July 11, 2019

Nobody works before 10 am: Day 2 at the Defend Media Freedom Conference

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

It's the morning of Day 2 of the Defend Media Freedom Conference, but where is everyone?

This event is attended by hundreds of government staffers and fancy journalists, and the culture shock of sleeping in on a work day has prepared me for another surprise: The Rebel seem to be the only group of accredited journalists deliberately left off of Chrystia Freeland's mass emails sent to every other journalist here.

If it wasn't for our friend Andrew Lawton's attendance at this event, we wouldn't have known that the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs had been sending out media advisories to everyone except for us.

For more from this event, and to help support our trip to question the fancy people about what we may and may not say, please visit MediaFreedomConference.com.

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commented 2019-07-12 20:21:45 -0400
This whole Media Freedom Conference is a farce. Christia Freeland is one of Trudeau’s bureaucrats who wants all dissenting views stifled and only the voice of her puppet master to be heard. This is akin to a conference 200 years ago claiming to advocate for freeing slaves while actually talking about slave management and control. How Orwellian these “progressives” are!
commented 2019-07-12 15:22:28 -0400
That fat assed cvnt Freeland is as self-unaware as Prime Feminister Justy the Clown. Who TF exlcudes journalists at a freedom of the press event?
You can’t make this sh!t up!
commented 2019-07-11 20:10:52 -0400
Thank God Freeland has a new outfit. Sick and tired of seeing her in some short skirt with those god awful fat-ass legs.
commented 2019-07-11 15:26:50 -0400
Fascists and moral master-baiters. Defending their perceived ‘right’ to control the narrative and ensure their jobs. This conference is a dog and pony show.

It is so refreshing to see the rot being exposed. The feeling is something close to relief, but its still just a flicker of hope and some renewed faith that truth and true liberty will prevail over those who would ‘quell’ all of us for good, if we let them. All the while virtue signalling that its for our own good.