April 19, 2018

DEBUT: Kurt Schlichter joins The Rebel!

Kurt SchlichterHost of Take That

Kurt Schlichter isn't just a popular Senior Columnist at Townhall.com. He's a retired U.S. Army colonel, an author, a trial lawyer (and a Twitter phenomenon!)

Now he'll also be doing a weekly show for The Rebel!

Every Thursday at 9pm ET, Kurt will bring you his incisive take on the news, combining his sardonic wit with his mastery of all topics legal, military and political.

Tonight, he looks at the unhinged far-left reaction to the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush — and whether or not it was right for one college to suspend a professor whose idiotic tweet went viral.

And he's just getting started:

On the timely topic of Sean Hannity, stay tuned for the best explanation of "attorney-client privilege" you've ever heard....



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commented 2018-04-29 22:08:02 -0400
What an excellent point about principles! They must apply to all or they aren’t principled principles. Also, many leftists are deluded into believing the narrative put out by the Saul Alinski types. These dupes don’t realize they’re being used until it’s far too late.
commented 2018-04-23 14:29:38 -0400
commented 2018-04-22 17:06:08 -0400
All due respect. I’m convinced Barbara Bush is the offspring of Allister Crowley, who was described by his mother as the wickedest man on the planet. The Bushes works with skull and bones reinforces my belief that they served a sinister agenda
commented 2018-04-21 07:56:46 -0400
Welcome and thanks for the interesting analysis and information. Regarding the foul-mouthed professor, I suggest that freedom of speech is only one of the issues. While she should always be permitted freedom of speech in Western society, she should be fired for her failure to represent the university in a professional manner. Presumably she has an obligation to set a good example for the students, and to represent the university in a positive way, and she did not hide the fact that she is a tenured professor. I imagine if your law clerk or secretary were to swear at every client who calls the office, she or he would be exercising their right to freedom of speech, but would not represent you well and would therefore not last long in their employment with you.
commented 2018-04-21 03:57:30 -0400
Liberals are the most corrupt party by far and John is here lecturing us. WHAT A JOKE!
commented 2018-04-21 03:56:58 -0400
John Wick only Flynn was part of the administration , and he pleaded guilty because he could not afford to fight it. Charges do not mean guilty.
I see Obamas admin is getting investigated finally , they blocked justice before. When the swamp is drained you will see reality.
Now keep your head in your ass like a good sheep.
Notice even the NY Times says Manaforts charges have nothing to do with Trump??? Did you miss that part? Of course you did, you are a sheep.
commented 2018-04-21 01:29:12 -0400
Since Twitter has banned me for the fourth time, I’m forced to condescend to posting in a forum that my former 105 followers won’t see. Kurt, 1A does NOT apply to employment. This prof can absolutely say what she wants, but that is no guarantee of continued employment. As a business owner I would absolutely fire some idiot employee who was tarnishing the reputation of my organization.
commented 2018-04-20 23:27:54 -0400
Allan Peterson, IMO Flynn will be exonerated.
commented 2018-04-20 21:25:26 -0400
Welcome to The Rebel Kurt, liked what you had to say. Hearing the truth is always good. I don’t really think the vile, unpatriotic, Left WingNut professor should be fired, but suspended for a few weeks, just to let her know that she can and will be held accountable for unjustified attacks. And from then on keep her in check. I know I would not want this woman teaching my children, she needs to be reprogrammed.
commented 2018-04-20 19:33:08 -0400
Great to have Kurt on board! Love his rants accompanied by his acerbic wit.
commented 2018-04-20 17:22:23 -0400
Great addition to The Rebel. I have been following Kurt’s articles on Town Hall for some time now……………….. For those criticizing American contributors to The Rebel, consider this………. The U.S.A. may be the future for The Rebel when Jihadi Justin enacts his “admired dictatorship” over Canada!
Awesome explanation for Attorney – Client Privilege. Can anyone imagine the outrage if what the left did to Trump’s lawyer were to happen to Killary’s counsel?
The screaming would be deafening!
commented 2018-04-20 15:20:19 -0400
“According to two sources familiar with the meetings, Comey told lawmakers that the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn did not believe that Flynn had lied to them, or that any inaccuracies in his answers were intentional. As a result, some of those in attendance came away with the impression that Flynn would not be charged with a crime pertaining to the Jan. 24 interview.”

The Washington Times

Flynn pled guilty because of the exorbitant cost of his defence on “Trumped” up charges.

“Michael Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, has put his Virginia home on the market to help pay his mounting legal bills after pleading guilty to lying to FBI agents about his Russia contacts, according to a report Tuesday.”

New York Post

Persecution by prosecution. An age old leftist tactic.
commented 2018-04-20 13:54:20 -0400
Welcome to The Rebel Kurt Schlichter, looking forward to your show. I love your straight talk and conservative views.
I have to say that The Rebel is getting better and better with people like John Cardillo, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Kurt Schlichter, Amanda Head and all the good old standby’s like Sheila Gunn Reid, David Menzies and so on and so on.
All these strong outspoken Conservatives must be driving Gerald Butts and his cabal absolutely bananas. I don’t think it makes a difference to Justine Trudeau until Butts tells him to not like it, because the jerk is just too stupid to think for its self.
commented 2018-04-20 13:01:23 -0400
Wee wick johnny…..don’t you need to go swimming with lead water wings or go play marbles in the middle of the freeway? Your comments mean less than nothing here, you’re a fake and a compulsive liar, the epitome of an internet troll.
You’re a pathetic loser.
commented 2018-04-20 11:01:13 -0400
As a Canadian I am very envious of your first amendment. I agree with you completely. What do we have without free speech, no tool to fight with, nothing.

As far as Trump is concerned, they will stop at nothing to take him out. I don’t know how they can get away with most of what they are doing, but they seem to be getting away with it. No desired result for them yet though. Hopefully Trump will prevail and set things right again. Volatile times.
commented 2018-04-20 10:47:23 -0400
Welcome to the Rebel, Kurt! I look forward to your incisive contributions..besides anyone who call their dog “Bitey” is OK by me…
commented 2018-04-20 04:02:12 -0400
PETER NETTERVILLE commented 4 hours ago
Jay Kelly lied, “The Rebel is known for its bold language (even if it means a attacking a 90 year old woman moments after her death)”
Twisting what someone says, Jay, is a lie. You are a liar.
Kurt was down talking that university prof, Randa Jarrar, for saying that comment. He was not endorsing that comment at all, quite the opposite. But I think you know that and you intentionally twisted what Kurt said. You filthy creep.

I’m not sure that’s true about Jay, peter. He also thinks Danish people who live in Calgary are the greatest Threat to Canadian security because they eat pickled herring or something. So, you see, he may not be a liar. Maybe he’s just really, really stupid.
commented 2018-04-20 03:49:07 -0400
Jay Kelly you are one pathetic loser.
commented 2018-04-20 02:38:24 -0400
Seems like the rebel is losing Canadian contributors, and getting more American ones.
commented 2018-04-20 00:04:34 -0400
Too true, Mike. Just sometimes I wish I could back hand the troll shits into next week.
commented 2018-04-20 00:01:02 -0400
Peter…Vajay jay lives in an alternate reality, booze and pills will do that. Trolls like that hear what the want or take from an article what they thought they read. There are a number of trolls to this site that suffer the same sort of psychosis, of this I’m sure you are well aware.
commented 2018-04-19 23:54:28 -0400
Excellent debut, Kurt! Welcome to The Rebel!
commented 2018-04-19 23:34:11 -0400
Jay Kelly lied, “The Rebel is known for its bold language (even if it means a attacking a 90 year old woman moments after her death)”

Twisting what someone says, Jay, is a lie. You are a liar.

Kurt was down talking that university prof, Randa Jarrar, for saying that comment. He was not endorsing that comment at all, quite the opposite. But I think you know that and you intentionally twisted what Kurt said. You filthy creep.
commented 2018-04-19 23:09:19 -0400
Kirk, big fan man. Your articles in Town Hall make me giggle while reading, hopefully not while sipping coffee. You now can vent to a big audience with similar leanings have fun. You are a perfect addition to the Rebel welcome aboard.
commented 2018-04-19 22:01:02 -0400
Great debut!
Nice to see Schlichter without a pillow for backdrop.
: )
commented 2018-04-19 21:51:16 -0400
Jay Kelly, once again, you have managed to pull together a sh*t post. Over medicated or under medicated?
commented 2018-04-19 21:48:57 -0400
This professor has also bragged about the fact that she made 100 K a year and that she also had tenure, so she couldn’t be fired. However, the University responded that she was wrong!…. that even with tenure she could be fired for cause. If she’s fired, the issue of free speech need not be considered relevant at all. The issue in judging her fitness to continue on as a tenured professor at this University can be based totally on her incompetence…. which she clearly demonstrated by her poor judgement. If she shows such poor judgement in her regular communications, how can she be trusted to teach easily influenced students? If possible, definitely fire her.
commented 2018-04-19 21:48:37 -0400
Welcome to the Rebel Kurt Schlichter!
I enjoyed your commentary. I may borrow your term – shallow weasels.
commented 2018-04-19 21:44:01 -0400
Welcome to The Rebel Kurt Schlichter! Excellent opening remarks, including the quote from the U.S. Professor: “Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal. Fuck outta here with your nice words,” The Rebel is known for its bold language (even if it means a attacking a 90 year old woman moments after her death).

Don’t hold back.
commented 2018-04-19 21:41:17 -0400