Racist graffiti spray-painted on Filipino immigrant's home daycare — because of their “Stop Notley” lawn sign

UPDATE: Our goal was reached and we reimbursed the family! 

April 16, 2019Keean Bexte delivers a cheque on behalf of Rebel viewers to the family who had their home daycare vandalized simply for having a "Stop Notley" sign on their front lawn.

Thank you to everyone who donated! 

It takes a special breed of Rachel Notley supporters to do this: For simply having one of The Rebel’s Stop Notley signs on the front lawn, a daycare centre owned by an immigrant was vandalized.

It wasn’t just the lawn sign that was damaged. Marites Windsor’s home was vandalized, too. Her house’s siding and the wooden gate into her daycare operation were spray-painted with the words “Nazi” and “Racist”.

Windsor told me, “This reminds me of home” (meaning the Philippines). She couldn’t believe something like this would happen in her adopted land of Canada.

The vandalism happened overnight, and the police are investigating. It remains to be seen if any camera footage in the neighbourhood was able to pick up identifying information of the vandals.

We are fundraising to help the Windsor family pay for the costs of repair and cleaning. Any excess funds raised will be donated to a registered charity.

If you would like to chip in a dollar or two to help this family, you can do that here.

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