July 19, 2016

Despite Premier Wynne’s “weasel words” on growing economy, Ontario remains on path to Greece

Brian LilleyArchive

The day after Premier Wynne was bragging about Ontario’s economy growing at an exponential rate that had her claiming she’d be able to pay off the deficit next year, more bad news came from the non-partisan Financial Accountability Office.

Watch as I give you the bad news that Kathleen Wynne continues to ignore and remember, Ontario is already the most indebted sub-sovereign state in the world.

Bottom line, those balanced budgets Wynne was bragging about won’t last and the only thing that will save Ontario is a leader that has the discipline to reign in spending.

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commented 2016-07-21 01:18:14 -0400
Michael Mann.. Ahem…Since you are evidently set on denigrating posters on The Rebel for faulty English – as per your comments to Mike Piesse – to wit:- “The West hate Toronto and everyone know this”…. Since the correct grammar is “knows this” not “know this”, you are the “fucking retard”, yes??…
commented 2016-07-20 21:02:20 -0400

You can’t even spell insults properly and clearly don’t understand grammar – which completely makes you look like the fool.

Clearly you are a fucking retard. "

LOL So spelling mistakes makes one a “retard” (not very sensitive to the differently abled now are we. Stop being such a bigot in addition to your transphobic Michael Paul Wolscht IS a six year old snow plow driving tranny who was married for 23 years with kids no matter what you hatefully (and VERY reluctantly) say!)

Well, the spelling Nazi, Pastor Dr. Schwartz Mann has spoken without error:

“Michael Mann commented 4 hours ago

Nice downplaying there Lazlo with “a bad review of Ghostbusters”. If that were actually the case, then any outrage would be understandable, but since you are in the business of literally writing bullshit for the far right crowd – that’s not the reality of what happened.

For a detailed report of reality – facts are presented here:

http://www.vox.com/2016/7/20/12226070/milo-yiannopoulus-twitter-ban-explained "


Um, pardon my non-retardedness, I believe it’s spelt “Laszlo”, not “Lazlo”.
commented 2016-07-20 15:22:43 -0400
I have been around a long time and maybe I am not the smartest guy on this page . But I have a good memory and what I know as fact is … Liberals are Liars and Thieves they always have been and they always will be . To the people who are to young to know this I suggest you just think for yourselves don`t worry about what the MSM has to say . Just think for yourselves and keep track of things over the next 3 years . In the end you will see that they will give you candy while they steal your gold. The MSM is nothing but a giant enabler you will not get the straight goods from them . They are bought and paid for with your tax money. YOU MUST THINK FOR YOURSELVES .
commented 2016-07-20 15:09:45 -0400
MICHAEL MANN commented 22 mins ago

The problem is that when people whine about Ontario here – what they are really referring to is the “elitists” in Toronto. The West hate Toronto and everyone know this. Do you think they care about Hamilton or London Ontario or any other area of Ontario for that matter? Fuck, no.
I, for one, live in another part of Ontario and think these policies hoisted on the rest of the province by these communists will only hurt everyone in the end. The US is lucky California is on a fault line and may eventually fall into the Pacific. We’re stuck with the liberal elites in the big smoke.
commented 2016-07-20 14:41:21 -0400

Not only am I born and raised in Toronto (with a ten year career in Manhattan during my twenties) but I also run my own business and own my own home and, therefore, am bitter myself at having organized my finances in a responsible manner only to have the government foist about 22 000 dollars worth of debt on my shoulders. Not to mention the fact that I have had to raise the price of my products just to deal with the criminal rates that I now pay for things such as hydro and natural gas.
What you got?
commented 2016-07-20 14:41:00 -0400

The problem is that when people whine about Ontario here – what they are really referring to is the “elitists” in Toronto. The West hate Toronto and everyone know this. Do you think they care about Hamilton or London Ontario or any other area of Ontario for that matter? Fuck, no.
commented 2016-07-20 13:59:32 -0400
I know Ontario is the Province and Toronto is the city . So I have that going for me. How`s the soup?
commented 2016-07-20 13:13:30 -0400

You can’t even spell insults properly and clearly don’t understand grammar – which completely makes you look like the fool.

Clearly you are a fucking retard.
commented 2016-07-20 12:57:22 -0400
Michael ..you must be from Toronto you have the decease ..Just a heads up Toronto is only a part of Ontario … Did you know you ffffn idiot , that you can live in Ontario and actually not live in the center of the universe (Toronto). ….OK we got that squared up for you , I hope that didn`t blow your tiny little brain . I will go back to just reading again but don`t worry if it look`s like your stupid is taking over again I will be around to help you get back on track . So you can go back to blowing bubbles in your soup or chasing butterflies or whatever your type of simpleton does with the confidence that I will be there to help when you need it.
commented 2016-07-20 12:30:11 -0400
How many people here actually LIVE IN TORONTO as opposed to being bitter people from the west?
commented 2016-07-20 12:29:19 -0400
“Weasel words”, wouldn’t that be what you would expect from a weasel?
commented 2016-07-20 11:59:21 -0400
I took a closer look at that picture of Wynne. I’m now beginning to understand why there are gay men on the planet.

DJBT,STPC and the 2 witches
commented 2016-07-20 10:39:51 -0400
Michael Mann

Either Twain or Disraeli said: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

And now we have liberal lies . . . another category but still a lie.

Then you have the Mann Lies, these are not to be believed at all since he regurgitates the liberal lying platform. He knows better but he himself has been duped into believing the biggest lie of all and that is that the Liberals are good for this country.

commented 2016-07-20 10:34:12 -0400
I compare it to someone who is maxed out on their credit cards, has a huge mortgage and a new car loan getting a nominal raise in salary.
commented 2016-07-20 10:32:15 -0400
None of their habits have changed, they have developed no discipline, still spending wildly, living lavishly and recklessly, the only difference in their situation is a little more money offering them a bit of comfort at having that extra sum to ease their ballooning burden. They are none the wiser for it and perhaps a raise will only serve to justify more spending on their part, driving them deeper into the hole they’ve dug themselves.
We’ve seen this play out too often, mostly by celebrities who have made obscene amounts of money, only to declare bankruptcy shortly after.
commented 2016-07-20 08:59:53 -0400
the problem with debt is that it doesn’t go away, in fact, it depresses every day after you get it, charging you interest, so you don’t actually get what you bought for the price you bought it for. You pay and pay and pay, and you end up not being able to buy things cause you are always paying. Debt means, you will have less.
commented 2016-07-20 08:59:22 -0400
Philip Cross of the National Post has written an entertaining story about how Toronto has become “a monolithic, suffocating liberal swamp”. Couldn’t have said it better myself.
commented 2016-07-20 08:49:47 -0400
Until the credit runs out the Liberals and the socialist city state of Toronto will continue on their merry way, but reality is a bitch.
commented 2016-07-20 03:51:53 -0400
The pending global financial collapse will finish off Ontario for a decade.
commented 2016-07-20 02:55:28 -0400
I think that Wynne will get her job back after the next election. Patrick Brown ,if you can find him—— should just bring the Conservatives so far to the Left that it will make the NDP heads spin. He will create 300,000 new Gov’t jobs . That is a winner. He will tax the living Jesus out of all Business people. Another Winner. Free baby sitting for ALL——— Another winner. $20/hr mimimum wage—- Another Winner . No more White Cops—- another Winner A Mosque on ever street corner —-another Winner.
commented 2016-07-19 23:58:12 -0400
I wonder what job Wynne will get when she’s out of this job in the near future?
Probably with Hydro One.
commented 2016-07-19 23:25:06 -0400
I think most of us in Winniezuela would like to punch her in the face Dave Houston.
commented 2016-07-19 22:52:39 -0400
She’s destroying ontario. I have an overwhelming desire to punch her in the face everytime I see a photo of her
commented 2016-07-19 22:46:19 -0400
Is it just me or does everybody want to slap this demonic little face?
commented 2016-07-19 22:25:11 -0400
Economic growth is the private sector – the government cannot take credit for private capital expansion – the provincial management is another story with 300 billion of red ink poised to strangle any growth by offsetting it with tax increases – so essentially economic growth is not the same as prosperity – where profits stay with the companies and its workers instead of going to service massive government debt.
commented 2016-07-19 21:04:03 -0400
Is Wynne a wineo? Her nose is sure wineo red.
commented 2016-07-19 20:51:29 -0400
The bad thing about Ontario’s debt is that when it’s finally about to capsize Ontario, the feds will move in and take on their books. Leaving the rest of the country to pay it off. While Ont. goes right back to running up more. Wynne knows that, which is why she doesn’t care.
commented 2016-07-19 20:49:18 -0400
We owe 300 billion. Our interest payment is 12 billion a year. That’s 4%. Sounds great until I tell you that you could can get a 5 year mortgage for 2.45%. Prime is 2.70%.
So, an absolutely huge power broker and economic behemoth like the province of Ontario, under this broken, liberal leadership cannot broker a better rate than most of us could get tomorrow.
commented 2016-07-19 20:49:14 -0400
I see The Rebel chooses to ignore facts. The numbers don’t lie.

Ontario’s Economy Is Kicking Canada’s Ass Right Now.

TORONTO — First quarter results for 2016 show the Ontario economy growing at an annualized rate of three per cent, the highest in Canada and all G7 countries.

The province’s real gross domestic product grew by 0.8 per cent in January to March, following similar growth in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Wynne says the first quarter gains were driven by higher exports and household spending, and predicts Ontario’s economy will remain one of the fastest growing in Canada over the next two years.

The province now projects GDP growth of three per cent for 2016, higher than the 2.2 per cent that was predicted in the February budget.

She also says the Liberal government is confident the growing economy will allow it to eliminate a $5.7-billion deficit next year as promised.

The premier says she’s very encouraged by the momentum of Ontario’s growth, especially with so many uncertainties in the global economy.

Wynne says stronger than expected economic growth means more jobs, and points out Ontario’s unemployment rate fell to 6.4 per cent in June, the lowest since 2008.
commented 2016-07-19 20:38:53 -0400
Poor Wynne, It looks so uncomfortable in a dress, and not a Cucumber in sight.