Defend Croatia from the media's lies!

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The Republic of Croatia is under attack in the media. It’s time to fight back.

We’re launching an online video campaign to dispel the myths and the fake news. If you agree with us, please subscribe to our e-mail newsletter, share our videos, and donate to keep us going.

We need your help to tell the truth. Please help us defend Croatia!


Martina Markota is a performance artist, conservative commentator, and a first-generation American patriot of Croatian heritage.

After studying mathematics at New York University, Martina spent ten years working in the performing arts industry in New York City. She then moved on to work with the Daily Caller in Washington DC as a video producer and reporter, before becoming a member of The Rebel team where she now reports about arts, politics and culture.


Help us defend Croatia from the media's attacks. Ever since Croatia's World Cup success, malicious critics have been obsessed with smearing patriotic Croatians.

Let's stand up, correct these lies, and tell the world that Croatia is a proud, decent, and patriotic nation.

Help us today by sharing our campaign and videos, subscribing to our e-mail newsletter, and chipping in what you can afford to support our campaign.

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