February 21, 2016

Danish journalist: As Jews flee Sweden -- coup or collapse?

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Danish journalist and video blogger, Jeppe Juhl, describes the fall of Sweden and the exodus of its Jewish population among other benchmarks of a dying democracy.

Danish journalist and video blogger, Jeppe Juhl, describes the facts on the ground in Scandinavia and is mapping the demise of Sweden in this excellent video. More to come from Jeppe soon. 

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commented 2016-02-21 10:04:10 -0500
What a crazy world we live in.
commented 2016-02-21 10:03:35 -0500
Did you hear that Trudeau?
commented 2016-02-21 10:00:03 -0500
George Dyer,

The problem with your solution is that Senior was one of the Quebec anti-Semites that forced MacKenzie King to turn away Jewish refugees in the National SOCIALIST era of Germany. He did not even contribute to the war effort as a conscientious objector, most of who did contribute in ways other than armed service. Do you think Junior is any less anti-Semitic and willing to take Jewish refugees? Why do you think he is pro-muslim…it is an anti-Semitic religion, which is also why the left is enamoured with islam.

Socialism = anti-Semitism.

Junior is a socialist like his old man.
commented 2016-02-21 09:38:14 -0500
Rather than hit the “Pause Button” on our refugee intake lets, whenever we get the opportunity, propagate the discussion that we should switch our intentions over to offering refuge to Jews who wish to flee the persecution they face, or will be facing, in Europe. In addition to the obvious humanitarian benefit, the action would shine much needed light onto the situation developing there. Not to mention that we’d be counteracting the U.N. and Trudeau’s insidious demise of Canada on the world stage by showing the world that “Canada is Back” to pre-November 2015, as a humane, compassionate, sensible and civilized country.
commented 2016-02-21 08:31:41 -0500
@ Egil Lomeland
Sweden is a feminist country. the women and the academics created this monster. they created it, they can clean it up. i have no sympathy for what they have done and now is their time to suffer the consequences of their actions. i would not run to the rescue of the pieces of shit that invited this to happen.
well done Sweden now GFY !
commented 2016-02-21 03:58:35 -0500
I appreciate the pain as I live in Alberta but these politicians were elected by the people and I bet most of their support was among women, young people and academics. The only solution is revolution. You know the women and the academics have no will to fight a real fight.