July 08, 2016

Dallas shooting: Politicians push gun control agenda BEFORE facts are known

Brian LilleyArchive

It was bound to happen that politicians would use the shooting deaths and injuries of several police officers in Dallas to score political points in the gun control debate.

President Obama immediately seized on the tragic event to talk about gun control as did the Congressional Black Caucus.

Even while acknowledging that all the facts aren’t known, it didn’t stop Obama or any others with a gun grabbing mentality, from using the situation to call for restrictions on the millions of law abiding gun owners across the country.

Unfortunately, it’s standard procedure for too many politicians to call for the control of law abiding gun owners because they don’t know how to stop the criminals.

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commented 2016-07-11 17:39:24 -0400
No mention of “hate crime” yet in the press. And Obama is confused about what motivated the killer? Funny, Obama was like white on rice over Orlando minutes after it happened but can’t figure out what motivated the killer here.
commented 2016-07-10 18:10:54 -0400
If there were an ounce of justice left in America the media presstitutes and fomenters in the Alinsky-Dem politicos who are pimping this race war, are the first swept up in it.
commented 2016-07-10 17:15:57 -0400
There will be a lot more of this and the violence will continue to be much more extreme, as well. All part of Oba’mao, et al, “Master Plan”. It won’t be long now and Marshall Law will be declared, thus, no election, as long as it’s in place, and Oba’mao stays in power to complete the traitorous and treasonous Marxist transformation of anarchy into communism and the New world Order. The citizenry will be disarmed shortly with new emergency laws enacted. Good-bye Constitution.

For most people, witnessing this is analogous to seeing an iceberg – they only see about 5% – 10% of what is actually there.

BE PREPARED for the worst!
commented 2016-07-10 17:09:27 -0400
The Arabic name of the Dallas mass murderer of the brave police officers (who ran towards the gunfire in order to save the people protesting them) was Fahed Hassen, according to Denver Police Department.
How much was Fahed motivated by Islam, the Nation of Islam, ISIS and Black Liberation Theology?

Micah Johnson went by the alias Fahed Hassen. Micha Johnson or Fahed Hassen, he is a domestic terrorist. Now, that’s it been revealed that Johnson is a Muslim, one has to look to see if Fahed Hassen had any ties to ISIS or other Muslim terrorist groups. – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2016/07/dallas-mass-cop-murderers-arabic-name-was-fahed-hassen.html/#sthash.ApVF0Cff.dpuf

The lame-stream media will say he was a member of a “black power” group . . . lol
commented 2016-07-10 11:18:56 -0400
The bitter reality is, as this situation demonstrates once again, this is another example of the “end justifying the means”. The MSM spews the rhetoric and gross lies of the con-artists in power, by relentlessly crafting and utilizing catchy memes, double-speak, deflection, deceitful and contemptuous lies regarding their grieve, expertise and resolve, as they proselytize a pseudo-target as the cause (regardless of facts), all-the-while, professing how they will ‘save the people’. When one sees through this Luciferic veil of traitorous and treasonous leadership, one will immediately recognize that the ‘White’ people of America (as in all western democracies), Judeo-Christianity, the Constitution, and law and order, are under relentless attack like never before and are the targets for obliteration. As we so commonly witness nowadays, the enemy of Freedom, Liberty and Sovereignty has pulled out the heavy Relativistic artillery and no longer hide their willful contempt anymore and embrace ‘hollywoodism’ tactics to appear as ‘supreme’ and believable(a sure sign that the people have been successfully indoctrinated to this point). This process has become ‘normalized’ to the people. The true intentions of these Marxists is to dumb down, fear monger, and disarm the people in order to have the people believe that they are ‘god’ and thus, can ‘save them’ from all of their fears. In achieving this, Marxists known that the people are sure to willfully give up their freedoms, liberty, sovereignty and possessions. This is tyranny and communism.

The Muslim King – I Broke (America) Oba’mao, plus The Mafia Boss of the Clinton Crime Foundation (CCF) – Crooked Hillary, and the Head Henchman – Loretta Lynch-Mob, et al, along with the complicit MSM, have been relentless advocates for post-modern deconstructionism and strategically employ treasonous “Straw Man Fallacy” theories to demonize that which they hate, such as absolute truths, individual Liberty, Freedom, responsibility, accountability, self-determination, integrity, capitalism, God, Judeo-Christianity, Jews, White people, the Constitution, and Common Law of the People, by creating and inciting malcontent, resentment and controversy, inducing hatred and igniting extremism. This process of deceitful and contemptuous Marxist indoctrination is fully aligned with the writings, teachings and processes taught by Marxism activist, Saul Alinsky, the Neo-Communist, in his book “Rules for Radicals”, for which, Oba’mao, Crooked Hillary and Ju-Stalin, et al, are fanatic worshipers and apostles. All Leftists/Marxists abide by the dictum that “the end justifies the means”.

Best to become very familiar with knowing what the scourge of Relativism is, the constructs of the ego, and how Marxism/Communism has infiltrated western society and power positions. Best to learn about the Marxist Alinsky’s processes of social engineering and indoctrination to better understand the enemy and how all of the so called “phobias”, SJW’s, Muslims, special interest groups, et al, and society in general, are being utilized as “useful means and idiots”.

commented 2016-07-10 10:49:37 -0400
BLM howls to kill police in the marches demand no police at parades, They caused this as did most of the MSM with the victim of the month club. MSM had demonised the police and the result is what happened. Any concern shown by the vast majority of BLM of the MSM is crocodile tears. If BLM cares so much why don’t they go to Chicago WHERE BLACKS KILL BLACKS EVERY SINGLE DAY WITH GASP GUNS THAT HAVE BEEN BANNED. BLM is nothing more than blacks shifting the blame onto someone else, They do love to be the victim.
commented 2016-07-10 03:55:58 -0400
Jay the guy in Orlando was reported to the FBI , they did nothing and he had other problems and was on a no fly list , why do you ignore that? He was not a law abiding citizen.
commented 2016-07-09 23:52:04 -0400
I will not use the names of the murderers.

But I must say that the man who went into the gay night club in Orlando was a law abiding citizen. He had no criminal record.

That is why he was able to go easily into a gun store a week before and buy his preferred weapons and then use them to kill dozens of people.

In Dallas a law-abiding citizen had been sent home from a tour of duty in Iraq because of sexist comments or accusations. He was able to purchase the weapons of his choice legally — as all law-abiding citizens in the U.S. can do.

This second man used his training to carry out the shooting of his enemy. This was the enemy of the law-abiding citizen. He was able to kill five police officers and injure another seven.
commented 2016-07-08 22:58:02 -0400
Even with stricter gun control the military vet would have been able to purchase one. And a gun shop owner reported the Orlando terrorist to the FBI and they did nothing about it. Gun control means nothing if nothing is done when checks are triggered.
commented 2016-07-08 22:15:57 -0400
“sure thing…ban blacks from carrying a weapon and the crime and murder rate in the US drops by 65% overnight. real solutions to real problems. blacks shooting other blacks is fine but when they start shooting cops , we have to throw up a confederate flag or two. "

Really acuuna, REALLY? That’s a little rich coming from you buddy:

“acuuna commented 10 days ago
cops are the lowest for of life on earth. I spit and piss on memorials to the F’n pigs and party everytime one goes down for the team. this is a last resort job for scum wannabe tough guys. they no longer deserve respect. don’t give a pig any.”

“acuuna commented 13 days ago
well…we know now to shoot the fucking filthy pigs in the face if a high river scenario happens again. oink oink.”

These people devote their lives to deal with people you and I wouldn’t want to deal with for 10 seconds. If they walked off the job tomorrow, the quality of our lives would be very quickly and very greatly diminished. I have nothing but the utmost respect for them. They are not perfect and I’ve been on the receiving end of some undeserved crappy treatment from more than one LEO. But I would never think of killing an officer. On the contrary, I wouldn’t hesitate to help them if I saw them in need. You have issues bro and you need to deal with them. That level of hatred WILL manifest itself in murder. Hatred is embryonic murder (Matthew 7:21,22). Warts and all, police are on our side and we need to show them the respect they deserve.

Find an officer and shake their hand and thank them for they do. If there is a LEO who has wronged you, forgive them and try to focus on the good that all LEOs do. You’ve probably done some crazy crap that someone else forgave you for.
commented 2016-07-08 21:15:08 -0400
Obama also called for police “reform” – HUH???

This is the Fderal regime which fully militarized police with mil tactics gear, assault vehicles, crowd weapons and over a billion rounds of ammo relegated for domestic use.

Reform yer yer butt Obummer – you want a scrap, you;ll get it just keep pimping your race war and gun bans
commented 2016-07-08 21:09:29 -0400
As far as a ‘smoking gun’, President Barack Obama has long tried to provoke civil unrest here in the U.S. with his hateful anti-cop rhetoric and his relentless demonization of opponents. He has also steadfastly refused to condemn the explicitly racist, violent Black Lives Matter movement. In fact apparently, he has lavished attention on the movement’s leaders and frequently invited them to the White House. The Black Lives Matter movement matters as part of the socialist transformation of America.
commented 2016-07-08 21:05:19 -0400
Maybe we should ban pressure cookers, cars, trucks, knives, baseball bats……….

Or maybe we should have more police to go after criminals in high crime zones to protect the majority who are law abiding and just want to live in peace but instead live in fear of the criminals.
commented 2016-07-08 20:46:11 -0400
It’s the truly stupid that think they can resist and outsmart the cops that are getting killed. If a cop says get on the ground face down hands behind your back, Do It. Don’t argue your shirt will get dirty. “I fought the law and the law won” “When I fight authority, authority always wins”
commented 2016-07-08 20:42:31 -0400
Obama has done a wonderful job at tearing apart his country, he is a died in the wool fascist with one goal and that is to build his so called communist utopia , world wide. With the help of his Muslim enclave that he has built and nurtured over the years. Way too go all this blood is on your hands and it is only going to escalate. This idiot that is in charge of Canada is using the exact play book. Prepare yourselves this is going to get real ugly real fast.