May 11, 2018

Derek Fildebrandt: Jason Kenney imposes "Trudeau-style gender quotas" on the UCP

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, Alberta MLA Derek Fildebrandt joined me to discuss his concerns with Jason Kenney's leadership of the United Conservative Party.

When Notley's NDP voted to implement a "safe space" zone around abortion clinics, where pro-life protests are forbidden, Fildebrandt was the only conservative who remained in opposition after Kenney forced his UCP MLAs to leave the legislature and avoid a controversial vote.

Fildebrant claims that when he tried to run for the UCP nomination in a riding with a female UCP incumbent, his nomination was blocked by Kenney because he didn't like the optics of a "bearded, blonde, redneck" defeating one of their only female MLAs. 

Fildebrandt described this as a "Trudeau-style gender quota".

CLICK HERE to see my full interview with Derek Fildebrandt from last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show. 

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commented 2018-05-15 10:46:38 -0400
Sorry, Drive-By. I thought you were again doing a drive by with no supporting evidence, My mistake. Those problems are the……what did Ralph Kline call them again??? O,yeah, eastern creeps and bums making their way west to take adavantage of the Alberta advantage. They are mostly are lefties and they should go back to left wing nirvana when the west separates.

But that is a hard problem to fix without a deportation order and something akin to a political orthodoxy hearing. That would be too much like life under the the Trudeau attestations. They might have to find a work around solution. Maybe a pledge of allegiance of some kind.
Of course Alberta can’t survive on their own. I am DARING them to leave if they don’t like how things are – knowing full well that they can’t survive and won’t leave.

BUT YOU STILL HAVEN’T GIVEN A REASON WHY THEY CANNOT SURVIVE ON THEIR OWN. When do you intend to provide that reason? My reading skills and comprehension are fine having studied hermeneutics and textual criticism. I am waiting for a text to evaluate but you just keep parroting the same empty opinions. Substance, please.

When the Americans declared independence how long did it take them to do so? It didn’t happen as soon as the Mayflower landed on Plymouth Rock. Alberta has only been in confederation since 1905. They feel a certain loyalty and affinity to Canada but everyone has their breaking point. That point will come if the colonial overlords don’t smarten up.

i now that with every day of Trudeaus smarmy pronouncements and treachery I feel less connected to the ROC. But it is big step and is not to be taken lightly. Give them time.
commented 2018-05-14 23:22:28 -0400
JACK CARTER commented 4 hours ago
Allan Peterson,

It’s only confusing to you because you can’t comprehend what you are reading. There is no flip flop.

It nit really confusing I am being sarcastic because you ARE flip- flopping. My reading comprehension is A-OK. You say on one hand that it would impossible (!) for Alberta to leave indicating financial considerations. Once I showed the fallacy of that you just say it is impossible for no stated reason. Just that god-like opinion of yours. The you say the if Alberta dose’ like gland handing of Ontario and Quebec they should leave. But you already said it is impossible.

SO you see my reading comprehension is fine. Your reasoning is faulty.

And notice I didn’t have to use vulgar put downs to get the message across. My writing comprehension is just fine, too.
commented 2018-05-14 23:17:07 -0400
JACK CARTER commented 4 hours ago
Allan Peterson,

It’s 2018 – if Alberta hasn’t been able to fix their problems from the1980’s and 1990’s, then they sure as shit won’t be able to survive on their own.

Drive-By-Jack, what might those problems be? You are always a little scanty with the details for your arguments.But you sure do a good drive by, I have to admit.
commented 2018-05-14 23:15:12 -0400
And ontariowe and the ROC is?
commented 2018-05-14 18:39:05 -0400
O Divne Voice of Ontario I will gladly move back to Alberta if they separate. Gotta lotta draining to do there, too, though. The leftist invasion of the 80’s and 90’s has deepened the swamp substantially.
commented 2018-05-14 18:36:52 -0400
JACK CARTER commented 1 hour ago
Allan Peterson,

Good for Ontario and Quebec. Don’t like it Alberta – LEAVE!
But,,but.. but.. You said it would be impossible for Alberta to leave. They wouldn’t be able to survive with the billions of dollars a year from their resources that they would no longer have to give to lazy lout Ontario and Quebec who can’t manage to manage their resources. Why the flip-flop? It’s all so confusing to try to figure you out.

Guess I’m going to have to break out all vulgar and obscene . You are triggering my vulgarity here.
commented 2018-05-14 18:30:54 -0400
JACK CARTER commented 1 hour ago
Allan Peterson,

Besides, Doug Ford has said that he is going to find billions of dollars in savings in Ontario and put the province in the black, so it looks like Ontario is saved.

Whew! THat’s relief. I guess Ontariowe won’t be needing those transfer payments no mo. That will be relief to Alberta and Saskatchewan and NFLD. No more Welfare cheques from the colonies.
commented 2018-05-14 16:06:51 -0400
Here’s another fact that raises the ire of Albertans. This Welfare program from the colonies is enshrined oil the constitution so it will never change. Ontariowe will be sucking on Alberta’s tit for eternity unless Alberta wises up.

This year Ontariowe is online for $963 million. Quebec for $11,732 million. But I’m sure TO’s tourism could make up that short fall.
commented 2018-05-14 15:59:14 -0400
JACK CARTER commented 1 hour ago
Allan Peterson,

You are not making any sense. If Ontario has been taking money from Alberta, then Alberta are suckers and that’s not my problem – which is reinforced by the empty threats that they will separate.

No province or state could survive without the rest of Canada or America. Nothing more needs to be explained. This is why the threats of separation never become reality – be it Quebec, Texas or now Alberta.

It’s really hard to be civil when you are constantly dealing with clueless morons. It can be frustrating. If Alberta are so convinced that they can survive on their own, then what the fuck are you waiting for?

Nothing more needs to be said. Shit or get off the pot.
For starter Drive-By-Jack, I don’t live in Alberta.

“IF” Ontario has been taking money…" Then I guess you’ve never heard of the Transfer payment scheme wherein the useless eastern louts receive money from the Colonies?

“When economists say Alberta has been Canada’s key engine of growth in recent decades, that’s really what they mean. Without Alberta’s energy wealth, this country would have been a fiscal basket case long ago. Now that Alberta’s oil-fired economy is also struggling, Canada is heading for the fiscal swamp.

So just how much money has flowed out of Alberta to Ottawa? A lot. Between 2000 and 2014, on a net basis, Alberta’s individual and corporate taxpayers shipped an estimated $200 billion-plus to the federal government. "

From Edmonton Journal:

No province or state could survive without the rest of Canada or America.

You keep parroting this to us but you still give no proof for it. I guess we are supposed to bow to your god complex- the voice a god and not of man, etc.

It’s really hard to be civil when you are constantly dealing with clueless morons. It can be frustrating.
What you really mean is that its frustrating when people won’t accept your evidence-less opinion without question and treat you like the divinely inspired sage that you think you are. Why is it I can deal with a goof like you without getting vulgar and obscene?

It really sucks when your self declared divinity is ignored. But you’ll have to get used to it if you want to sit at the adult’s table.
commented 2018-05-14 02:06:04 -0400
What does Jack’s say to his mother on Mother’s Day…?? “Pass the pipe mom”
commented 2018-05-14 01:21:17 -0400
Oh. I forgot to mention. Drive-By-Jack is back to A+B.
commented 2018-05-14 01:20:15 -0400
JACK CARTER commented 3 hours ago
Allan Peterson,

Deliver on your threats Alberta or shut the fuck up you pussies.

Says the one who has been suckled on Alberta’s hard work and resources for decades.

You still have not shown why Alberta couldn’t make a go of it on it’s own. Just more of your divine decrees. Enough with the opinions. Evidence please!

You can always tell when you are correct because Drive-By-Jack’s civil demeanour drops and he starts to get crude vulgar and starts name calling. Stand by for another name change.
commented 2018-05-13 19:16:49 -0400
>==::;;;)))•< ~~J
Where are you jagoff.??? Lol
commented 2018-05-13 16:28:43 -0400
JACK CARTER commented 3 hours ago
Allan Peterson,

When was I proven wrong? Did Alberta separate and no one told me?
________________________________________________________________________________ You started by saying Alberta and the west could not survive economically. When I pointed out that it was the ROC that was living large on transfer payments from Alberta and that their debt was too high to survive without the colonies of the changed the topic to Alberta is never going to separate because they are all gutless.

Now we get more of your divine assurances that it just ain’t going to happen with no reason given.

So that forces me to say again,

The voice of a God and not of a man.
The voice of a God and not of a man.
The voice of a God and not of a man.
commented 2018-05-13 13:21:57 -0400
Derek would make a tremendous leader to pull the western provinces away from confederation and let the country heal from the wounds that eastern Canadian has inflicted on it for countless generations without even a thank you for the money . The winds of change are already blowing .
commented 2018-05-13 11:03:01 -0400
JACK CARTER commented 11 hours ago
Allan Peterson,

Everything you are saying is completely pointless and moot. Alberta doesn’t have the balls to separate – you are essentially crying wolf. We don’t even care anymore about your threats to separate, because we can see right through it and know it’s bullshit.

You need to get your head out of the Toronto bubble and spend some time in Alberta. Frustration and anger are building. Funny how when you are proven wrong you change the issue to a different one mid stream. You start with issue “A”. Then you you include issue “B”- “AB”. Then you drop issue “A” and continue with issue “B”. Over and over again.

I think you are hoping the west doesn’t separate because you know the ROC would be screwed. The West can’t be the East’s handmaid forever.
commented 2018-05-13 01:00:26 -0400
No you won’t… You decide nothing..!! I will decide if/when we ever talk again or when we stop talking not you !! I was having fun…!! I left on the upside…!! And really… you’re lucky if I ever talk to you again because I don’t have to..
good night jagoff.!!
Here comes reality… Brace for landing..!
commented 2018-05-12 23:45:02 -0400
And the award for mathematics as well as political science and journalism goes to ( drumroll please ) wait for it ….. wait for it …. Anybody but jagoff Jack Carter .. thank you ladies and gentlemen it’s been a wonderful evening but good night .
commented 2018-05-12 23:36:34 -0400
And the award for brand new material and outstanding originality goes to…

( drumroll ) wait for it.. wait for it…. Jagoff Jack Carter.
Go and collect your award ..
commented 2018-05-12 23:36:33 -0400
They are many way to make money. I am quite sure the East won’t just lie down and die if Alberta separates..

As in they will have to carry their own bagage and make their own money if they remember how. Ontariowe is screwed already even with the welfare from the colonies.The highest non-sovereign dent in the world- $312 Billion and counting.

It would be delightful to watch all the antifa urbo-weenies have to actually get a job instead of sucking on Alberta funded government handouts.

“The debt is larger than the GDP of 75 per cent of the world’s countries
Ontario has the country’s largest community of Jamaican-Canadians. If Jamaica donated its entire 2017 GDP towards paying off Ontario’s debt, they would only manage to cover six per cent of the total. Of the world’s 200 or so countries, in fact, that vast majority of them — 146 — have an annual GDP that is smaller than what Ontario owes. This list includes New Zealand, Portugal, Ukraine, Kenya and Romania…

…Ontario’s bonded debt (debt issued in the form of bonds) outstripped even that of California, the most indebted U.S. state. At the time, Ontario had $267.5 billion in bonded debt compared to the then-equivalent of CDN$159 billion held by California."

National Post

It appears your PM/Economist has you convinced that the budget will take of itself.

Have fun with that.

What a Billion Dollars looks like:

I’m sure that tourism will pay that off in no time.
commented 2018-05-12 23:34:03 -0400
You couldn’t mock a bird jagoff ..
commented 2018-05-12 23:33:11 -0400
I was right.!!!! The only thing that’s more outstanding then your originality is your flat face and your tranny boyfriends flat chest.. but not as flat as your wallet after a gay pride parade… hahahahahahaha
commented 2018-05-12 23:31:32 -0400
Hahahahhhha. More jagoff more..
I can’t wait to here yer next remark.. hahahahahahah
I’m sure it’s going to be as original as the one prior to it
commented 2018-05-12 23:27:25 -0400
Hahahahahahaha Keep it going Jack… It’s working whatever you’re doing keep it up because it’s working .!! Hahahahahahaha
commented 2018-05-12 23:26:26 -0400
Now tell me once again about my online name… I just love it.
commented 2018-05-12 23:24:53 -0400
Hahahahahahah “Pass the pipe mom”.. right jagoff..!!!
commented 2018-05-12 23:23:39 -0400
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commented 2018-05-12 23:20:43 -0400
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commented 2018-05-12 23:20:04 -0400
Mine too.
commented 2018-05-12 23:11:50 -0400
Hahahahahahahaha. And now you’re going to go on about something with my online name because it intrigues you so much ..
It’s great having an imagination that causes you to lose your grip