January 04, 2018

Debunking Notley’s “reckless” quest for $15 minimum wage

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


A new Bank of Canada study out late last month found that minimum wage hikes across the country could result in employment losses of 60,000 workers.

The study also showed that consumption of goods and services will be reduced slightly as higher inflation drives up costs, and this same inflation would more than offset the worker’s higher labour income.

CD Howe Institute’s analysis found that an estimated 25,000 of those 60,000 nationwide job losses, could happen here in Alberta.

In Alberta, Notley cranked the minimum wage up to $13.60 an hour in October, and it’s set to reach $15 per hour by October 2018.

In Ontario, Premier Wynne just increased the minimum wage from $11.60 all the way up to $14 per hour.

These hikes are always based on emotional manipulation and worst case scenarios.

The left wants us to believe every minimum wage worker is a single mom with one leg, raising 11 kids on a diet of donated Ramen noodles, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Watch my video to see some real facts injected into the minimum wage discussion.

I’ll tell you who Canada’s minimum wage earners really are and why artificially raising their wages hurts them the most.

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commented 2018-01-05 10:52:04 -0500
I see the economic impact, but disagree with you its only students and entry level workers that get this minimum wage, I know a number of adults who have to try and live off this, I as a older worker can no longer get a job that is not in the minimum wage range. How about been a floor manager in a retail large store and getting $13 dollars an hour. I have applied for a retail job to get income, this was offered at $11.00 and hour. You mention part time, a lot of older people today only are offered part time jobs. Your stats don’t match what I see, or experience. What is hurting is all the taxes, carbon taxes, PST (I am sure Little Potato is going to go for this too) on insurance, higher PST, Gas, property taxes, increased utility costs set to go higher with carbon taxes, this is what is hurting, when I see how many $$$ are added to my living expenses, I worry how I am going to cope with the future.
commented 2018-01-05 06:41:28 -0500
People need 2 and sometimes 3 jobs to make ends meet.
Because Canadians need to pay onerous taxes exceeding 50% of their income in sales taxes, income taxes nad hidden taxes.
It would be much better if, instead of raising the minimum wage, our governments would reduce taxes by 20 to 30%.
This would allow people to have more disposable income, allow moms to stay at home.
What our governments are doing now will simply increase the burden on every citizen except the people in the upper middle income and higher income brackets.
While we’re at it, ALL income taxes (which were supposed to be a temporary measure to help pay for war) should be eliminated.
A simple sales tax of 50% on every item sold from toilet paper to buildings would ensure that everyone, rich and poor alike, pays their fair share of taxes, even the politicians.
commented 2018-01-05 01:50:36 -0500
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

So you and your husband are cheap. Interesting.

If I got exceptional service, I would be more than happy to give an exceptional tip, but that’s me. I tip my barber too, even though he owns the place.

I am more than happy to reward for excellent service.
commented 2018-01-05 01:47:04 -0500
That Christina Gray is a RETARDED POS! – just like her lunatic POS boss. Get off the Meth – you B*tch!
The Trump Train is about to run over these insane lunatic POS!
commented 2018-01-05 01:39:30 -0500
@ Ron Voss commented 2018-01-04 21:21:35 -0500
Facts don’t matter to Marxist ideologues.

BUT, lead pills do!
commented 2018-01-05 00:31:49 -0500
For some reason, I don’t think Mrs Notley is going to listen to Sheila’s suggestions.
commented 2018-01-04 23:10:02 -0500
Will the government no longer require a base assumed amount of tips on your taxes now, or will they just assume that they can make changes without anything changing like the idiotic left wing twits they are?
commented 2018-01-04 22:31:07 -0500
Eldon Barrand, I had a similar discussion with my husband earlier this week. To tip or not to tip?!
No more 20% tips from me, even if the service is exceptional. I will have to figure out a much smaller percentage, business owners will have to raise the price in order to cover the minimum wage and it’s already expensive enough to eat at a decent restaurant.
commented 2018-01-04 21:34:43 -0500
Great job Sheila! I and my wife have agreed that once the ’living wage ’ of $15 is reached. There will be no tipping. Too bad the majority of service industry workers voted for the ndp.
commented 2018-01-04 21:32:45 -0500
Keith, not only politicians have been warped by the Marxist educational system.

Professor Jordan Peterson, Canada’s academic champion of freedom and free speech, in the New Year has produced a video, an hour and 12 minutes in length, addressed to Junior High/High School Students & their Parents, which includes reference, as well, to the Lindsay Shepherd fiasco and the inevitable ramifications with respect to public education.

In this video, which I would call a Parental Rights in Education Manifesto for our times, he makes “a radical suggestion, preceded by a careful, detailed argument that this suggestion is justified”.

He starts his video, saying, “I have something to say to junior high and high school students and their parents about the politicization that is occurring in the public school system and what should be done about that. I have some radical suggestions I would say that I am not putting forward lightly. I think it is time for public school students and their parents to actively rebel against the indoctrination being offered under the guise of education.”
commented 2018-01-04 21:21:35 -0500
Facts don’t matter to Marxist ideologues.
commented 2018-01-04 19:36:17 -0500
All Politician’s, Federal and Provincial, have been mind warped by a Marxist educational system. Carl Marx has had his dream fulfilled. Some may have seen through the scam but they hide themselves, in fear of being stigmatize’d. Our current gang of Politicians will not be happy until we are all, no more than slaves.

The people who control Justin Trudeau and his gang have another agenda, called Islam. A White Christmas will soon be a thing of the past.

In combination, this means the end of Canada as a civilized Country.
commented 2018-01-04 18:56:07 -0500
HOPKINS WORLD. Off Topic but worh the read.

When the world feels mad, your job is to remember what you believe in. And stand strong.

Has the world gone mad?
When you look around at the news headlines – of girls uniforms being banned, and an article on the BBC website advising ‘how to do your make up after an acid attack’ – do you wonder what the hell happened to this country?
Take Brexit. Your average punter thought when they went into the ballot box, and put a cross against Leave, out would mean out.
We even got a shiny piece of paper through the letter box reminding us the government will implement whatever you decide.
Except we decided Leave won. And that turned out to be the wrong answer. And since then every last little bit of jiggery pokery has been used to try and get the answer London really wanted.
Gina Miller went to the courts and the BBC went slightly more left than wing than John day-of-rage McDonnell.
And as if the constant campaigning against the LEAVE weren’t enough, Labour are polishing up their new improved leader – Keir Starmer – to take over at the helm, with his commitment to keep Britain in the single market and the in customs union.
A word in your ear, Keir.
I appreciate your favourite thing is your own reflection, but if I can drag you away from the mirror – let me explain one thing
Out is the opposite of in.
Let me make this sexual.
Think of a penis.
When it’s in, you can feel it. When it is out, you can’t.So when we are in Europe, we are in the single market. And accepting
free movement of people in your private space. When you are out, you don’t.
I’m a girl. I know about this consent lark and whatever you think we voted for when we voted Out Keir, we didn’t say yes to more people where we weren’t expecting them. We said no to the penis.