October 09, 2018

David Menzies: Do Canadian Muslims want Sharia law?

David MenziesMission Specialist

You may have heard about the Islamist hatefest being held in Toronto. The rogues gallery of speakers features pro-Sharia "feminist" Linda Sarsour and even an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. 

I decided to attend the event to find out how the attendees feel about the hateful comments of the speakers and whether they support implementing Sharia law in Canada.

I never did get a definitive answer, but one word I didn't hear was "no".

Because I wanted to expose Sarsour, we rented a jumbotron truck to drive around the event, projecting a video that lists all the crazy things Sarsour has said and done. 

Please take a stand against hatred by signing our petition below and please donate to help pay for this important mission.

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commented 2018-10-11 15:48:25 -0400
You didn’t hear “no” because it’s Islam.
commented 2018-10-11 13:37:08 -0400
yes they do-especially for us.
Yet canadians believe their lies claiming they are "refugees’!!
Further all they do once they touch our soil is COMPLAIN, DEMAND SUE AND SO ON- and this considering they are in the BEST COUNTRIES ON THE GLOBE yet again all they do IS COMPLAIN, DEMAND , SUE AND FORCE THEIR OPPRESSIVE, VILE, FILTHY RELIGION AND CULTURE UPON US !!
wow, they simply don’t come any dumber than westerners- and these barbarians know it and use it to their advantage. Gee, kind of makes one wonder considering we westerners have had the best education and advantages for higher education while these invaders are all brainwashed/educated via their backwards, vile, sub human religion yet it is THEY WHO ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRIES, MONEY AND LIVES FROM US- NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!
commented 2018-10-11 00:06:11 -0400
Why waste your time David, those going in there to listen to a fanatic like Linda Sarsour is an advocate for her or a martyr for having to listen to her, so, since none could give you a definitive answer I doubt any were martyrs.
commented 2018-10-10 21:46:22 -0400
4:40 Muslim says cutting hands off is the best part of Sharia law?!
commented 2018-10-10 19:32:41 -0400
Anyone who thinks Sharia law would only affect the Muslims in Canada needs to understand that it would actually have the potential of affecting ALL of us, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.

I’ve seen videos of Sharia Patrols operating in London (England) telling women in short skirts or people who were drunk and just walking around to get off the street because they were violating Sharia rules. These videos were made by the Sharia patrols themselves. While these videos didn’t show actual violence being inflicted on the women in the short skirts or the drunks, the fact that the patrol was a group of fit young men who outnumbered the “offenders” they approached would certainly give the “offenders” reason to be nervous. I know I would be wondering if they were about to turn off the camera and lay a beating on me or worse.

Do you want to live in a country where self-appointed Sharia Patrols demand you complying with their self-chosen rules just because you happen to wander into an area they think of as theirs? I sure don’t! After all, who’s to say what areas they might claim? Would it be a single corner in a city? A whole neighbourhood? Or even the whole city?

We need to say an emphatic NO to Sharia Law and if they try starting Sharia Patrols, we need to shut that down IMMEDIATELY by all the legal means at our disposal.
commented 2018-10-10 13:19:00 -0400
The Muslim attitude toward non-Muslims works in two directions: both of them bad. First, they prevent non-Muslims from taking part in many Muslim activities. Second, they prevent Muslims from taking part in some non-Muslims events.
While I worked in Malaysia, I attended a Chinese church. The church organized an event to recognize the importance of the Chinese community in Malaysia. When brochures were distributed in the city, the church was fined. Not because they were distributed by a church; but because the brochures did not say, “For non-Muslims, only”. The fear was that if Muslims attended the event they might learn things they were not supposed to learn; like the truth.
commented 2018-10-10 13:12:03 -0400
Do Canadian Muslims want Sharia law? Kind of a mute point, considering Trudeau and his Liberals appear to be proponents of Sharia.
commented 2018-10-10 11:28:52 -0400
1400 year old evil that has not changed. Every other country experiencing Islamic control feels the heat.
commented 2018-10-10 10:15:25 -0400
It is funny how none of the muslims interviewed are able to say anything about sharia law as it pertains to Canadian law and charter. Yet they turn around and assure us that we simply don’t understand it. Then they say people should come in and hear Sar-sewer yap about it.

When Faith Goldy tried to go in they wouldn’t et her in because it was for muslims only.

Hypocrisy, thy name is islam.
commented 2018-10-10 03:53:00 -0400
The left is going to be shocked when they realize that they cannot replace Islam at the top rung of the ladder of political correctness.
commented 2018-10-10 00:21:50 -0400
Islam itself is a victim of its own teachings and not to be believed. It is a hypocritical text which causes confusion and confrontation. There are factions of religion and some are called the Protestant reform, which disagreed with other religions and one now to be disagreed with is Islam. This country with other religions will never submit to Islam, not unless No. 1 will make it so. Then you will have chaos, that even Trudeau, Chretien, and other liberal lovelies would never be able to quell. It all comes down to bad immigration policies and $10.5 million dollars and another $30.5 million dollars which is less talked about, but was used as for the same reason as the former. Liberals paying tax payers monies basically to say that Canada is sorry for dissing Islam. The liberals shit policies on every front, even Saudi Arabia, is the reason the PC’s are coming on strong. I do hope the PC’s won’t be shooting themselves in the foot like the liberals constantly do, especially with fiasco’s like the national debt. How much rope can we keep letting the liberals take, with no regard to a fiscal prosperity. No! More and more illegal immigration please, and with all these new welfare recipients, as a liberal party, we CAN make Canada great again!
commented 2018-10-09 22:02:38 -0400
BRUCE ATCHISON commented 29 mins ago.
I’ve been studying Islam and the more I learn, the more repulsed I feel. Winston Churchill was right about it being retrograde.
Bruce, do You not think that Churchill was right when he stated that……..
“They truly are the scum of the earth”.
commented 2018-10-09 21:28:10 -0400
I’ve been studying Islam and the more I learn, the more repulsed I feel. Winston Churchill was right about it being retrograde. Individual Muslims may be decent sorts but their vicious religion is a blight on humanity. If Judaism is one step forward and Christianity is the second step, Islam is three steps backward.
commented 2018-10-09 21:25:02 -0400
Thanks for exposing these Islamists and their retrograde religion. Sharia law is backward and cruel. Just look at what it’s done to lands where Islam has a majority. And now Muslims flee those hell holes to bring the same visious laws here..
commented 2018-10-09 20:49:43 -0400
Pretty sure the nations you “refugees” fled for your lives from had Sharia…
commented 2018-10-09 20:46:50 -0400
Fraser, where do I make a contribution for airfare?
commented 2018-10-09 20:27:26 -0400
commented 2018-10-09 20:12:26 -0400
Those inside or going inside don’t care. Whether they admit it, they most likely agree with the speakers. Shaming them and their views is good, Maybe it may make the feds think twice about allowing them into our country (yea, fat chance) since other speakers are kept out.

Just wait until questioning sharia becomes illegal.
commented 2018-10-09 20:03:44 -0400
Here in Quebec, we already have enough of those impolite rude uncivilized haters. We don’t want them in our province. Even a 70 year old neighbor went mad like hell recently when she started talking about them. Quebecers are waking up very fast and our politicians better take notice.
commented 2018-10-09 19:48:15 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,132 Attacks, 233,958 Killed, 313,952 Injured that we know of