June 09, 2015

David Suzuki compares PM Harper to negligent CEO who "could be thrown in jail"

Rebel Staff

Speaking before a sold out Campbell River crowd, celebrity environmentalist David Suzuki once again raised the prospect of imprisoning his opponents.

Suzuki has been touting the idea that "climate skeptic politicians" should be jailed since at least 2013.

"I really haven't thought it through," he admitted at the time, when asked about it during a disasterous interview on Australian tv, "but I certainly -- personally I think there is a great deal of wilful blindness and it ought to be pointed out in some way, yes."

Two years later, Suzuki is using the same language, this time in front of a friendlier audience of paying Canadian supporters.

According to the left leaning National Observer, Suzuki said:

“We’ve come through ten years of the most hostile government ever toward the environment, First Nations and social justice. If you were CEO and ignored information material to the well-being of your company, you could be thrown in jail for that. Our prime minister shows such a willful blindness. If we are to have a democracy, we have to get out there and ask our leaders to state their position on these issues and make them tell us. That is our most important priority today."

The event opened with a film about how climate change is allegedly destroying the coast of British Columbia. In the film:

One climatologist noted that the oil and LNG pipelines proposed for British Columbia are “pipelines of fossil fuels into the air.”

This is a statement of special interest to residents of Campbell River, where an LNG facility is proposed for an old pulp mill site.

As Ezra Levant reported recently here at The Rebel, this project is supported of a number of First Nations communities, but is being opposed by well-funded foreign (non-native) leftists.

(Photo: David Suzuki Foundation)

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commented 2016-02-03 03:34:23 -0500
David Suzuki is a globalist puppet and a goof
commented 2015-10-27 18:21:44 -0400
I have a concern with the video for this article. Ezra states that David Suzuki “states” that Harper should be thrown in to jail. Suzuki has never stated that. Can you please give the evidence that Suzuki has ever stated that Harper should be thrown into jail please? No, I do not agree with Suzuki and his emissions junk, but I am concerned to support this organisation if truths have been twisted to look like something else. thanks.
commented 2015-07-24 19:34:33 -0400
Please don’t give this self righteous hypocrite any airtime. Hmm maybe he’ll change his name to muhamid and fly off to Syria and teach ISIL how to save the planet. “muhamid suzi, step up, time to learn how to shave ISIL style”………..
commented 2015-07-09 12:11:42 -0400
Suzuki is a doomsday cultist who is promoting lies and misinformation. He is a fraud and a con artists and it is he who should be jailed.
commented 2015-07-01 19:17:03 -0400
“I really haven’t thought it through,” he admitted at the time," seems to sum up the life of David Suzuki
“We’ve come through ten years of the most hostile government ever toward the environment, First Nations and social justice. If you were CEO and ignored information material to the well-being of your company, you could be thrown in jail for that. Our prime minister shows such a willful blindness. If we are to have a democracy, we have to get out there and ask our leaders to state their position on these issues and make them tell us. That is our most important priority today."

maybe we should just tell the Indians where he lives after they find out he is putting an end to the Native extortion racket holding the citizens of Canada hostage
commented 2015-06-27 10:06:08 -0400
If anyone should be jailed its Suzuki for continuing to perpetuate fraud and get wealthy doing it. He’s the typical lefty – do it my way because I am smarter than you. His hypocrisy is unconscionable!!
commented 2015-06-17 17:35:09 -0400
The evil little creature and his followers belong in a psych ward!
commented 2015-06-13 18:30:15 -0400
David Suzuki compared to a fraudulent scientist who gets paid by your taxes should be “thrown in jail”!
commented 2015-06-11 14:39:20 -0400
Ezra understands the difference between willful blindness, or what some on this site call wilfull ignorance when I disagree with them, and a difference of opinion. Whew! Thanks goodness someone else gets it!!

Suzuki is an ass. He has no real power. And a handful of Campbell River folk won’t win or lose the election.
commented 2015-06-10 20:48:58 -0400
A hypocrite and fear monger that preaches do as I say not as I do. He has profited greatly from jumping on every eco bandwagon for decades. The idea that he thinks anyone that opposes his point of view of the day should be jailed, while this fraudster lives large with a huge carbon footprint is laughable at best. Perhaps he should be investigated as the con artist he is. A look at his history of jumping on every world panic scenario of the past 30 years, clearly shows his interest is more on social issues and the cause of the day than any real science. He has been proven wrong more than right, and has no reason to have achieved such cult status.
commented 2015-06-10 16:15:59 -0400
David Suzuki should be the one incarcerated in a mental health facility, he has turned into a fear mongering lunatic!!
commented 2015-06-10 14:51:09 -0400
Nobody expects the Suzuki inquisition. Ol’ do as I say not what I do Dave.
commented 2015-06-10 10:44:34 -0400
Suzuki is a Canadian of Japanese ancestry, and it is interesting to note that at the recent G7 summit that the two countries that objected to CO2 emissions targets were Japan and Canada. Suzuki makes his money by being a spokesperson for anti-oil groups (that is anti-Canadian oil)! He is totally oblivious of his own carbon footprint! Someone should measure it for him and present him with the data! (Whether he would understand it or not, I will leave it up to you to decide.)
commented 2015-06-09 22:09:33 -0400
Absolute truth Maurice. Suzuki is nothing more than a snake oil salesmen who managed to scam his way into a career, a taxpayer funded career I might add.
commented 2015-06-09 19:44:50 -0400

Suzie is known to run from anyone who challenges him – yet he lives like a king.

I would bet you a dollar my carbon foot print does not come within one one hundredth of this charlatan’s gigantic carbon foot print.

Anything this guy says should be disinfected with Lysol before examining – that way you do not catch “Suzie Sickness” – a terminal illness – but not terminal enough to rid us of this guy.
commented 2015-06-09 19:42:45 -0400
“Education has failed in a very serious way to convey the most important lesson science can teach: skepticism.”
Oh . . . hold on . . . wait a minute . . . oops . . . never mind.
commented 2015-06-09 19:41:09 -0400
“Our prime minister shows such a willful blindness.” Suzuki shows willful blindness when it comes to the science himself.

“How afraid is Suzuki about man-made global warming? So afraid, it doesn’t occur to him to check the data, incredibly he doesn’t even know what the data is. Tony Jones had to rephrase the questions to explain them to Suzuki, who doesn’t even understand them.

How much is his reputation as a scientist worth when he doesn’t even bother to check the evidence for a cause he stakes his reputation on?"
Watch the whole Suzuki dive bomb here! Pure Comedy Gold.
commented 2015-06-09 19:17:46 -0400
The Canada Revenue Agency should do an audit of Suzuki’s “Charity”. Then we will find out who the real criminal is! However, we will have to rely on The Rebel and some independant news sources to inform us as the Socialist Media will never report it!
commented 2015-06-09 17:52:51 -0400
I don’t believe there are any laws against disagreeing with global warming. But I do believe much, even most, of the global warming claims are inaccurate and not truthful. The latest falsified weather data has shown that. That being said there are laws against fraud and that is how Suzuki has made most of his money. His false claims have defrauded people out of millions for his own personal use. Now lets see who really belongs in jail.
commented 2015-06-09 16:49:51 -0400
Suzuki was excellent when he was dealing with those whose size he could manage.
He should return to annoying his fruit flies.
commented 2015-06-09 15:04:51 -0400
thank you maurice for your comment . you are right on .
commented 2015-06-09 14:44:12 -0400
David Suzuki is a Scientist; David Suzuki is a Doctor….. a fruit fly Scientist and a fruit fly Doctor. He wrote his doctorial thesis so long ago that I’m willing to bet he doesn’t even remember half of what he wrote. Yet he can still claim the title of Doctor and Scientist, and wear that title like a crown. Back in 1970, when I took my BC Coast log scaling and grading course, there was a guy in my class who had a Bachelor of Science degree in computer programing. He didn’t go into computer programing, he went into log scaling and grading just like me. When computers started coming on line for communication, and to replace the paper tally system, his Bachelor’s degree didn’t put him ahead of any of the rest of us. He had to learn computing from scratch like everybody else Yet he was still entitled to claim his degree and hang it on the wall (he doesn’t, he’s actually a pretty nice guy) even though what he learned has since became obsolete. That’s the same thing with whatever degrees David Suzuki possesses. He has very little if any scientific knowledge that is currently valid. His degree is obsolete. However, where he does have expertise is in the area of lobbying, public relations, bull shit, and, self-promotion. In those areas, he’s superb.
commented 2015-06-09 14:13:22 -0400
Mother Earth’s Advocate Natural (M.E.A.N.) David Suzuki is at it again. LOL! What business does a science advocate have to meddle in financial professions unless he has a vested interest in the outcome? Suzuki even goes as far as predicting future threats based on a M.E.A.N. financial analyses. When did he turn into a M.E.A.N economist? Let me offer another example of his line of thinking that has helped in the destruction of Ontario’s economy back in September 2008.

An Ontario Greenbelt economic impact study has yet to be realized from a qualified professional. Based on the merit of Mr. Suzuki’s study I challenge him and his team to the tangible results as he has claimed. In a public forum Debbie Zimmerman on January 2007 disclosed that no such report existed and has re-confirmed the same. I challenged the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation Burkhard Mausberg on his explanation to the question I poised at the Jordan meeting; “where is the Greenbelt Economic Impact Study?” His answer vaguely suggested words to the effect of; “the province sometimes doesn’t take into account economics when passing legislation.” So, the M.E.A.N scientist forecasts a jackpot windfall for all but the farmers. Did the Minister of Finance for Ontario Dwight Duncan agree? Perhaps Mr. Suzuki is destined to replace him with his M.E.A.N economic role.
With $2.6 Billion on hand Mr. Mausberg’s foundation has enriched himself at somebody’s loss. Will he repeat his comments made in Jordan so we know his position today?
Can the Greenbelt be purchased for money? According to some M.E.A.N number; take $2.6 billion divided by 1.8 million Greenbelt acres. This equates to $1,444 generated annually per acre. For example fifty acres would generate $72,200 annually or until the greenbelt stops. I’m not a scientist or economist and with a paper and pencil got these results. Keep in mind that this is all a holographic income and there may still be additional benefits of unmentioned amounts in tax deferral payments. The reason the greenbelt can be purchased is because it now has a price. Can MPAC reflect this on our property taxes?
M.E.A.N. David Suzuki has difficulty distinguishing the farmer from the Greenbelt or the forest from the trees. Farmers asking compensation are shown a slow torturous process that causes them grief. Like Suzuki thousands of politicians support reckless and carless governing of people’s lives. It’s has been said; “better to rule in hell then serve in heaven.”
Every day more and more of you are losing sovereignty, livelihoods and the Canadian pride that binds us together respecting the freedom our pioneers gave their lives for. Over the years billions of dollars have been taken from you. Markets are destroyed by new unqualified and illegitimate practices such as this and the day has come for judicial intervention for public protection. The problem is that the public are represented by an illegitimate government. Job losses in all sectors are wreaking havoc in your personal lives. Government answers by escalating the oppression against you the public by endorsing economic reports from M.E.A.N. David Suzuki. Are scientific calculators replacing economists? Greenbelt or M.E.A.Nbelt?
commented 2015-06-09 14:02:57 -0400
The only ones who will, in the end, wind up in “jail”…will be Suzuki and the “Global Warming” pushers, pseudo-scientists and enviro-whacko religious nuts…..for the MASSIVE FRAUD that they have perpetuated upon the peoples of the world, sucking TRILLIONS of Dollars out the world’s economies…..for a problem that doesn’t EXIST. More and more REAL scientists are stating that the problem doesn’t exist…and the whackos response is: to “realign” the temperature data..in other words…FALSIFY it, to say what they wanted it to say. They are terrified of losing their massive, fraudulent, funding. I hope that I will live long enough to be able to see Suzuki, Gore, and the rest of them….tried and sentenced. Talk about “Ponzi Schemes”.
commented 2015-06-09 14:01:04 -0400
Suzuki should be put to jail with his big mouth and unaccounted money that should be scrutinized and put to court!
commented 2015-06-09 13:56:05 -0400
I think the real negligence is from these high paid propagandists. These so called scientists have obscene amounts of money thrown their way what do they do with it? Try to overthrow governments. When they could use their vast resources to actually come up with a way to fund r&d to make a difference and to become carbon independent. So put your money where your mouth is and make a real difference in this world. I like a lot of people my age grew up on the nature of things where Suzuki could explain what was wrong in the world but rarely come up with a solution to fix it, now that he has access to the money he still does nothing in the positive side but sticks to the negative narrative. Maybe he should stick to studying the fruit fly I don’t know.
commented 2015-06-09 13:53:55 -0400
I remember listen to a local talk radio station and the person being interviewed was actually talking about how they became an environmentalist reading Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. Turned out the interviewed was David Suzuki! What a chump. Rachel Carson’s book was a load of dung and ended up encouraging anti-DDT policy that resulted in millions dead.
commented 2015-06-09 13:33:36 -0400
Over the years, Suzuki has made a lot of money by being an unmitigated idiot, helped along by his moronic cohorts, at the CBC etc. The most disturbing thing about this, is all the Idiots that believe him.
commented 2015-06-09 13:17:25 -0400
Suzuki should go back to that dictatorship (Bhutan) he loves so much and stay there. With his attitude, he fits right in.
commented 2015-06-09 13:13:19 -0400
Sounds like classic projection to me. Alinskyites motto: “Accuse others of the exact thing you are doing.”