April 11, 2018

Diamond and Silk: Facebook violated our civil rights

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, Diamond and Silk joined me to discuss their censorship by Facebook, who told them they're "unsafe to the community".

Diamond and Silk describe themselves as "two Black chicks down with politics" who love their President and their country, making them prime targets in Facebook's crackdown on conservatives.

WATCH my interview to see how censorship impacted their Facebook page and why they believe their civil rights have been violated.

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commented 2018-04-13 19:45:11 -0400
Facebook is run by one of the world’s foremost communists/globalists/fascists/socialists (choose your “ist” – there is very little daylight between them). I’m on a few groups on there, when someone posts something people just tend to agree like a collective of single-minded Borg or something, if you dare to exhibit independent thought they will get ugly for your disagreeing with them. Seems totally par for the course that these ladies would face repercussions for disagreeing with their socialistic leanings.
commented 2018-04-13 18:48:24 -0400
I am being evicted from Burbank heights low-income apartment. I suspect because I support Israel and I am Jewish. Can anyone help? Robin 650-631-9270
commented 2018-04-12 02:06:22 -0400
“Sugar Mountain’s” blank blink performance in front of Congress over two days has to rewarded somehow… Perhaps a new category at the Oscars next year??… At any rate, he’s not stupid and that should have put him “on notice” that it’s not going to be business as usual at Facebook in the coming months…
commented 2018-04-12 01:34:30 -0400
Would love to see them in the ring with Zuckerberg and seeing him cry like a baby.
commented 2018-04-11 20:55:04 -0400
Great to see Diamond and Silk on the show, Ezra!
commented 2018-04-11 19:06:13 -0400
Found it really entertaining watching Zuckerberg trying to blink like a human, while being questioned by Congress. Most reptiles including Lizards blink right to left. Ha ha ha. Must be visiting Infowars too much. Alex Jones has me wearing a tin foil hat….better than a pink pussy face.
commented 2018-04-11 17:22:36 -0400
When Zuckerberg was questioned multiple times about Diamond & Silk he had no answer aside from ‘it was a mistake.’ When questioned about fakebook removing a photo of a cross at Easter, he had no answer aside from ‘it was a mistake.’ When questioned about why a guy who is running for office who is pro-life, pro-second amendment and stated his views on fakebook was censored, it was because of a ‘mistake.’ How many times has he had to apologize for ‘mistakes.’

When questioned as to why he did not report the data problem to the FTC, he said it was a ‘mistake.’ That they should have and just didn’t do it, or didn’t think they had to do it.

When questioned about why illegal drug stores are advertising opioids on fakebook, he said it’s up to users to report those ads to have them removed. They can track everyone’s every move but there’s no way he can find out who’s advertising and have those ads removed? He has 27,000 people working there and no one is responsible for this kind of advertising content? B.S!!!

The guy really has no clue what’s going on at fakebook, didn’t have answers to many questions and really could care less about any existing laws that have been broken. That is my impression from listening to him and watching him at these hearings.
commented 2018-04-11 14:54:19 -0400
Classy ladies, not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, and speak the truth.
commented 2018-04-11 13:36:41 -0400
… Great work to get Diamond and Silk!
commented 2018-04-11 12:19:41 -0400
I hope Diamond and Silk come to the rebel often.