November 14, 2015

David Cameron: We will wipe out ISIL

Brian LilleyArchive

British Prime Minister David Cameron says he stands ready with France and allies around the world to wipe out ISIL (ISIS) in the wake of the terrorist attacks in France late Friday.

The terrorists claimed responsibility for the attacks on Saturday with a statement saying France "will remain at the top of the list of targets of the Islamic State."

Cameron said Britain is also under threat from the same forces and must not back down from this fight.

"The terrorists' aim is clear: it is to divide us and to destroy our way of life. So more than ever we should come together and stand united and carry on with the way of life that we love," Cameron said.

Cameron called those who attacked Paris killing concert goers and others out for a Friday night as "brutal, callous murderers,"

"We will redouble our efforts to wipe out this poisonous extremist ideology," Cameron said.

The statement from ISIS warned that Friday's attacks on Paris will not be the last.

“The stench of death will not leave their noses as long as they remain at the forefront of the Crusaders’ campaign, dare to curse our prophet, boast of a war on Islam in France, and strike Muslims in the lands of the caliphate with warplanes that were of no use to them in the streets and rotten alleys of Paris,” it said.

Last January ISIS inspired terrorists killed 11 people and injured 11 more in attack on Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine based in Paris that had often mocked Islam, along with every other religion.


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commented 2015-11-14 21:13:10 -0500
I have more respect for a craven Liberal who openly quakes for all to see than a phony huffer-and-puffer like Cameron.
commented 2015-11-14 16:39:53 -0500
KEITH BARNES, “Cameron, a Conservative? could have fooled me”.
In June of this year, David Cameron called Islam a “Religion of peace” just hours after British tourists were slaughtered by Islamic terrorists in Tunisia, a man was decapitated by an Islamic terrorist in France and 200 were wounded in an islamic terror attack in Kuwait:
Cameron graduated from Oxford in1988 with a first-class honours degree, so it can’t be stupidity.
Paul Weston, chairman of the British political party Liberty GB was the British politician arrested in 2014 and charged with racial hate for quoting Churchill’s views on Islam! Here is a video of a message from Weston to British PM David Cameron delivered in December 2014, “Islam Is NOT a Religion of Peace, Mr Cameron”:
Paul Weston, as far as I can see, is one the few Western politicians today who is standing up to Islam in clear, unapologetic language.
commented 2015-11-14 16:22:27 -0500
It’s much too late Cameron! You have been rocking the baby far too long, and now the baby has come of age, and has been trained to hate and kill anyone who doesn’t follow their religion of evil.
commented 2015-11-14 15:07:15 -0500
Cameron, a Conservative? could have fooled me. Perhaps that now he is no longer tied down with a Socialist coalition, he may start to act like one.

Justin Crudeau, save some money. Just grab the French refugees, in Paris, rather than the Syrian refugees/Migrants/Opportunists/Terrorists. Not so far to travel, less cost.
Just allow Canadians to keep their Machine Guns, eh.
commented 2015-11-14 14:40:36 -0500
Sorry Cameron but you had a long time to do something, it is too late now, you have to fight in your own country now.
commented 2015-11-14 14:39:28 -0500
Bravo Zulu i am as shocked as you are. Sadly the willfully blind will still see nothing.
commented 2015-11-14 14:29:43 -0500
Never mind bombing infrastructure….start bombing the cities they live in….it’s a good thing they don’t have airpower.
commented 2015-11-14 13:12:59 -0500
Meanwhile in Canada…will the majority of Canadians demand more from our government or continue to live our insulated, snuggly lives? How can anyone be shocked about this? It is not the least bit surprising. Be sad, be empathetic to the victims and residents of Paris, but we also need to be collectively disturbed and outraged enough to want some action rather than empty words.
commented 2015-11-14 12:14:48 -0500
Again we see the dead giveaway of a closeted caliphate supporter, when the term “ISIL” is used.

Look at who uses this term “ISIL”. Strangely enough, we see the ones who empowered this group in the first place, calling it “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant”… As if to reframe Syria as a non-sovereign state, not worthy of mention among even a failed state like Iraq.

These are the people who direct, protect, and fund radical Wahhabi (Sunni) Islamist militias. They continue to press for the removal of secular Assad, when in reality, that end goal has been the cause of this entire globalist-run human sacrifice ritual.

Cameron is a weak fool, as is Obama, as is Trudeau, as was Harper. They all talk big about what’s gonna be done to “ISIL”, but just end up “accidently” airdropping more weapons to them and bringing them over as “refugees”. At what fucking point will you people accept that we’re being deceived?
commented 2015-11-14 11:53:59 -0500

Anyone following him over the past few years would realize he is a weak and apologistic shit head who cowers and then arrests anyone tweeting bad things about islam.

Yeah, you can be arrested in the UK for tweeting disparaging remarks about islam.

Ask those who were arrested for tweeting that islam was the reason the soldier had his head publicly cut off in London.

Arrested for telling the truth – …..


And Cameron supports that – to this day.

Do not trust this man – his UK approval rating is very low for a reason.


We are bringing islam in large numbers to Canada – clearing them here? LOL – how left can THAT be?
commented 2015-11-14 11:49:16 -0500
Words words words… better than Obambie or Trudeau boy, but still just words. It is well past time to actually do something.
commented 2015-11-14 11:19:59 -0500
That is very good to see, I really hope all the western world leaders now stand up and put the screwed Islamic religion in its place. We all have to share this planet, and that includes the middle east and the Islamics
commented 2015-11-14 10:33:05 -0500
PM Cameron should start with his own country.
commented 2015-11-14 10:19:52 -0500
Careful David Cameron, ISIL are close friends and business partners of Trudeau.

Don’t mess with the Trudeau, unless you are a homosexual – Trudeau would like that.