Help fund a freedom of information request to air David Eggen’s dirty laundry


The Minister of Education David Eggen, a socialist blogging site, and the mainstream media appeared to paint Neil Webber, founder of one of the top-rated schools in the province, as a romanticizer of residential schools.

So, we wanted to see if the Minister of Education, or any of his staff, leaked correspondence between them and Webber Academy to the media, or to their Progress Alberta buddies.

Rather than being forthcoming with the information, they slapped The Rebel with a $1,500 price tag to have the privilege of reading a few emails. That screams anything but innocent to me.

If we can prove that the minister, or his staff, knowingly sent information to socialist bloggers to defame Alberta’s best-performing school, Rachel Notley will have no choice but to fire David Eggen.

If you think this is worthwhile, please chip in to cover the cost of the Freedom of Information Request by donating below.