November 16, 2017

Democrat Lawmakers Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Donald Trump

Rebel Staff

Democrats have been talking about getting President Donald Trump impeached even before he took office. On Wednesday, they made a disturbing move towards this goal when six Democrat lawmakers introduced articles of impeachment against Trump. 

Democratic Reps. Steve Cohen of Tennessee, Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, Al Green of Texas and Adriano Espaillat of New York introduced five articles of impeachment at a press conference at the Capitol Wednesday. The articles have two more co-sponsors: Reps. Marcia Fudge of Ohio and John Yarmuth of Kentucky.

The congressmen list a number of charges against the president, including: obstruction of justice, a violation of the Constitution’s foreign emoluments clause, a violation of the Constitution’s domestic emoluments clause, undermining the federal judiciary process and undermining the press.

The articles focus primarily on Trump’s handing of the termination of former FBI Director James Comey, and potential conflicts of interest with Trump’s businesses and properties while he’s served as president.

Cohen said they are simply calling for the House to begin hearings on the articles.

“We believe that President Trump has violated the Constitution, and we’ve introduced five articles of impeachment,” Cohen, the ranking member of the House Judiciary subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice, said Wednesday.

The Tennessee congressman also said there are at least “a dozen other members who are close” to joining them in calling for Trump’s impeachment.

The level of disdain Democrat lawmakers have for Trump is truly pathetic. Over the past year, Democrats have shown that they care more about taking down Trump than they do about actually helping the American people

Democrats showed this when they blocked the Obamacare repeal effort even though it's clearly failing the American people. Premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed and insurers have been fleeing the market because of Obamacare, yet Democrats still voted against the repeal just because they did not want to see Trump and his fellow Republicans win. 

The Democratic Party doesn't even bother having an actual platform of uplifting ideas that will unify our country anymore. Instead, their sole goal is the destruction of Trump, even if the wellbeing of the majority of Americans is destroyed as well. 

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commented 2017-11-17 18:42:58 -0500
More pure projection from the Trump derangement sufferers. Every single one of their charges apply fully to the Clintons. Bring on the investigations.
commented 2017-11-17 04:48:31 -0500
Actually, I see this as a welcome “put up or shut up” moment… Go for it and then be put in the deep bin of ensuing history for the next eight years and more…
commented 2017-11-17 04:44:36 -0500
And notably, crazy lady Maxine Waters, was not part of this package in spite of her constant rants to “Impeach 45”… Is the old sin of “pride” starting to rear its ugly head at the most fundamental level of of US politics?…
commented 2017-11-16 16:18:01 -0500
The Democrats and their Hollywood celebrity/MSM elites will never accept the fact that they lost the election, the democratic process be damned. They are simply entitled to run the country, much like JT and his Liberals in Canada.
commented 2017-11-16 16:05:53 -0500
Rick, I think that’s a fair statement. The swamp is reactionary, and, vindictive!
commented 2017-11-16 16:02:06 -0500
Follow the money. Who is behind this? A last ditch effort to save Obama and Killary from the Uranium One travesty?
commented 2017-11-16 15:19:39 -0500
I’m surprised that James Comey lasted as long as he did. Weren’t the Dems demanding his firing? Now that they are not in charge they are whining that he is gone. Jackasses.

The rest is just about impossible to prove. Regardless, unless they suddenly have a majority this has little chance of going anywhere other than to waste time.

Time for Trump to fire across their bow and select a special prosecutor into “L’affaire Clinton”. Get them backing up and running for cover. After all, she was their choice for president. She and Billy are used to special investigators looking into their dealings. Too bad they didn’t learn from the experience.

What about the Clinton lying to congress? Destroying evidence? Violation of the Secrets Act? The list goes on…

While at it, go back to Benghazi, and Fast and Furious, too, along with a lot of other small things only made small by the press – which acts less as the fifth estate but more as a fifth column.
commented 2017-11-16 12:09:41 -0500
What a bunch of lying clowns!!!!!
commented 2017-11-16 10:25:30 -0500
George Soros should be stopped from creating the divisiveness in the US like his Black Lives Matter game.
commented 2017-11-16 08:49:34 -0500