March 12, 2016

Despite thousands protesting Merkel, no change in migrant policy

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Live in Germany now, massive protests against Chancellor Angela Merkel due to her destructive policies of mass imigration

Live feed of protests of thousands in Germany now

Despite this, Merkel will not change the policy

From ABC:

Germany's vice chancellor is making clear that likely gains for a nationalist party in state elections on Sunday won't change his government's stance on migrants. [...] Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said after meeting fellow center-left European leaders in Paris on Saturday that a large majority of voters will choose "democratic parties" and that "we shouldn't start to panic."

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commented 2016-03-14 15:38:07 -0400
Merkel is like a kamikaze pilot or a suicide bomber, she is going to do this and she just doesn’t care how her country feels about it, or what happens to herself. Her resolve is rock solid, and there will only be one way to save what’s left of Germany.
commented 2016-03-13 19:43:00 -0400
“Despite thousands protesting…” Should Angela Merkel allow her policies to be changed by angry mobs?
commented 2016-03-13 15:18:22 -0400
I heard Trudeau and his team are planning to bring in another 300,000 migrants in 1 year. They said first in our history, to speed up the destruction of the west and i also heard same for the U.S. We will be another sweden or germany with 50% muslim and it will be complete takeover
commented 2016-03-12 15:58:19 -0500
Merkel has a lot of friends in the UN, She is part of their agenda to eliminate Christians and Jews. The same could be said about most of the Western Leaders, including Trudeau.

Sky News UK, last Thursday reported, Justin Trudeau is paying Migrants $200,000 per year, per family, plus Medical and Dental costs.

Thank You Master Trudeau, You will go the same way as Merkel and I will spit on your grave.
commented 2016-03-12 14:59:41 -0500
looks like Merkel is going to finish what Hitler started by finishing off the jews in Germany via the mooslum scum she is importing.
and the idiots compare trump to Hitler when they have the real deal in power in Germany right now.
commented 2016-03-12 14:46:39 -0500
Should Chancellor Merkel allow mobs to influence he government’s policies? It is a fair question. Sometimes a mob has a valid point and they just want to be heard. In the United States mobs at Donald Trump rallies are a headline-getting spectacle, much more interesting than any speech Trump could give.
commented 2016-03-12 13:26:56 -0500
Violence is increasing

Someone might take merkel out at this rate.
commented 2016-03-12 13:21:15 -0500
Hyacinth….You’re right, the vast majority of Canadians are oblivious to the refugee issues. I email many of the videos to friends, relatives & do I ever get a response, noooooo 99% of the time as most of them although many of them might agree, they think that by being politically correct & not criticizing anything that everything will vanish into thin air. As my nephew responded, one of the few, he talks to a lot of people who all say they hate Trudeau yet he managed to squirm himself into getting elected. This is very typical of our society who are content to go along with the flow & even apologize for fear we might, God forbid stand up for our rights & demand justice from our politicians which will be never coming from this Liberal bunch of wimps which is our (farce) gov’t. “Only” 3+ more yrs to go of this lefty nonsense garbage.
commented 2016-03-12 13:09:38 -0500
Merkel the turtle is going to lose the election on Sunday the next election she’s going to lose her job The German people should demand she spend the rest of her life with her friends in ISSIS Let her find out the religion of peace.
commented 2016-03-12 12:33:45 -0500
“When will Canada get mad at Trudeau for the same crime ??”

Canada apparently needs to experience first hand the same displacement of its citizens to house the immigrants, experience the same financial theft (increased taxes and fees) to support these immigrants, experience the fear for themselves from similar crime waves as committed in Germany by the immigrants (rapes, assaults, gang mentality, and so on). Until then the vast majority of Canadians will continue to live their life oblivious to what is happening around them and to Canada.
commented 2016-03-12 11:48:51 -0500
Merkel & the Swedish Prime Minister do not have much time left as the people are finally mad at them for destroying their Countries. When will Canada get mad at Trudeau for the same crime ??