September 28, 2018

David Davis: Merkel and Macron Trying to Make Britain Suffer

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

To nobody’s surprise, David Davis revealed in an interview with the Evening Standard that Angela Merkel is leading moves in the EU to stop it appearing like Britain has “succeeded” with Brexit.

During the interview, former Brexit Secretary Davis also said that Emmanuel Macron, French President, is the only one who wants Britain to fail more than Merkel does.

He explained:

“Other than Macron, Merkel is the most emphatic in Europe about us not being seen to succeed.”

He also made a point that myself and others have been saying for a while – and that is how we won’t experience easy times with the EU any time soon.

He said that Chequers “is a toothache”, but not a crisis – and that we’ve had a toothache with Europe for 30 years, and “we’ll have it for another 20.”

I’d agree – but I’d go further and say that for as long as the EU exists, I can’t see any peace or easy cooperation at all.

If Merkel and Macron have it in for us now, imagine how nasty and spiteful they’ll be once we’ve actually left. They’ll be the spiteful ex-girlfriend following every step we make, looking at every future trade deal we make, and doing everything they can do to destroy our new relationships. They’ll continue failing and blaming everyone else for their failures.

I do wonder if Davis and other Brexiteers in the Tories realize this. They’re good on free trade deals, and they’ve been quite clever with coming up with Northern Ireland solutions – but do they realize that the EU is more than just a bad deal, but an authoritarian monster?

The fact that the leaders of France and Germany want our country to fail is significant. It’s even more significant when one considers the fact that our leaders are weak. If we had a Trump-esque leader who would stand up to these bullies, like the US president did at the United Nation the other day, then things might be different.

If you didn’t see the United Nations speech, then you must. Trump stood up in front of the world’s leaders, calling out Iran’s corrupt regime, and China’s attempt to meddle in America’s mid-term elections.

This is the only kind of leadership that counteracts the wicked and malicious attempts by Merkel and co to make an example of Britain.

It’s time for May to stand up to these bullies, or make way for someone else who will.


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commented 2018-10-05 23:20:34 -0400
Merkel…..Das Boot.
commented 2018-10-02 02:30:47 -0400
Oui Macron!.. Ja Merkel!… You both did royally &*%# it up!…
commented 2018-10-01 00:31:00 -0400
As I’ve said before… May was probably elected with many older generation Britons having fond memories of Maggie Thatcher “cleaning up the stables”… Unfortunately, this lady is obviously nowhere close to being cut from the same cloth… Indeed, anything but…
commented 2018-09-29 01:26:21 -0400
Jack Buckby said, " It’s time for May to stand up to these bullies, or make way for someone else who will."

Jack, what a comical statement. May hasn’t stood up to anybody or anything since she became PM, why would she start now?
commented 2018-09-28 22:24:12 -0400
Screw them both. The UK does not need them , nor do they need to listen to them.
commented 2018-09-28 14:22:29 -0400
If the idiot May would wake up and pull her finger out, we would find a lot more countries doing the same thing.
All May needs to do is stand up and say ‘We are out’ and that would be it.
Just stand back and watch all the other Countries follow suit. Excluding France and Germany of course, whom, I think, started the whole concept of the EU in the first place.