September 11, 2016

Daily Top TEN for the Counter-Jihad: 15,000 under watch in France as possible terrorists

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

A top ten list of Islamic attacks on Western civilization on the fifteenth anniversary of the day Islamic jihad made its return appearance in New York, centuries after being defeated at the gates of Vienna on that same date in 1683.

1. Kenyan Police Kill 3 Women Who Attacked Police Station

 Three women have been killed after they attacked a police station in the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa on Sunday, a police official said.

One of the women threw a firebomb at officers while another pulled out a knife, Mombasa police chief Parterson Maelo said, adding two policemen were wounded in the attack.

The women, who were dressed in niqabs, were then shot by police.

The Niqab is the face cloth religious Muslims wear as part of the uniform signaling a high level of observance of Islamic precepts. 

2. France's premier warns of new attacks, 15,000 people on police radar

PARIS (Reuters) - French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Sunday there would be new attacks in France but proposals by former president Nicolas Sarkozy to boost security was not the right way to deal with threats.

The French capital was put on high alert last week when French officials said they dismantled a "terrorist cell" that planned to attack a Paris railway station under the direction of Islamic State.

"This week at least two attacks were foiled," Manuel Valls said in an interview with Europe 1 radio and Itele television on Sunday.

Valls said there were 15,000 people on the radar of police and intelligent services who were in the process of being radicalized.

"There will be new attacks, there will be innocent victims... this is also my role to tell this truth to the French people," Valls said.

Some previous articles concerning French Prime Minister Valls on the issue of Islam and its effects on France:

Translated from a story in 2013, Valls refuses to place all of Marseilles in security zone.

From February of 2016: More attacks in France a certainty

3. Sept. 10 2016: Germany warns of threat from more than 500 'potential attackers'

BERLIN - Germany's interior minister has warned that the country is home to more than 500 Islamic militants who could be capable of carrying out assaults on their own or as members of "hit teams."

Speaking in an interview with Bild newspaper, Thomas de Maiziere said there were currently at least 520 "potential attackers" in the country, which has been on edge since two Islamic State-inspired attacks in July.

 4. Police searching Muslim terror gang's car found meat cleaver with 'kaffir' carved on the handle, court told

Police searching a car linked to an alleged Muslim terror gang found a meat cleaver with the word 'kaffir' - meaning unbeliever - carved on the handle, a court heard today.

They also recovered guns and bullets in a bag found in the car, the court was told.

Four men appeared in court today charged with plotting to commit a terrorist act in Britain.

Naweed Ali, 28, Khobaib Hussain, 24, both of Sparkhill, Birmingham, Mohibur Rahman, 31, and Tahir Aziz, 37, both of Stoke on Trent were charged on Thursday.

In the dock: Naweed Ali, 28, Khobaib Hussain, 24, Mohibur Rahman, 31, and Tahir Aziz, 37, (left to right) appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court today each charged with one count of intending to commit acts of terrorism

For a more complete understanding of the word "Kaffir", Dr. Bill Warner made the following video:

5.  Washington upset over Israel's belief that the Palestinian demand that their state must have no Jews in it, is an unacceptable condition. Especially as Israel has two million Arab Muslims living within that country.

Washington expressed outrage on Friday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu characterized as “outrageous” the world’s apparent acquiescence in the Palestinian demand for a future state without Jews.

While Israel has nearly two million Arabs living inside its borders, the Palestinian leadership “actually demands a Palestinian state with one pre-condition: no Jews,” Netanyahu said in a video released by his office.

“There’s a phrase for that,” Netanyahu said. “It’s called ethnic cleansing. And this demand is outrageous.”

What is even more outrageous, he added, is that the world “doesn’t find this outrageous.

Some otherwise enlightened countries even promote this outrage.”

 Video of the Israeli PM:

Video of US State Department response:

6. ‘This country’s TOO POOR’ Shocking scale of migrants snubbing Serbia despite warm welcome 

Shocking figures show safe nations in and around the EU are being battered at the borders, but are ignored as migrants can cross to more desirable nations including Germany, France and the UK.

Syrian refugees have revealed they view many of the nations they must walk through to reach Europe "too poor" to stay in, despite just leaving their war-ravaged homeland.

Hundreds of thousands have travelled from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan to Turkey, through Greece, Macedonia and Serbia to reach the EU at the Hungary border.

One might almost think these people were opportunists and plunderers rather than grateful refugees fleeing persecution and war, desperate for a chance to make a life for themselves. 

7. Muslim Scholar: No Separation of Church and State in Islam

Writing in Friday’s LA Times, Shadi Hamid, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and the author of Islamic Exceptionalism: How the Struggle Over Islam is Reshaping the World, states that Western suppositions that all religions are basically the same and want the same things is fundamentally wrong.

These differences, Hamid contends, run all the way from views of the sacred text (Muslims believe that every single word of the Qur’an comes directly from Allah) to an understanding of the nature of the state and its relationship to religion.

 8. Czech Republic: Potest against Islam at the Saudi Embassy on the 15th anniversary of 9-11

9. Female 'ISIS terrorist cell wanted to blow up Eiffel Tower' as mum-of-three charged

 An all-female suspected ISIS terror cell wanted to blow up the Eiffel Tower , claims a mum-of-three who was allegedly a member of the French group.

Ornella Gilligman, 29, has become the first member of the 'cell' to be charged after a car packed with gas cylinders was found near Notre Dame Cathedral.

She was in a high-security prison in Paris today facing trial for ‘attempted murder and involvement with a criminal gang preparing a terrorist act'.

Meanwhile, three female alleged accomplices were still being questioned - all of whom were ‘determined to cause carnage in Paris', prosecutors said.

10. Terror on easyJet flight as migrant being deported to Venice screams 'Allahu Akbar' 29 times, 'death is coming' 17 times and 'we will die' nine times in shocking two-hour frenzy

Holidaymakers were forced to endure a terrifying two-hour flight alongside a migrant who repeatedly screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘death is coming’ – as it emerged the Home Office is using budget airlines to deport illegal immigrants.

Children were reduced to tears and travellers feared a terror attack until it became clear that the handcuffed man was being guarded by Home Office officials.

But there was no official explanation from the captain or crew as he kicked, thrashed about and threatened passengers and crew in an expletive-strewn tirade.

A couple of interesting events have taken place this weekend, as the Euopean public increasingly get fed up with the destruction of their social constructs, cultures and liberties due to islamic mass immigration.

Finland held a "Keep Finland Finnish" event at which, Mona Walter spoke. 

And Mona's speech:

Mona explains that it is when she moved from Somalia to Sweden where her Muslim co-religionists forced her to become an observant Muslim far more so than in her native Somalia.

She has now converted to Christianity. 

 As a follow up to some of this week's Islamic attempts to destroy France, the three women who were arrested, CNN now says were directed by the Islamic State.

One of the three women arrested was engaged to two Muslim terrorists, one of whom decapitated the Catholic Priest in France  and another who killed two police officers in Magnanville, France, in June.

 One at a time of course. Muslim women are not allowed polygamy to marry several men at once. Only the other way around is permitted in Islam.




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commented 2016-09-12 18:53:10 -0400
Benjamin Netanyahu will be removed, and the “idol shepherd” mentioned in the Holy Bible will be installed. He will hand over Israel to her enemies for the final 7-years of punishment, or the tribulation period.
Obama thinks he has the world by the tail, but one day he will pay for being a traitor to humanity, and especially to the Jewish people.
commented 2016-09-12 01:09:13 -0400
I guess Jewaphobia is fine, but Islamophobia is a crime. And since the useful idiots cry racism when someone demands vetting for Muslims i can cry racism as well for saying no Jews.
commented 2016-09-11 23:32:08 -0400
Want some fun? Look up these headlines on Google under the CBC and see how few they report. Sometimes they are humiliated into it a few days later but overall it is obvious they are the media wing of the Liberal Party.
commented 2016-09-11 23:18:14 -0400
Rob Greely, the number in Canada is zero. The cops are too busy watching law abiding handgun gun owners every single day of their lives. How much did they watch Aaron Driver- a known ISIS supporter? Not at all. If not for the FBI he would have successfully carried out his attacks. Gotta watch those Canadians with registered pistols. Can’t be too careful.
commented 2016-09-11 22:07:48 -0400
re #5

For the past twenty years the presence of Jews settling the disputed territories is an impediment to peace, but not the building by Muslims in Judea and Samaria, the disputed territories.

The “settlements” of Jews was not a problem to peace thirty years ago; it was the presence of Jews in the Middle East.

In the years since 1967 Israel’s presence in the disputed territories was not the impediment to peace, it was the presence of Jews.

In the years prior to 1967 Israel was not in Judea or Samaria, so exactly what was the impediment to peace at that time other than the presence of Jews having a land of their own?

In 1948, what was the impediment to peace when Israel was formed other than the presence of Jews?

In the 1920s, what was the impediment to peace when Jews were being attacked other than the presence of Jews?

In the 1880s, when there were few Muslims in Jerusalem and a majority of Jews there, there was a peace of sorts. That changed once the arrival of more Jews sparked industry and then an influx of Arabs because, oh dear, the Jews were creating jobs. Then the Jews became a problem to peace.

Why is the US so silent about the occupation, annexation, and pushing out of the Tibetan population by China?

Why is the US so silent about the Saudis attacking and trying to invade Yemen?

Why is the US so silent about the Turkish occupation and annexation of half of Cyprus?

Why is the US so silent about the occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco?

Why hasn’t the US returned Hawaii to the Hawaiians since the US took Hawaii by armed force?

Well, why?

Selective indignation is bias. From day one, Obama’s administration has been doing what it could to damage Israel and force it to accept without condition what the Muslims want, regardless if it endangers Israel. Obama has done what he could to embarrass or insult Netanyahu at every turn, including bankrolling opposition to Netanyahu during the last election. Sadly, this will continue under “What does it matter” Hillary Clinton.
commented 2016-09-11 20:37:20 -0400
Thanks Victor for keeping us updated on the ongoing threats. I am absolutely disgusted by the lack of coverage from the MSM and the complete lack of responsibility feel towards keeping our citizens safe. I recently read an article in a local paper in which the author gave this ridiculous dismissive response to Kellie Leach’s suggestion we screen immigrants for Canadian values. After saying the move may be or may not be a good one he went on to present these silly other add on questions to demonstrate they have knowledge of Canada such as “what is an arsey M pee? If you were given a dog would you keep it as a pet or serve it for dinner? Would you were a Burkini to the beach in Quebec, and if so what would you do if you were mistaken for a catholic nun? if an air Canada attendant gave you a choice between a turban and a hockey helmet to wear?”… Several weeks earlier we were offered empty assurances in the same paper by Gwynn Dyer that “we are more likely to slip in a bathtub then get killed in a terrorist attack”. Unbelievable. First off at least I have a say about getting in my bathtub and find his bizarre logic failing to reassure in any sense. I also have to think what kind of response a car manufacturer would get if they offered such obtuse rhetoric when one of their vehicles were facing a safety recall? And yet they make these self assured proclamations relatively free of challenge and completely lacking the foresight that if they are wrong they have no back up plan or remedy to fix the lives that are destroyed by their enabling participation.
commented 2016-09-11 19:29:03 -0400
Some fool muttering Islamist threats on my flight would be silenced by having a mini-bottle of vodka shoved down his throat.
commented 2016-09-11 18:28:16 -0400
Victor – beware of Obama – he is as evil as the entire islamic cult.
commented 2016-09-11 18:26:30 -0400

The UK National Bureau of Statistics just reported that the most popular name in England and Wales for male babies is Muhammad, in its various forms (Muhammad, Mohammed, Mahmud, etc …).

Last year 3,588 Muhammads were born, along with 2,536 Mohammeds and 1,116 Mohammads, for a total of 7,240 new boys.

At the second spot is Oliver with 6,649 boys, 5,804 Jack and and 5,379 Harry.

England is not alone on this. It is not an isolated phenomenon.

In Brussels, the first name is no longer François, but Mohammed.

Except for the second most used name – the Hebrew Adam – the next five in Brussels are Rayan, Ayoub, Mehdi, Amine and Hamza.

In the Netherlands since 2009, the name Mohammed is also the most used among the new born.

In the four largest cities of the Netherlands – Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht – Mohammed, with its variations of Mohammed and Muhammad, is the most common name among the new born.

In The Hague, variations of Islam Prophet’s names are the first, the second and fifth most popular names.

In Amsterdam, Mohamed and Mohammed are the first and fourth.

Mohammed is also the most popular name in Oslo, surpassing Jan and Per. In Milan, Italy, Mohammed is also the most popular name.

In 2015 in Marseille, to mention one big French city, the names Lina, Chloe and Emma topped among girls, while Mohamed, Adam and Gabriel are the most popular for boys.

The popularity of the Islamic name testifies not only the new European demographic reality, which is totally enigmatic for our ‘experts’ due to illegal immigration, “family unification” programs and hidden polygamy so that demographers can only guess  the numbers of immigrants and their reproduction rates.

It is another sign of how Islam deeply saturates Europe’s imagination. Open any European newspaper and you only read stuff about Islam: ‘blasphemous’ cartoons, new mosques, foreign fighters, terror attacks, burkini and now even names.

Europe’s horizon will be totally dominated by the Islamic crescent.

Along with over-regulated economies, lavish social-welfare and dwindling populations, that crescent will have the final word on the European Dream.
commented 2016-09-11 17:29:01 -0400
Bravo Zulu Obama was furious at Israel saying that the precondition of no Jews is unacceptable. He was not upset about the precondition. Remember what he said about Iranian antisemitism?
commented 2016-09-11 17:14:47 -0400
Now it’s 15,000 under their so called watch in France. Wonder what real number is in Canada, USA?
commented 2016-09-11 16:53:26 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,717 Attacks, 201,823 Killed, 282,933 Injured…. that we know of.
commented 2016-09-11 16:14:31 -0400
1. You will not hear about that from any eastern media other than this outlet.

2. 15,000? You can be certain there are more than that – it is impossible to watch and then catch them all. The French cowards will soon enough be getting what they deserve. Look t see serious war soon.

3. Germany? You can be certain the number is higher – that is another political smoke and mirrors to appease the public. Nothing more. 4. I am surprised they even bothered. Usually they are after the white guy who complains about islamic evil and the terror they bring. Or even better – they are more concerned about kicking folks out of a restaurant while having a family outing.

5. Washington (read Obama) expressed outrage? in public perhaps – yet behind the scenes the US prez is a raving islamic supporter. This is only smoke and mirrors.

6. Serbia? A poor country. One that could have stopped the invasion of welfare rapefugees if they have limbered up their chin guns. Smart to now remain poor – that way the welfare rapefugees will not stay.

7. Separation? Not in islam. Their mosques are places to worship, plan terror attacks, store weapons and carry out FGM. ( and much more) Tonnes of evidence available to prove this on the internet – but only if you do your due diligent. Most residents of canadallah are too spoiled, arrogant, entitled and smug to even look and se for themselves.

8. Saudis are PO’d – the US has decided to allow people to sue theSaudis for their losses due to 9-11.


The islamic pres of the US of A as promised to vetoe that bill

9. Female islamic terrorists? Very common – easier to hide behind the mask as well.

10. Airline terror from islamic passengers happens – the media shields this by hiding who they are and what they are. Intentionally.

11. Keep Finland Finnish? Doing something similar here in canadallah will get you called racist. The fag boy pm bows to the will of allah.
commented 2016-09-11 16:00:07 -0400
I’m still waiting for the low rumbling sound of a distant explosion which will signify 15 years… I hope churches are being watched… It IS a Sunday.