Derek Fildebrandt’s new political party in Alberta

On a recent episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Derek Fildebrant, Alberta MLA (Strathmore-Brooks) and Interim Leader of the Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta, joined me to explain how he plans to defeat Rachel Notley's NDP government without splitting the right-wing vote.

Derek Fildebrandt used to be a star MLA in Alberta. But last year he left the United Conservative Party over a dispute with Jason Kenney. 

Now Fildebrandt is starting a new party, called the Freedom Conservative Party. 

What’s going on? What does it stand for? Is it anything bigger than Fildebrandt’s personal project?

Will it divide conservatives in Alberta, so soon after they’ve been united? Or could it help stop the leftward slide of Kenney’s UCP?

I interviewed Fildebrandt this week and asked him these questions and more.

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