March 02, 2017

Debunking Wynne’s $1.4B hydro sleight of hand

Brian LilleyArchive

Just before the 2012 Ontario election, Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government wasted $1B of taxpayers money to save their political hides. Now Kathleen Wynne - part of the government and cabinet that signed off on the cancelled natural gas plants, is hoping to waste $1.4B and save her political hide.

Talk about going back to the same playbook.

Wynne is trying to convince Ontario taxpayers that feel burned by the rising costs of electricity, that she has the answer.

Prices have jumped 70 percent since 2009 as the green energy plan has steadily kicked in and residents are not happy.

Wynne and others tinkered before and rates jumped again. Anger grew, her party lost a by-election so they cut the provincial portion of the HST - sort of. They rebate it back onto your bill meaning 8% of all hydro bills come out of the provincial treasury so taxpayers are subsidizing the hydro system.

When that didn’t stop the anger or rising prices, Wynne stepped forward with her new plan to shift how electricity is paid for but didn't fix the fundamental problem. She and her party built an unaffordable system on unreliable green energy with outrageous contracts for wind and solar, neglected Niagara Falls and paid insane salaries to top executives for implementing this mess.

Watch as I tell you about her new plan where she says she’ll cut hydro rates by 25 percent starting this June.

Always be careful with any promise from any politician but especially this one.

Wynne compares how the Liberals will finance this to extending the life of a mortgage on a house but it’s more like extending your car payments for 30 years. If the car lasts that long, you have a depreciating asset, not something that has grown in value.

She’s hoping this $1.4B in extra interest plus the money shifted from your hydro bill to your tax bill will help save her political fortunes.

She’s known about this problem for years but she’s fixing it now in the hopes of winning the next election.

Don’t be fooled again, don’t let this work. Remember the mission, fire Kathleen Wynne.

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commented 2017-03-03 09:35:09 -0500
Canada is an energy superpower, there is no reason for anyone in Canada to be in energy poverty. We have an abundance of LNG, clean burning liquid nat gas. Wynne, Butts, Trudeau are living in some alternate universe, what they have to done to energy supply & pricing, not to mention the carbon taxing, is nothing short of obscene. I would like to say wait till next election, you may have hope in a change in gov’t, but Patrick Brown is such a disappointment, so I guess we will continue to see seniors selling their homes b/c they cannot afford their electric bills. Sad. I think Brad Wall would make an amazing PM.
commented 2017-03-03 09:19:44 -0500
Until wind and solar power can be stored for future use in Ontario, cancel these contracts. Rolling this out without having the technology to store “green energy” was idiotic. The Liberals have wasted billions of taxpayer dollars with their various schemes or cancelling them. This latest announcement by Wynne is another example of faulty logic. I agree with Mr. Lilley’s comparison to a car loan, it’s honest.
commented 2017-03-02 22:19:44 -0500
Don’t be fooled.You can tell a lying liberal when their lips are moving.Remember Chretien going to get rid of the hst.That was before he was elected.
Lock them up.The geen energy act should be rejected and butt head should be fired with Wynne Trudeau and Nutty.The damage will follow tax payers for decades.
Here is the real joke.The solar and wind farms that quit working will be the tax payers responsibility to remove,the companies are not obligated to remove them.20 years for solar farms.Some are almost 10 years now.Alberta is headed down the same road.Wow how stupid.We are bankrupting our country for what?
commented 2017-03-02 21:34:51 -0500
That was a very gracious comment from you . . . I think.
commented 2017-03-02 19:31:44 -0500
Patrick Brown is the classic passive/aggressive liar who simply used us to get into power.
How???do we get him out of there….fired?
commented 2017-03-02 19:26:00 -0500
GEORGE DYER for Ontario PC leader!!!
commented 2017-03-02 18:26:29 -0500
Any confidence gamer who thinks “fair” is spreading hydro debt (which was unnecessary) over those who are dead and those yet unborn, should have their opportunity to explain this con – in jail.

It is not good enough to vote them out – we have to jail the criminals who lie and steal from us.
commented 2017-03-02 18:02:31 -0500
This is probably just another bait and switch as only the Lying Party can do. Come their re-election next year, they will suddenly determine this program is unsustainable, cancel it, and raise rates higher than they currently are.

If Southern Ontario elect this corrupt group for a fifth term, then they can officially be categorized with Québécois and Maritimers as welfare addicts. And accept they have no self respect, deserving no sympathy from Canada west of Thunderbay.
commented 2017-03-02 18:02:09 -0500
If we haven’t figured out electricity,energy,then how can we bring people out of poverty on a national scale nevermind globally. Yeah right,look to Ontario to bring the world into self sufficiency in energy production to bring the masses out of the dark.
commented 2017-03-02 17:18:45 -0500
The liberals are liars, and will say anything and promise anything to win. They are like an abusive spouse who promises never to do that again. And then the lying weasels will find another way to steal money from tax payers, while killing off jobs. They are psychopathic snakes, and people should be repelled by their corruption.
commented 2017-03-02 17:18:43 -0500
From my vantage point, if the P.C.s want to win the next election they have to pick a new leader. Patrick brown is a liberals in conservative clothes, he does not have the charisma or the policies to win. How do the P.C.s expect anyone with 1/2 a brain to vote him into office he is in favor of a carbon tax he has no policy into reforming the education system and he panders to the global warming religion.
I’m old with just a few years of life left and it pains me to see our province go from a giver to a taker. The policies of the Liberals both Wynne and McGuinty have destroyed Ontario and Patrick Brown is not the man to bring us back to prosperity I feel sorry for the next generation both their freedom and freedom of speech are at stake not to mention the debt they have to pay. Think what will happen to us and the province when interest rates 6, 7, 8. 9.or 10% what would happen if they went 15% it’s happened before and it could happen again. CONSEVATIVES GET RID OF BROWN
commented 2017-03-02 17:07:26 -0500
Just to add insult to injury, I fear that there’s an excellent chance that the Liberals will be re-elected in Ontario. Not with Wynne as leader, but with an electorate that’s dumber than dirt, who generally smile on the Liberal party, and who are stupid enough to fall for the 17% / 25% in the same way that enough pot-heads elected Little Joe, the fascist dic-tater-tot.
The Liberal party is actually quite smart (or fiendish) when their instincts for survival rise to the surface, and it seems we no longer have an electorate who ask; What can they do for their country, rather than what can our country do for them.
commented 2017-03-02 17:02:26 -0500
Well, Patrick Brown is not really a Conservative anyway. Voting for the Ontario Conservative party now would only be voting in a “Liberal Lite” party. Until the Ontario PCs change their leader and rework their policies to be real Conservative, I also think Winnie the witch will get into office again

Ontario Conservatives (both the party and the voters), get you act together!!!
commented 2017-03-02 16:50:45 -0500
. . . and if they can’t come up with the cash they can ask Soros to give them a personal loan, otherwise then throw them both in the clanger.
commented 2017-03-02 16:49:58 -0500
Rescind McGuinty’s Green Energy Act.
Cancel all wind and solar power contracts.
Cancel those contracts for purchasing electricity at ridiculously over inflated prices.
Impeach Wynne and McGuinty with a view to imprisonment, or give them the responsibility of personally paying the forthcoming fines for breaching those contracts.
commented 2017-03-02 16:49:06 -0500
Unless the Conservatives get a new leader she may just get in again. The present one will not get my vote
commented 2017-03-02 16:33:57 -0500
We all know that Notley, the wicked with of the West, will be doing exactly the same thing as Winnie, the wicked witch of the East.

The only difference being that Notley knows she is never getting into office again so she will screw over Alberta the best she can and steal as much money from Alberta as possible while doing so.