November 11, 2015

Did Liberals use Remembrance Day to collect more email addresses?

Brian LilleyArchive

When it comes to honouring our Veterans on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour, politicians are pretty good at putting aside partisan politics to focus on the meaning of the day and show their respect.

But I was dismayed to receive an email from the Minister of Veterans Affairs and the Liberal Party of Canada that appeared to be taking advantage of the holiday as a way to collect email addresses.

As business people or political partisans, we can all understand the usefulness of data mining but I think we can all agree that Remembrance Day is a day that should never be used for such crass purposes.


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commented 2015-11-13 07:21:42 -0500
You have more than proven my point Jay. You have done this on every single article that you post on and are attempting to so again on this one. You should be ashamed of yourself, but knowing your type you are probably very proud of yourself thinking you are ever so clever.

To quote Theo “… the leftist tactic of accusing every opponent of racism having grown tired from overuse, they instead denounce those who disrupt sandbox play as furious and unhinged."

If you want to be taken seriously Jay then stop trying to destroy every single thread that you post on.
commented 2015-11-13 01:52:12 -0500
Hyacinth, I was hurt that you and some others seemed deliberately anti-God. You know that scripture is the living Word of God. Why ask me to provide quotations?
Ask yourself what scripture supports you, and quote it if you like.
You also asked about the “universal franchise”. That would mean that in a country like Canada all people were entitled to vote in an election. All men and all women, only over a certain age, citizens of the country.
commented 2015-11-12 21:51:06 -0500
Sean Penson. What a totally shallow comment. Let’s judge the leader of the country and his wife on how expensive their outfits are. You’re done here, you can go back to TMZ now.
commented 2015-11-12 13:55:01 -0500
And these same hypocritical Liberals jumped all over an MP because she sent birthday cards, etc. to her constituents!
commented 2015-11-12 13:10:42 -0500
You’re right Peter, he did. Maybe it’s the same one covered with felt. Lol
commented 2015-11-12 11:45:34 -0500
While browsing the Internet about foreign opinions of Justin, it is frightening to see how many articles there are on “Canada’s sexiest Prime Minister”. Is that what the western world has devolved to, liking the leader of a country because he is “sexy”? Maybe western civilization needs to crash.
commented 2015-11-12 10:57:31 -0500
Sharon said, “Sorry, but Sophie’s hat looks like a German helmet.”

That would be in line with the Trudeau legacy. Didn’t Pierre ride around Montreal on a motor bike wearing a German helmet?
commented 2015-11-12 09:25:05 -0500
Jay Kelly commented
“Hyacinth and Joe Bo, you mock the existence of God and the universal franchise. Do you ever reflect on what you are saying? What if there is a God? and what if he wants all people to participate in governance? " “…an email from the Minister of Veterans Affairs and the Liberal Party of Canada that appeared to be taking advantage of the holiday as a way to collect email addresses.” is the issue here not what you are alluding to, but I see repeatedly on several articles this is what you do, deflect the threads away from the article.

I wouldn’t play your little game about hypothetical scenarios concerning an amplifier on another article in your attempt to deflect away from what was reported, but I’ll play your little game on this article Jay only because I want to see you post actual scripture to back up your statements. If you cannot provide actual scripture then it shows that you are merely trying to destroy this thread through obscuring the content once again.

By your own words “you mock the existence of God and the universal franchise.” Are you saying that YOU believe that Trudeau IS God’s chosen Jay? Can you provide any proof that he is chosen? Any scripture to validate your statement?

Clarify what YOU mean by “the universal franchise”. If biblical then provide actual scripture to support your statement. (I suspect its a new buzz-word you learned.)

“people to participate in governance” it is considered a civic duty to vote if one cares about their country, not a religious requirement that I am aware of.
“what if he wants all people to participate in governance” Are YOU trying to say in your deflective way that religion and government should be one? Again, provide scripture to support your statement.

Provide actual scripture[s] to back up your entire statement Jay.
commented 2015-11-12 09:12:13 -0500
Elegance and grace? Goes to show what an actor Trudeau is. Sophie is very beautiful. See what they look like after 4 years. Stephen and Laureen Harper were and are pictures of elegance, grace and maturity.
commented 2015-11-12 09:02:39 -0500
Sorry, but Sophie’s hat looks like a German helmet.
commented 2015-11-12 09:00:43 -0500
This isn’t an issue worth fighting over. Mr. Trudeau should be given credit for the huge turnout at the ceremony at the war memorial in Ottawa; many wanted to see what he and his wife were wearing.
commented 2015-11-12 02:47:03 -0500
God save the Queen.
commented 2015-11-12 02:30:23 -0500
Hyacinth and Joe Bo, you mock the existence of God and the universal franchise.
Do you ever reflect on what you are saying? What if there is a God? and what if he wants all people to participate in governance?
commented 2015-11-12 02:14:15 -0500
Father Lawrence, we got the spineless and despicable PM we now have because the gutless, spineless, despicable and Godless political Left wanted such a person. Time,don’t you think, to end universal franchise in voting and only allow those who can actually think things through to elect MPs who can also actually think things through. Why do you think there still IS a Liberal Party here??
commented 2015-11-12 01:39:45 -0500
The Governor General did very well at the Remembrance Day services. And then the Liberal government, with more elected veterans than any recent government.
This is real change. To have the government of Canada standing up in respect for our military personelle and our veterans.
commented 2015-11-12 01:34:44 -0500
Sean looks are subjective ,and mean nothing as to how a leader will do.
commented 2015-11-11 23:40:36 -0500
Sean……I suggest the three of you get a room.
I saying four years of it will be way to long.
commented 2015-11-11 22:51:30 -0500
Real change!
commented 2015-11-11 22:26:34 -0500
I did not watch – I could not stand to see the inevitable – trudope approaching the thing he detests most – the military.

Did not know about the slammer doing the wreath – that truly pisses me off
commented 2015-11-11 22:25:34 -0500
Were the Trudeau’s absolutely amazing looking today. Talk about restoration of grace and elegance to Ottawa! We deserve to be shown to the world what we truly value in our leadership, and I truly believe that we deserve what happens in the next four to twelve years. We have such a handsome leader!
commented 2015-11-11 20:36:19 -0500
BTW, how is little mindless JY doing with the Queen’s Hairs?
commented 2015-11-11 20:35:35 -0500
It is an absolute farce to see the cowardly gutless Pot-Smoking Camp Counsellor standing at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day. This son of a Card Carrying Communist who refused to fight for Canada in WWII is even worse than his father with his deception, lies, and cowardly actions in the face of the terrorist who he actually supports. We need to have a major campaign to have him and his father posthumously to be tried as true traitors to Canada and Traditional Canadian Values. The firing squad would be too good for him!
commented 2015-11-11 20:20:24 -0500
commented 2015-11-11 20:08:25 -0500
I never watched it because I was at my own community’s ceremony. I managed to make it there to honour our Veterans the way they should be. A Prade of our Veterans and families ,prayer’s , wreaths, fellowship. And a community luncheon after. Not in front of a T.V. that only, from the sounds of it , raised your hate. I love the Rebel. It gives the right the chance to voice your opinions, that’s a good thing since they won’t be heard in Ottawa until 2020.
commented 2015-11-11 19:56:55 -0500
I watched as much of the Ottawa ceremony as I could – good to see so many vets healthy and still standing on guard – then the Franco-Jesuit Baal priest doing the prayer thanked God for PM Spawn and our defense min. Gaaackk hurl-inducing shameless politicking – turned it off.
commented 2015-11-11 19:34:43 -0500
My wife Adeline and I attended the Remembrance Day service in Sidney. It was a beautiful sunny day and as usual the Service was extremely well attended. Wreaths were placed at the base of the Cenotaph by representatives from local service clubs, businesses, churches, military units, Scouts, Girl Guides, etc and all the political parties with the exception of the Liberal Party of Canada. The voters of Saanich Gulf Islands were not taken in by the Liberals and their shills in the MSM so I guess the residents of Sidney and Saanich Gulf Islands are off their Christmas etc. card list.
commented 2015-11-11 19:28:51 -0500
Junior’s father, Senior, avoided all forms of service during the second world war. Heck, even my epileptic uncle figured out how to contribute, but not Senior, he chose to give the Nazi salute. Senior was also one of the Quebec anti-Semites who prevented immigration. Interesting that Junior wants to bring 25 000 anti-Semites in before Justinmas (Dec 25). A dilettante Senior, and a more so Junior who wants to undo the work of the past three real P/M’s to resurrect the corpse of his father. Junior has no more respect for our forces than Senior did, his presence was pure hypocrisy.

Sadly, Junior has no control over him. At least Senior had Bennett, Lougheed, Davis, and even Blakeney as strong Premiers to create some sense of control over him. Today we have Notley and Wynne?

It is a long, long four years.
commented 2015-11-11 19:25:20 -0500
Only 3 years and 11 months until SOMEONE can lead the P.C’s back to respectability.
commented 2015-11-11 19:24:57 -0500
Exploitation! they think the Canadian people are not wise enough to realize they are being exploited and used like doormats for the Liberal party’s gain!