September 09, 2016

Daily Top TEN for the Counter-Jihad: UK police may let Muslims wear burka

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. UK: Police may let Muslims wear burka as uniform in effort to boost diversity 

Another excellent example of why multiculturalism not only cannot work, but why it is actually an oxymoron. The values displayed by the uniform of police in a secular state are anathema to the values broadcast by a burka. One can only imagine what it would be like to be an indigenous British person, Jewish or Christian, secular or Hindu and have a policewoman in a Burka stop you.

Police have said they may let Muslim officers wear the Burka as they seek to boost diversity in the force.

Senior officers at West Midlands Police revealed they would discuss allowing the traditional Islamic dress to become part of Muslim female officers' uniform at a recent meeting.

Chief Constable, David Thompson, said he would look into employing officers who wear the burka as he looks to increase black and minority ethnic (BME) officers in the region to 30 per cent.

Speaking after the meeting last Thursday, the senior officer said: "We would need to consider our own rules and cultural sensitivity."

Canada has already allowed Muslim policewomen to wear Islamic garb instead of a proper neutral police uniform as well as a turban instead of a police hat or helmet, thus destroying any sense of the appearance of neutrality with Canadian police.


2. Hoards of African immigrants are waiting in Mexican border towns for US asylum.

Herds of African immigrants are being housed in shelters in the Mexican border town of Tijuana while they await entry into the United States under what appears to be a secret accord between the Obama administration, Mexico and the Central American countries the Africans transited on their journey north. A backlog of African migrants is overwhelming limited shelter space in Tijuana and Mexican officials blame the slow pace of U.S. immigration authorities in the San Isidro port of entry for granting only 50 asylum solicitations daily.

Details about this disturbing program come from Mexico’s immigration agency, Instituto Nacional de Migracion (INM), and appear this week in an article published by the country’s largest newspaper. “Mexico is living through a wave of undocumented Africans, due to a humanitarian crisis on that continent, that has saturated shelters in Tapachula, Chiapas, and generated pressure on shelters in Tijuana, Baja California,” the news article states. The African migrants’ journey begins in Brazil under a South American policy that allows the “free transit” of immigrants throughout the continent. Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama facilitate the process by transferring the concentration of foreigners towards Mexico based on an agreement that Mexico will help them gain entry into the U.S. so they can solicit asylum.

3. Geopolitical analyst, Sebastian Gorka: "Obama is a godsend to the Islamic State"


4. German mom accuses free magazine of publishing totalitarian left wing material reminiscent of the Stasi in East Germany:

From a comment under this video at Youtube:

Appropriate articles in a German pharmacy newspaper should be: "Communicable diseases your child may be exposed to by the influx of immigrant children in preschools - know the symptoms"

5. Three suspected female militants seized in France, policeman stabbed

BOUSSY-SAINT-ANTOINE/PARIS (Reuters) – Three women arrested on Thursday in connection with a car laden with gas cylinders found abandoned near Paris’s Notre Dame cathedral were likely planning an imminent attack, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.

The minister said one of the women had stabbed a police officer during the arrest before being shot and wounded. A source close to the investigation said the attacker was the missing 19-year-old daughter of the car’s owner.  

Diesel fuel, and Arabic documents were also found in the car and people associated with that car where known to be affiliated with the Islamic State.


6. Nearly 200 sexual offences have been carried out on migrants by fellow refugees in asylum centres in just one German state alone in six months, politician reveals 


7. Brothers arrested for 'chemical bomb and Paris-style massacre plot in the UK' after anti-terrorism police raid home in West London

Counter-terrorism police arrested two brothers suspected of plotting to bring a Paris-style massacre to the streets of Britain yesterday.

The pair, aged 19 and 20, were held in a dawn raid at their West London home after a massive undercover security operation. 

They are suspected of trying to get automatic weapons and bomb-making chemicals to stage their own Islamic State-inspired atrocity. [...] Describing the man who was arrested, one said: ‘In the last couple of years he had grown a beard and started wearing long religious dress.


8. Israeli UN Envoy: Jew-Hatred At ‘Highest Level of Our Lifetimes’

“Over 1/3 of European Jews are afraid to wear a yarmulke or Star of David in public,” Danny Danon said. “More than half of French Jews have considered emigrating because they don’t feel safe living as Jews in France. Today we hear things about Jews and the Jewish people that we thought belonged to the pages of history. … Anti-Semitism is returning to everyday life without shame.”

 [...]  “There is a place where some are not ashamed to spread lies and slander about Israel and the Jewish people and you are sitting in it right now, here at the UN,” Danon said.

In a related report, UN Watch released its own presser on the facts of antisemitism and anti-Israel bias at the UN which is well worth reading.


9. Austria: Dog walker in Afghan migrant gang sex attack

A woman walking her dog was allegedly sexually assaulted by a group of underage Afghan migrants.

The woman, who was not named, had been walking her dog in the town centre in Mödling in the Austrian state of Lower Austria when the attack is said to have taken place late one evening.

A group who were described as underage Afghan migrants from a local asylum centre allegedly sexually harassed the woman and although she tried to make them go away, they redoubled their efforts and attempted to assault her.

The article goes on to list some of the known gang rape or molestations of locals in Austrian cities and towns by "migrants" who would seem to all be of the Islamic faith.


10. Israeli military expects Islamic State attack on its southern border 'within 6 months' 

It will be interesting to see what happens when the Islamic State is up against a professional and first world, motivated military like Israel.

Israel is bracing for an Islamic State (Isil) terror attack along its southern border with Egypt within the next six months, a senior Israeli military officer has warned. 

Wilayat Sinai, the jihadist group’s affiliate in the Sinai desert, has been stealing armored vehicles and anti-tank missiles from Egypt’s military and Israeli expects the weapons will soon be turned against its forces on the Egyptian border. 

The Israeli officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told The Telegraph that Wilayat Sinai had stolen at least one Egyptian M60 battle tank and had amassed a supply of Russian-made Kornet missiles, which can strike targets more than three miles away. 

PLUS: The leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, was a  KGB agent (not an asset but an actual agent)  in Syria, according to leaked documents.

This video from Israeli TV:

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commented 2016-09-10 00:46:01 -0400
1. Why not = the RCMP have already surrendered.

2. Break out the chain guns and flame throwers. BLM does not need more supporters.

3. Obama IS a God send to the islamics – we ALL know that!!!

4. To quote someone from another topic – “Call the whaaaaambulance!”

5. Nothing new here – the frogs are getting what they deserve – cowards could have sorted this out years ago.

6. Sexual offenses by islamics – called asians in the media. But…… Only when they are reported by the media – which is rare.

7. Simply more of the same.

8. Jew hatred is high because of this – islamics run most of the UN. Here is the proof:

9. I guess the Austrian ladies did not get the German police order to wear running shoes so they could get away from islamic rapists. (You simply cannot make this schitte up)

10. I hope they attack Israel – and the Jews kill every one of them. Be aware the islamics are doing their best to find a nuke or a dirty bomb to use on Israel.
commented 2016-09-10 00:37:33 -0400
1. Why not = the RCMP have already surrendered.

2. Break out the chain guns and flame throwers. BLM does not need more supporters.

3. Obama IS a God send to the islamics – we ALL know that!!!

4. To quote someone from another topic – “Call the whaaaaambulance!”
commented 2016-09-09 21:44:08 -0400
I bet if ISIS murders and displaces thousand of Palestinians to get near Israel the left wing media will stay silent.
commented 2016-09-09 21:42:35 -0400
I can’t wait to see Israel kick some ass and take care of business. Of course the media party and the left wing twits will be claiming ISIS is a name of a childrens hospital or some other garbage.
commented 2016-09-09 15:19:05 -0400
Would you let a blood thirsty satanist join the police force with a big old tattoo of an upside down pentagram on his head? No? Buuuuut iiiiiits juuuuuust his religion.
Probably because satanists are freakin psycho and not to be trusted.
Then why would anyone want Muslims being police officers in our country.
Satanist terror attacks = 0 ?
Muslim terror attacks = uncountable

Muslims should be completely banned from our country let alone any position of power. Once they get their Muslim claws into something they will not let go.
commented 2016-09-09 14:46:54 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,704 Attacks, 201,723 Killed, 282,787 Injured…. that we know of.