July 25, 2016

Di Caprio’s hypocrisy: Eco-activist jets to France to fundraise for climate change

Brian LilleyArchive

Everyone’s favourite eco-activist is at it again saying one thing and doing another, in spectacular style of course. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Leonardo Di Caprio.

He’s famous for his environmental views and is given a pulpit from which to preach to the rest of us but then he lives his life exactly opposite to what he preaches to the little people.

Watch as I catalogue some of the more outrageous behaviour that completely refutes his “holier than thou” climate change pronouncements.

Leonardo would like us to ignore his bad record but I think it’s really important that we don’t.

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commented 2016-07-28 22:40:20 -0400
Hey Leo if you have something to say put up your hand and put it over your mouth.Then take the silver spoon out of your ass.Like you really give a shit.You and Goonie make a good pair of dumb asses.
commented 2016-07-27 02:21:51 -0400
Oh gods, stop, stop, bwahahahahaah he is so stupid, my ribs can’t take all the laughing!
commented 2016-07-26 19:24:24 -0400
what a joke who listens to this clown?
commented 2016-07-26 12:00:46 -0400
Hey Lennie;
a warm dry wind that blows down the east side of the Rocky Mountains at the end of winter.

This is NOT man-made global warming…
commented 2016-07-26 11:26:17 -0400
It would be very informative if there were a website that simply tracked these celebrity morons and all the chartered flights they book, plus the various other toys that use gas, empty mansions that have lighting and security systems, and ac plus heating, spewing pollutants and adding to their personal carbon footprints were published… Little things like the traffic patterns and pollution created by all the cars that need to deliver their brainless fans to sold out concerts and carbon taxing them as part of their concert profits might not be a bad way to repay them for their hypocritical views… if they are really serious about contributing rather then looking for a gigantic tax write off from “charity” events that I’m sure are declared on their personal and business tax returns, I don’t think they could posibly complain… actually perhaps changing that “Charity” claim so if it’s actually submitted in tax returns should trigger a personal carbon tax tax on their tax returns… That should shut them up really quick.
commented 2016-07-26 11:07:32 -0400
As long as stupid people keep listening, journalists keep these people in the news, the DiCaprios, the Fondas, the Sarendens etc, will keep lying, will keep preaching to the sheeple while continuing with their millionaire lifestyle. These people are dumber than a bag of nails, but their soap box garbage keeps them in the headlines which feeds their altar ego.
commented 2016-07-26 03:40:09 -0400
Now don’t you wish Di Caprio’s forebearers really had been aboard the Titanic?…
commented 2016-07-26 02:47:56 -0400
Another hollywood closet homosexual – no wonder they always report this ass clown dating yet another air-head model.

Gotta keep that image in check.

Right KY-Leo???
commented 2016-07-26 02:03:28 -0400
He’s the perfect example of what people with way too much money and absolutely no intelligence do. And they tend to be found in pairs, Paris Hilton was present. Sometimes at these functions you’ll see other pairs, like a Neil Young and a Jane Fonda or a David Suzuki. Suzuki counts as a pair, as he’s like a Doctor and a Hyde.
commented 2016-07-26 02:00:57 -0400
So tired of these self important flakes, who think demanding the rest of us go without will atone for their largess of climate sins.
commented 2016-07-25 23:27:15 -0400
Same for Mariah and Paris Hilton who has never earned a dollar in her life. They all tell the people who made them rich that they’re not good enough to live like them
commented 2016-07-25 23:19:27 -0400
He had to fly to France to raise $1 million when he could have stayed home and cut a check.
commented 2016-07-25 23:13:43 -0400
Leo needs to use a Glider. How far it gets him should be where he pontificates.
He should know how to fly….he was Howard Hughes, for gosh sakes.
commented 2016-07-25 22:55:48 -0400
The guy is a complete idiot, I hope his plane crashes on the way back to his mansion in Beverly Hills.
commented 2016-07-25 21:25:36 -0400
Leo should fly back to Calgary and give us another lecture SAP.
Here we are, last week of July, and the snow has ALREADY melted. It’s absolutely FRIGHTENING!!!!!!!!!
commented 2016-07-25 21:15:54 -0400
It is all about ego and money – nothing more.
commented 2016-07-25 20:52:21 -0400
He has never been the sharpest knife in a drawer of forks. He has never been the brightest light bulb in a box of Christmas tree balls. He has never been the sharpest pencil in a box of pens. But the question remains, “Why do people listen to him?”
commented 2016-07-25 20:13:27 -0400
Too bad he was not out for a walk in Nice a while back.
commented 2016-07-25 20:03:41 -0400
Is he showing us how big he is?
He is looking awfully sweaty and plump these days. Maybe the greasy look is in. I wonder if he realizes how may people he has alienated. He won’t be employable in Hollywood pretty soon if no one goes to see his stupid movies. Same with the rest of those hollywood types. I just wish some more would speak up in the name of sanity, where are those actors?
commented 2016-07-25 19:00:06 -0400
His exhaust don’t stink.
commented 2016-07-25 18:59:37 -0400
Only the King doesn’t have to wipe his own ass!
commented 2016-07-25 18:55:12 -0400
Is being a Sanctimonious Idiot a human trait that is Exclusive to Liberals ?
Just look at Justin and Kathleen and Rachel—- they are all going to save the Planet by taxing Poor People. Di Caprio spews out more CO2 in day that a poor person will in a lifetime , but, that is OK. He is Rich and a Celebrity. Sort of like Justin.
commented 2016-07-25 18:39:28 -0400
I can’t wait to read the comments of the Rebel Climate Change Promotion Department to issue a formal statement supporting Lenny Duh Caprio and his latest efforts to battle that dreaded carbon induced global warming. Who is going to show up this week to support Lenny? Any volunteers??
commented 2016-07-25 18:37:58 -0400
Maybe Ol’ Leo flew in the solar plane the BBC has been tracking for about a year as it goes around the world, always landing just before sunset.

Also, if Ol’ Leo loves S. France, maybe his good muslim buds can show him what they think. Sadly, unlike average joe French person, he has well armed security.
commented 2016-07-25 18:32:49 -0400
On his way to France huh? Does ISIS know that this sad sack of infidel protoplasm is coming onto their turf?
commented 2016-07-25 18:28:09 -0400

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