespective of the events, and unbelievers are guilty irrespective of what they may have or have not done. It is a system designed to guarantee the supremacy of Islam Über alles. 

But heck, why not carry on?

6. Islamist extremists hide huge stockpile of weapons near German mosque

May as well say "ice cream found in ice cream truck"

The weapons arsenal was discovered during a top secret raid by a SWAT team in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Local politician Ismail Tipi revealed details of the raid and warned of “the danger of fundamentalists”. 

The weapons were found in a cold room of a greengrocer near a mosque. 

The state is the most populous state in Germany with nearly 18million people in the area, which includes Dusseldorf. 

It is worth clicking over just for the photo of what has to be the finest Kalashnikov collection outside of the grand mosque of Medina.


7. FBI asks agencies who responded to Pulse to deny records requests

The FBI has asked law enforcement agencies who responded to Pulse nightclub to withhold records from the public, according to officials.

A June 20 letter from the FBI, attached to the City or Orlando's lawsuit over withholding 911 calls and other records from 25 media outlets including the Orlando Sentinel, was also sent to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office with instructions pertaining to how they should respond to records requests.

The letter requests that agencies deny inquiries and directs departments to "immediately notify the FBI of any requests your agency received" so "the FBI can seek to prevent disclosure through appropriate channels, as necessary."

How curious. It is almost as if this:

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commented 2016-07-01 08:58:57 -0400
Ramadan Bombathon 2016
Muslims often insist that other religions are just as violent as theirs and that the bigger problem is “Islamophobia”.
We put that narrative to the rest each Ramadan with a running count of ALL terror attacks categorized by motive.

Motive – Terror in the name of Islam………………..Attacks = 197…..….Kills = 1396
Motive – All other religions combined …………….Attacks = 0…………Kills = 0
Motive – By Islamophobes…………………………….Attacks = 0…………Kills = 0

Source: TheReligionofPeace.com

Those who live by the sword will be shot by those of us who have progressed.

Author unknown
commented 2016-06-30 22:40:19 -0400
Yes, Jay people do throw the truth aside. Like you for instance. Islam, Islam uber alles.
commented 2016-06-30 19:03:34 -0400
Out come the Nazi’s. Jay, your analogy fails because unlike the Jews, the threat of mass Muslim migration is real not contrived. Is Sweden the rape capital of the world? Yes or No.
commented 2016-06-30 09:35:09 -0400
Muslim leaders are so full of crap.
commented 2016-06-30 07:56:41 -0400
Sorry folks,

Have been away for a while!

Ramadan Bombathon 2016 Day number 24

Muslims often insist that other religions are just as violent as theirs and that the bigger problem is “Islamophobia”.
We put that narrative to the rest each Ramadan with a running count of ALL terror attacks categorized by motive.

Motive – Terror in the name of Islam………………..Attacks = 181….….Kills = 1294
Motive – All other religions combined …………….Attacks = 0…………Kills = 0
Motive – By Islamophobes…………………………….Attacks = 0…………Kills = 0

Source: TheReligionofPeace.com

Those who live by the sword will be shot by those of us who have progressed.

Author unknown
commented 2016-06-30 02:22:40 -0400
The comparison of Nazi Germany and Western facism of today stands.

You are asked to believe the lies, and then go along with the consequences.

You may be a fool, but in fact you are just going along with everybody else.
commented 2016-06-30 02:09:00 -0400
Jay Kelly , the Nazis lied, these are not lies!!! BIG DIFFERENCE!!! What part of that don’t you get? Your denial does not make reality go away. We are responding to the actions of these people, not what we imagine them to be doing.
commented 2016-06-30 01:56:11 -0400
Nazi Germany comes up in relation to today’s Europe because some similarities stand out.

Foremost among them is the creation and demonization of the enemy. People are asked to throw truth aside and go along with those generalizations that create and make an enemy. With a common enemy those who are in on the secret can feel safe as long as they stick with the plan, which soon becomes the majority.

So, first of all, you should see some swarthy-skinned people. Do not trust them. Their skin is darker than yours. Then you notice that they have done well in business and are making money off of others.

This is key: they are taking away our jobs and taking our money as profit. They are taking advantage of us.

Next, notice their noses. It sounds silly, but if you focus closely enough on their noses who will soon realize how different they are from us.

Do you know what people with noses like that do? They rape children and then cook and eat them!
commented 2016-06-30 01:51:38 -0400
Andrew Stephenson, in the 20th century approximately 100 million people have been murdered in the name of secular humanism. And the inquisition, as you say, was started, not by the Holy See, but by King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile. It wasn’t religiously motivated at all, but rather economically motivated, using religion as an excuse. There were Christians, Jews and Muslims co-existing peacefully in Spain at the time, but Christians, being in the majority had the most economic clout. Thus Jews and Muslims began to masquerade as Christians. These were the ones the inquisitors went after. Nothing to do with religion and everything to do with human greed. And as far as the Crusades were concerned, they were an ill-advised attempt to regain lands stolen from Christians by the Islamic Ottoman Turkish Empire. And here’s a little more clarification for you: since the death of Mohammed, the Islamic Caliphate has slaughtered approximately 300 million Christians, so don’t tell me all religions are the same. And one last thing about religion; EVERYBODY has one…. even you! At its basic core root, all religion is, is what one believes to be the objective truth. Something must be true. After all, we’re here and so is the Universe.
commented 2016-06-30 01:29:08 -0400
@jay Kelly:

In your words, Islam is being demonized with any tool we’ve got because how else are we gonna make our “enemy” look “evil”: well at least you recognize islam as the enemy, so that’s a good start.

Second, you are using Nazi Germany and their propaganda tactics as a reference, and of course, call everyone a nazi that you don’t agree with. But you have to admit, it is a bit awkward to make a case in favor of islam by using Nazi Germany as a reference point. However I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt since you quite possibly went to public school and they’re not in the habit of teaching true history anymore, AKA the lively, well-received collaboration that happened between the muslim brotherhood, islam, and Hitler.

Actually, it’s safe to say that without the help of islam, Germany quite possibly wouldn’t have been as successful in terminating 5 to 6 million people, (“you take care of them over there, I’ll take care of them here wink wink nod nod”) of mostly Jewish descent. Eh, you know, muslims and Jews, it’s the Jews fault, I get it. But go look it up sometimes. Might blow your mind just a little. Hitler was very much in awe of islam, saying its too bad that Christianity put such moral limitations on its believers. Also, Mein Kampf is still very much popular in the Arab world, but maybe they mistake it for science fiction, right?

But you probably think Abraham Lincoln was THE greatest president evah lived too, evah.

Thirdly, if reporting the truth about Islamic doctrine and all of their related actions cause hatred of islam, then I have to say it’s islam that causes that, not the messenger. Or are you one of those guys, “if only you would’ve made that sandwich exactly the way I told you to, I wouldn’t have to beat you now, just look what you made me do!”

My question to you is, if I say that Islam is violent and a Muslim attacks me for it, is that because he agrees with me?
commented 2016-06-30 01:21:13 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,227 Attacks, 197,879 Killed, 277,972 Injured.
commented 2016-06-30 01:18:42 -0400
Jay Kelly calling reality garbage does not change it.
commented 2016-06-30 01:17:38 -0400
Andrew Seculars have murdered far more than religious people have idiot. Now stick your secular garbage up your wazoo, do the names MAO, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, mean anything to you. All of radical Islam at their rate over the last few decades would require 500 years to get close to MAO.
commented 2016-06-30 01:06:22 -0400
Jesus really is a threat to Muslims . He was Peaceful. The only way Muslims can spread their nonsense is thru violence , intimidation and hate. It does appear to be quite effective.
commented 2016-06-30 00:46:51 -0400
I appreciate your honesty Andrew. It’s rather refreshing. Ban Christianity (let’s be honest, that’s what you’re really after). Consensual incest is Ay Ok. Let’s not hide from all this.
commented 2016-06-30 00:15:30 -0400
Religion should be banned. The inquisition was not any better than any of the supposed Muslim issues. Christians don’t do that anymore? Well, that’s because society became secular, which put a stop to the ideology. Even today most of the whining seems to come from the social conservative contingent. If they became agnostic they would be a lot happier.
commented 2016-06-30 00:14:58 -0400
What the hell is this, Victor Laszlo? You sound like you will pick up any garbage online and play with the terms Muslim and Arabic and anything else that fits your story for a racist rant.

The “top five” reminds me of the Nazis trying to gain power by demonizing their enemy with any tool they could find. If they could make their enemy out to be evil, and convince others of that, they won the battle.

The Nazis did win the battle. They were able to kill off their enemies with the approval of the State and with the approval of the population.

Please do not patronize Rebel readers. This is a forum for some serious discussion.

If it is pure hate you want to promote, there is an app for that.