September 27, 2017

Democrats make pro sports submit to anti-American counter-culture

Rebel Staff

On last night’s show, I discussed the championship NBA team’s star player, Stephen Curry, telling a press conference he didn’t want to follow the tradition of going to the White House even before Donald Trump issued an invitation. 

So what would you do if some spoiled millionaire said he didn’t want an invitation to your house? If you had any self-respect, you’d disinvite such an ingrate, and that’s what Trump did.

Later, Trump warmed to his theme at a rally in Alabama, slamming those NFL players who “take a knee” instead of standing for the national anthem.

Colin Kaepernick started this weird and incoherent way of protesting, and while I’m all for protests and free speech, since when do you do that at work instead of on your own time?

It seems the Democrats want to make professional sports submit to their anti-American counter-culture, which was Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategy of shaming, scolding and irritating people.

Remember how that worked out?

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