Former Liberal MP Darshan Kang Must Resign Over Allegations of Sexual Harassment

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

A House of Commons Human Resources investigation has concluded Calgary Skyview former Liberal MP Darshan Kang harassed a female staff member who worked in his constituency office.

Kang now sits as an independent MP. Kang resigned from the Liberal caucus at the end of August 2017 after harassment allegations against him became public.

It's important to note - the allegations against Kang were made to the Liberals in June 2017. So for at least two full months, the Liberals were aware of these deadly serious allegations against Kang. It wasn't until the allegations became public in the media that any action was taken.

A former staff member also came forward last fall with accusations against Kang stemming from his time as a Liberal MLA in Alberta. That woman is claiming that the provincial Liberals didn't follow through on a harassment investigation, despite their promises to do so.

Liberals have failed these women at every opportunity.

These are the allegations:

  • *Kang would grab her hands.
  • *Kang patted his staff on parts of her body. 
  • *Kang threatened to fire her if she didn't take his non-work-related phone calls after hours.
  • *Kang repeatedly kissed her against her will.
  • *Kang tricked her into going to his apartment while on a business trip to Ottawa.
  • *Kang repeatedly tried to get into the woman's hotel room too on that same Ottawa trip. 
  • *Kang caressed her hands and feet and attempted to remove her jacket despite her protests.
  • *Kang then offered the woman money to keep quiet when she threatened to come forward about his abusive and weird behaviour.

The investigator said some allegations could not be corroborated due to lack of evidence. But others could be.

The report said that Kang was quote "unaware that any of his behaviour or conduct cause discomfort to the woman.”

This guy is really out of his dirty old mind. The people of Calgary Skyview deserve better than this horrible sideshow of revolting behaviour. I’m sure if they had a choice now, they’d choose differently than Kang. I want Skyview to have that choice.

The most effective calls for Kang's resignation would be the ones coming from his own former party and yet they are saying and doing nothing.

So I think it's time for the rest of us to step up and put some heat on Kang.

I want to fire Darshan Kang. I want him to go away in shame and never plague Alberta politics again. And, look, I know I can't really fire Darshan Kang. There is no mechanism to fire him as an MP. Unfortunately, that's just how it works in our parliamentary system. Yes, I want to fire Darshan Kang, but unfortunately, in reality, I need him to fire himself.

I want to put so much public pressure on him to resign that he has no choice.

So I have a plan:

1. Please sign the petition below. 

2. I'm going to rent a billboard truck. And we are going to have it drive around Calgary spreading the news of Kang's mistreatment of women. 

But I also need your help to do that too. These trucks aren't cheap. If you can help cover the cost of the billboard truck to drive around Calgary to expose Kang you can donate by clicking here

There is no way that Kang can effectively represent the good people of Skyview doing what he's done and knowing what we know.

So let's force him to resign.

Sign the petition!

In light of the results of Parliament’s investigation into Darshan Kang’s sexual misconduct, we demand that Darshan King resigns as MP immediately.  

Will you sign?