January 09, 2019

Debunking media’s “police state” spin on Wet’suwet’en pipeline blockade arrests

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

If the only information you had about the Wet'suwet'en pipeline blockade was what’s spoon fed to the public by the mainstream media, you’d think there was some sort of totalitarian police state action happening in Northern British Columbia, with RCMP storming in to snatch up unsuspecting First Nations people and holding them as political prisoners.

And right leaning media can be just as histrionic and wrong as left leaning media.

Case in point: my beloved Edmonton Sun. The paper tweeted:

“Watch: Edmontonians rally in support of Wet’suwet’en First Nation. On Monday RCMP breached a checkpoint created on unceded Wet’suwet’en First Nation territory and arrested 14 people.”

"Breached"? That’s a strange way to say “took three weeks to enforce a Supreme Court of BC injunction against an illegal checkpoint.”

Today, I’ll strip away the anti-police spin and rhetoric to tell you what’s really happening at the blockade against Coastal Gas Link’s $6B pipeline, led by the unelected hereditary chiefs of the Wet'suwet'en First Nation.

The barriers are blocking nearly $40 billion in economic development, much of which would end up in the hands of the 20 First Nations bands along the pipeline route who have approved the project, including the democratically elected band council of Wet'suwet'en First Nation.

It’s anti-democratic. The voters of the Wet'suwet'en, who elected their band council fair and square, are being disenfranchised by the paternalistic actions of the hereditary chiefs, helped along by their radical environmental left-wing enablers.

The voters of Wet’suwet’en have already determined their leaders and their own future.

If the Left truly cares about the autonomy of First Nations people, then they need to thank the police for enforcing that court order, not berate them.

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commented 2019-01-11 02:28:24 -0500
Why do I have that cynical belief that some of the these “self-appointed” chiefs would just fade into the woodwork if their personal bank accounts were “greased” enough??
commented 2019-01-10 12:09:09 -0500
Using the word “breach” shows the media going along with Trudeau’s intent to creare division and strife.
commented 2019-01-10 11:58:21 -0500
That woman Keean interviewed should be forced to watch your video. On second thought, probably not, she looks too far gone.
commented 2019-01-10 11:15:12 -0500
The media in Canada (cbc-ctv-G) is in Trudeaus pocket paid for by the tax payers of Canada.
commented 2019-01-10 01:24:17 -0500
For clarity – there are two Wetsuweten groupings.

The Wetsuweten First Nation (population 250) emerged from the break-up of the Omenica Band in 1984. Their chosen name was controversial as three similarly sized neighbouring nations (Hagwilget Village, Moricetown, Burns Lake) are also partial to the name Wetsuweten.

The “Office of the Wetsuweten” (aka Wetsuweten Treaty Office Society), however, is neither a First Nation nor a Tribal Council. It is a state-funded environmentalist organisation dating to the 1990s when Ottawa began loaning local activists millions of dollars, ostensibly to facilitate treaty negotiations. The Office has received hundreds of thousands of dollars for environmentalist research from: Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency. They receive lesser, but critical, amounts from Tides Canada, Forest Ethics and several other enviro-NGOs. The Office has 22 full-time staff including a few notable white professionals.

The Office of the Wetsuweten claims guidance from hereditary chiefs but its work is clearly dictated by its funders. The “houses” and “clans” of the hereditary chiefs are latter day creations and cannot possible have more than a few dozen adherents. The Unistoten clan, causing all the fuss, was invented at a May 2009 anti-pipeline conference.
commented 2019-01-09 21:50:43 -0500
When the Muslims take over, those people will lose their land and their rights. Then they’ll pine for the days when they were allowed to have their own reserves. They’ll also see too late that they’ve been used as pawns by the lunatic left against their own interests.
commented 2019-01-09 20:16:23 -0500
Its the bribe that the nut bar PM from QUE.gave the MSM media.
commented 2019-01-09 19:47:24 -0500
Give em an hour to pack their crap up and then let the dozers roll-end of blockade!!