November 14, 2016

Delusional “anti-fascists” bring anti-Trump protests to streets of Vancouver

Rebel Staff

By now you’ve seen scenes of protests and rioting in cities across the United States since Donald Trump was elected president, but what if I told you anti-Trump protests made it to the streets of Vancouver over the Remembrance Day weekend?

This may not surprise those who know Vancouver as the protest capital of Canada with its many well-funded, well-oiled social justice advocates.

And with the nearly completed Trump International Hotel and Tower in Downtown Vancouver, social justice warriors had an easy target.

Watch as I share what I saw when I went down to the protest outside the tower where there were about 200 people with anti-Trump signs, a Mexican flag, and the usual chants of “love Trumps hate”, as well as the more vulgar "F**k Donald Trump."

Yeah, nothing original this side of the border, but it's still interesting to watch the delusional people.

Between Vancouver Antifa and the Council of Canadians, it's clear the protest was heavily organized and well funded to get the numbers out.

Just as in the US, many of the protests are being funded and organized by very experienced people, who bring out all the 200 or 250 usual suspects to every protest under the sun.

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commented 2016-11-15 03:41:48 -0500
It might surprise these people to discover that they are actually war-mongers, supporters of Obama/Clinton’s war machine. But then again, maybe they know this already.
commented 2016-11-15 03:04:36 -0500
The Diaper Brigade is having trouble accepting reality.
commented 2016-11-14 23:52:20 -0500
Moderate Retardarian, sounds like you are having a hard time accepting your new President of the United States of America…..Mr. Donald Trump.


And he won thanks to morons like you and these complete idiots protesting. Pat yourselves on the back for saving North America.

These leftys are nothing but a bunch of wimps.
commented 2016-11-14 23:07:24 -0500
There’s another protest in Toronto on Sunday, Nov. 19.
I guess this is how many of these drop outs get paid.
commented 2016-11-14 23:05:54 -0500
Obama held a live press conference today and answered questions on his views of Donald Trump.
He had every opportunity to address the rioting and tell them to stop (the same way Trump, while on 60 Minutes, told his supporters to ‘stop’), but Obama didn’t say boo.
Hillary Clinton has not voiced her disapproval of the protesting.
Justin Trudeau has not voiced his disapproval of the protesting.

Donald Trump is the only sensible one there. Don’t any of these others know how to say ‘stop’? I guess they can’t since they basically work for George Soros.
commented 2016-11-14 23:01:16 -0500
I’d like to call these people the “alt-left”.. but they aren’t, they are the regular nutty left.
commented 2016-11-14 22:37:59 -0500
Centrist despite your ignorance i would not assume to use you as a measuring stick for the libertarian party, and i am pretty sure they would be damn glad about that.
commented 2016-11-14 22:36:22 -0500
How can people this dumb keep acting dumber?
commented 2016-11-14 21:28:32 -0500
Are these all the brats that are still living in mom and dad’s basement? They need to get out into real world and pay their own bills. It won’t be long before they turn conservative, when they see what that idiot Trudeau has planned for their futures.
commented 2016-11-14 21:00:51 -0500
And not one of them knows that the building is not owned by President Trump, it only has his name on it, a financial arrangement. What a pack of Gordos.
commented 2016-11-14 20:54:00 -0500
Kevin Emsley, do you have any idea what is going on in the world ? Important stuff. Stuff all these lies and subterfuge are meant to disguise. Read some history. Get an original thought. Stop believing everything you hear from your echo chamber and do some bloody research. If you can’t do that, your mother raised a fool.
commented 2016-11-14 20:47:42 -0500
I find it really disturbing. Mix the inability to to inform themselves, with the misinformation rammed down their throats by the professional Marxists in the form of professors and paid off politicians and you get this. The wolf is no longer at the door, he’s broken his way in. We’ve been complacent. These kids are being told they are fighting against fascism, by the central global body behind all this. Ironic or what. They are fighting against what they are fighting against, talk about chasing your tail.
commented 2016-11-14 20:47:28 -0500
I think think …..Ezra that the Counsel of Canadian just lost one of its valuable members.ME!
commented 2016-11-14 20:41:39 -0500
I always laugh when I see left wing people calling the right wing fascist. They know nothing of history, that fascism is a left wing movement centered on government control of almost everything and suppression of individual liberties and rights. Thank you Canada for a dismal education system.
commented 2016-11-14 20:13:54 -0500
Canadians should be protesting our own PM!
commented 2016-11-14 20:02:07 -0500
Mr Wilson , what would you expect from Vancouver , next to Toronto they are dumbest ,wackiest ,brain washed idiots in Canada , if cbc ,msm ,ecco nuts , suzuki or any other lefty wacko tells them it’s true , with that bunch it’s end of discussion and no room to check facts or debate , they’re a bunch of lemmings going over the cliff .
commented 2016-11-14 19:57:56 -0500
@ Moderate Libertarian – -
Go look in the mirror – you will be staring at the most dangerous & insane person in your life! Typical Libtard championing corruption, death and chaos – wow what a piece of work! If you educated yourself – you may become a genius! Ain’t it odd that a Libtard always knows what’s best for everyone else – yet is so totally naive to what’s good for themselves – that would be to keep your treasonous ways to yourself!
commented 2016-11-14 19:56:30 -0500
Moderate said, " I don’t understand why Milo (traitor to gays) …"

Curious statement to make. How is he a traitor? By being conservative?
commented 2016-11-14 19:52:28 -0500
Moderate Libertarian said, “Rebel Media and it’s fans are fake conservatives in my opinion.”

What do you consider a “true” conservative?
commented 2016-11-14 19:50:46 -0500
Moderate (Centrist) Libertarian said, " … but the fact is it’s not him who is a racist, sexist, bigot. It’s the whole Republican Party. "

“fact”?? That is a large group to apply that generalisation to. Have any links to back up you “fact”?
commented 2016-11-14 19:41:24 -0500
I wonder if any of these people actually no he is a rapist ? 9 woman came out and said he said inappropriate stuff to them .the comment about grabbing miss Americas Who ha if you were paying attention was in a lounge with a buddy (locker room Talk ) but I’m sure any of these people that have hurt feelings have never said a rude comment about any one kids time to grow up .
commented 2016-11-14 19:23:22 -0500
Life lessons are the best educators. Drop a few of these people, alone and unarmed, into Malmo Sweden for a night. They’ll likely gain a new perspective on what hate and misogyny really is, if they make it out alive, that is…
commented 2016-11-14 19:22:22 -0500
The Dems have been and always will be the party of the KKK. Every city/state Dems run is a welfare hell hole for blacks and minorities – they like it that way keeps the their voters on the Dem plantation.

Inner city and rust belt Blacks are the fallout of Dems shipping their jobs off shore.
commented 2016-11-14 19:17:46 -0500
The irony is that these so-called anti-fascists bare the hallmarks of Hitler’s brownshirts.
commented 2016-11-14 19:15:53 -0500
I see that the oxymoronic ‘Centrist Libertarian’ is now the equally oxymoronic ‘Moderate Libertarian’.

Why don’t you just go whole hog and be ‘Socialist Libertarian’? If you are going to be an oxymoron, go for broke and don’t fart around.
commented 2016-11-14 18:58:02 -0500
I still don’t get why Canada is having protests over a foreign election. If you feel so strongly, apply to emigrate to the States, do so, and then get involved with their political process. This applies to both right and left.

My concern is that we had Baby Doc throw all Canada’s eggs into Clinton’s basket where they have been scrambled. Our country, so-called, was only prepared for one outcome. Harper would have been prepared for either, and so would have Mulcair. Want to talk amateur hour with respect to this AMERICAN election…Baby Doc is it, just like Papa Doc in 1968 and 1980.

That is my concern, our government being so useless that it does not have the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. However, I am sure their will be an inquiry or something investigating how to respond to the election outcome, creating public union jobs.
commented 2016-11-14 18:57:34 -0500
I know a lot of people are happy about Trump winning but the fact is it’s not him who is a racist, sexist, bigot. It’s the whole Republican Party. Donald just runs his mouth while the G.O.P. enacts their agenda behind the scenes.

Some people fail to realize that the G.O.P. and conservatives in Canada are nothing alike. Rebel Media and it’s fans are fake conservatives in my opinion. They do not understand the true meaning of liberal or conservative nor do they appreciate the importance of social justice because they have been brainwashed by countless propaganda videos of shoutfests geared toward maligning and ridiculing true proponents of social justice whom the lunatics and crybabies do not represent.

Mike Pence is the true racist, sexist, bigot. He believes in electrocuting the gay out of children. I don’t understand why Milo (traitor to gays) yiannopoulos endorsed these dinosaurs and I guarantee they will be far worse then Bush and Chenie. They will cause economic collapse far worse then the last one. To demonstrate how little our cons and their cons have in common our cons condemn pseudoscience practices like “conversion therapy.”

The G.O.P. is dangerous, theocratic, and believes in pseudoscience no more logical then using leeches to suck out sickness put in by witches. And they are not compatible with modern times.
commented 2016-11-14 18:53:39 -0500
After a while they’ll get bored and go back to resisting normal Canadian commerce. Then it’s back to mom’s basement.
commented 2016-11-14 18:44:57 -0500
How come the LUGENPRESSERS don’t ask the kind of questions you ask

Thanks WILSON , you got guts