August 30, 2019

Rebel Roundup: Guests Keean Bexte and Ezra Levant

David MenziesMission Specialist

Pint-sized climate crusader Greta Thunberg recently dropped anchor in New York. But what’s the truth behind this supposedly feel-good story? Keean Bexte was in the Big Apple to greet Greta and her handlers and he’ll give us his take.

Well, if you blinked, you missed them. I speak of those billboard ads criticizing mass-migration. Yet, the question arises: why did the billboard company, Pattison, capitulate to Media Party pressure by way of removing those billboards? Ezra Levant will share his thoughts.

And finally: I’ll share some of your responses regarding how the infamous Jonathan Yaniv is not only a fake woman and a fake victim, but he’s also a fake disabled person, too – all the better to score subsidized transit rides that are truly meant for legitimate disabled people.

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commented 2019-09-01 13:07:21 -0400

Will you please cover the following story about Norman Vincent Traversy (remember that name) a Canadian citizen, has filed a criminal charges against Justin Trudeau for breaking the conflict of interest act and obstruction of justice. The charges have been accepted by an Ontario court and the charges are in process. ALL CANADIAN CITIZENS have the right to file identical or similar charges. It is necessary to lay these charges because our gutless authorities will not do so.

Even IF you feel the charges will go nowhere the charge will have a symbolic import far in excess of its humble beginning. Please find links to coverage by the ‘Freedom Report’ with Kevin J. Johnston and ‘Waking up Canada’ below. PLEASE, act on this.
commented 2019-09-01 01:32:38 -0400
Greenpeace acting like King Shit of Turd Island.
commented 2019-08-31 21:52:45 -0400
An expert on ‘blasphemy laws’ explained how hate speech is being categorized as, basically, blasphemy. This could be how the libs are approaching this billboard. Canada can’t come right out and say the company has broken any blasphemy laws, but they can put this company in that category.

I commented before that if the Human Rights Board didn’t look into these complaints, they wouldn’t have a job. It’s job security for themselves.

Greta has been programmed like a robot. I think this is her parent’s dream and she’s the puppet. She isn’t capable of making clear and independent decisions and it may all blow up on her parents for pushing her into all this. She is autistic, asperger’s syndrome, depression; that’s a lot of heavy duty disabilities to deal with. I’m actually surprised she can manage all these – so well!
commented 2019-08-30 22:45:20 -0400
- Climate cultists are using Greta, a mentally disturbed teen, to push their climate lies. They don’t care what damage they do to her. Once she’s no longer of use she will be discarded & forgotten. These are very evil people. BTW – a “zero emission” boat would be one made of wood, crafted with hand tools, with canvas sails – not a high tech racing boat constructed from petro-chemicals & made using fossil fuel energy.

- Any news organization that can’t tell the difference between mass immigration & immigration or illegal aliens & legal immigrants cannot be taken seriously as a news source.