September 14, 2015

Defying world opinion, Chretien and Trudeau claim Canada has lost its way

Brian LilleyArchive

The Liberals dragged Jean Chretien out of retirement on the weekend. 

Chretien not only appeared at a rally with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau he even penned an op-ed in The Globe and Mail describing how, in his mind, Canada has lost its way internationally.

I say this actually goes against measured world opinion and there is another problem ...... Chretien's love of a dictatorship.

Like Trudeau, Chretien appears to share a love of China's "basic dictatorship."


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commented 2015-09-15 20:03:29 -0400
“Today’s I published a brand new editorial cartoon …” so, like anyone here is interested, unlikely. Oh wait, there is Jimmy.
commented 2015-09-15 18:20:51 -0400
After FOUR Corrupt Quebec PMs . . . Canada is finally on the Right Track . . .
ole stickey fingers Chretien always was a bag of hammers and Justin is just a J O K E !
commented 2015-09-15 16:43:50 -0400
Jean Chretien….in concert with Sheila Copps …was what cause d my liberal heart to go through menopause.

And Richard Brinkman…perhaps Canada should have responded with military intervention in Sri Lanka back in 2009 when the Tamil Tigers demanded it….funny bunch of refugees….many went home to visit family during holidays in spite of the dangers they faced from their Buddist oppressors.

Fuck off and get real Mr Brinkman. Nobody here takes you as seriously as you take yourself.
commented 2015-09-15 16:24:13 -0400
My Wife, who is now deceased, attended the same grade school as Chretien. She described him as a Rectal Orifice.
commented 2015-09-15 16:03:28 -0400
BRINKMAN; What happened, your spell checker dose not include names.
commented 2015-09-15 15:43:54 -0400
The first truth about leftist progressives, is that they are liars. But they are not liars in the ordinary way, which is to say by choice. They are liars by necessity, because for them the end, their leftist ideological view of the world, justifies the means.
commented 2015-09-15 15:27:54 -0400
Now rebels, here is a real opportunity to lighten up and put a smile on your sad sad sad conservative faces as we all wait for Ezra’s next big breaking news story to be published on The Rebel. Today’s I published a brand new editorial cartoon that captures I hope the essences of what our Commander Ezra Levant’s news editorial policy might be all about – It can only be found at Edmonton’s Active Citizenship – Free News Sharing

This site also has links to the only published YouTubes available of Ezra Levant’s Emergency Town-hall Meetings against the NDP government of Alberta… For some strange reason The Rebel Media has neglected to publish thier own full versions from those rallies.
commented 2015-09-15 15:15:06 -0400
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commented 2015-09-15 14:52:21 -0400
@richardbrinkman – you are an ASS CLOWN. FUCK OFF NOW.
commented 2015-09-15 14:32:19 -0400
Of course Canada has lost it’s way, (liberal way) we are no longer ruled by the liberals, thank God!
commented 2015-09-15 14:09:40 -0400
Brinkman you are the clown who called Edmonton the Human Rights capital of Canada Murder capital is more like it.
commented 2015-09-15 14:04:54 -0400
Gee Brinkman more assinine comments. My blood pressure is too low non medicated. .
I have a great immune system too idiot. We have great medical care here inspite of Wynne.
commented 2015-09-15 13:53:50 -0400
what a job it must have been to wheel Chretien out of retirement, draining the formaldehyde out of his ears shaking the odd moth ball out of his suit pockets and getting the old boy to spark up and fire on at least 3 of his four cylinders. but the process was wasted as this was more about archeology than politics , let sleeping politicians lie.
commented 2015-09-15 13:31:39 -0400
KEITH BARNES – good to see you have a sense of humor Kieth!
commented 2015-09-15 13:28:26 -0400
BRINKMAN, You are not a Cartoonist, you are an efin Cartoon.
commented 2015-09-15 12:59:14 -0400
CHARLETON G – You need a smile Mr. G! Check out my editorial cartoon of Ezra because…

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commented 2015-09-15 12:48:41 -0400
Brinkman get lost moron.
commented 2015-09-15 12:30:25 -0400
There’s more fiction coming out of The Rebel Media about Mulcair May and Trudeau than Hollywood – Today’s published editorial cartoon reflects what Commander Ezra Levant’s editorial policy is all about – only at Edmonton’s Active Citizenship – Free News Sharing
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commented 2015-09-15 12:28:38 -0400
Jean Chretien – you truly are the load your mother should have swallowed.
commented 2015-09-15 11:58:53 -0400
He also said he would do away with GST .Another Chretien lie. One of the worst PMs ever. More like a gangster crook.
commented 2015-09-15 11:58:52 -0400
He also said he would do away with GST .Another Chretien lie. One of the worst PMs ever. More like a gangster crook.
commented 2015-09-15 09:22:59 -0400
For those counting, Chretien also promised “free daycare” 3 elections in row, and obviously had no intention of implementing it. Just like the Fiberals in Ontario, just “say anything” to get elected. They know their base. They know their base are the ignorant half of society that will believe anything!!
commented 2015-09-15 08:21:49 -0400
I was just reading a story on Yahoo that claimed that Ontario was going cold on Conservatives (even though three hundred and eight has them leading in 54 seats, compared to the Liberals’ 46). A man was interviewed, saying he did not like the pro-Israel stance Canada has taken under Harper. Unbelievable, the only country in the Middle East that permits all of its citizens to vote in democratic elections and where Jews and Arabs and other ethnicities live among each other peacefully and this is a way to portray the government’s foreign policy in a bad light?
commented 2015-09-15 08:07:45 -0400
“The attitudes and morality of these Liberal and NDP candidates is beginning to make me very concerned over our freedoms and Democracy in Canada!”
@ T. Black
Hear hear!! (claps loudly)

To hear Justin (and his groupies) claiming that Canada has lost its way internationally is such a blatant lie that it is nauseating. Obviously Chretien doesn’t recognize the fact that Canadians have access to an invention called the internet where we can now research for ourselves instead of relying on the drivel coming out of the big red tent and CBC.

I see Canada does not help internationally (sarcasm):

Oh my why are we not part of the UN again?:

Of interest:

Chretien is such a putz.
commented 2015-09-15 03:34:29 -0400
Sorry. I have to make it clear for the left wingers. Just adding a bit to the end

JT;" You know Jean, If Canada was an Empire. Come October, I would be an Emperor
JC; No response
JT; “You know Jean. If Canada was a Kingdom. Come October, I would be a King
JC;”" But Jewstin, c’est domage. Canadah is a Cuntry. Come Hawktober do you know what that would make you?"
JT;" What?"
commented 2015-09-15 03:23:07 -0400
" 22 Minutes " is so stale isn’t it? Here is some humor for you that hits the left for a change . I secretly recorded a conversation with with Justin and Jean Corruptien at a cocktail party tonight. Here is how it went

JT;" You know Jean, If Canada was an Empire. Come October, I would be an Emperor
JC; No response
JT; "You know Jean. If Canada was a Kingdom. Come October, I would be a King
JC; But Jewstin, c’est domage. Canadah is a Cuntry
commented 2015-09-15 00:48:31 -0400
Some of the comments posted here on this thread made for some great laughs. Love it.
Jean…… had your time in the office. I couldn’t stand listening to you anymore & now you’re out of there & I still can’t stand listening to you. Mr. Stephen Harper is our Prime Minister now “& still are”. Opening the door & throwing away the key is not the way to go with the refugees. Just the opposite, keep the door locked until you know who is on the other side.
commented 2015-09-15 00:38:04 -0400
Jason R, I may have been too young to vote but I clearly remember the anger everyone had about the GST, the bumper stickers that said Greedy Selfish Tories handed out generously by Liberal Party campaigners and Cretien promising Canadians that if elected he would repeal the GST.
In 1997 under Brian Tobin and the Newfoundland Liberals became the first province to harmonize the sales tax.
Fact is Cretien did not repeal the GST as promised and the provinces that have harmonized the sales tax have all done so under Liberal governments.
commented 2015-09-14 22:20:59 -0400
Darcey. I don’t ever remember Chretien beating that crook Mulroney – do love those Airbuses though- but he sure spanked Kim Campbell who got caught playing partisan games and pissed off the electorate. I think the conservatives were decimated in that elections but I would check my facts first before making unfounded and baseless comments on things like the hat et al. Clearly you are ill informed.