May 19, 2015

Did Pope Francis really call Abbas "an angel of peace"?

Brian LilleyArchive

Pope Francis met with Palestinian Authority President Abbas over the weekend, and reportedly said something shocking.

Depending on which translation you accept, the Pope either said to Abbas, "You are an angel of peace" or "May you be an angel of peace."

The mainstream media is running with the first translation because it suits their agenda.

But does that interpretation really make sense, especially under the circumstances?

I explain why not, and why this may be just another example of irresponsible reporting by the mainstream media.

Tell me what you think!

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commented 2015-05-22 01:51:47 -0400
Terry Rudden, I think I finally figured out why you like to come and post on this site. You like to come here and be contrary just to piss off the regulars. I suppose that’s a good enough reason. And, Yvette Mozol, in Catholic doctrine, the Pope is only infallible when speaking “ex-cathedra”. The last time that happened was Pope Pius XII in 1950 concerning the Assumption of Mary. Of course, you only have to believe it if you’re Catholic, which I’m not. And like every other proclamation that claims to be objective truth, it’s either right or wrong… it’s either true or it’s not,
commented 2015-05-21 22:32:03 -0400
Ron Voss……maybe “infallible when it comes to matters of religion” is too broad. The pope is certainly not always infallible when speaking on morals or faith. The quote you refer to from Francis on the Islam religion is merely his own view & opinion & is not a church doctrine, so in this case in my opinion the pope would not have been infallible in making this statement. I don’t pretend to be an expert on this subject because I am not but to the best of my knowledge this is my interpretation. By the way, I do not agree with him on Islam being a religion of peace.
commented 2015-05-21 20:32:14 -0400
HaHa Terry. Thanks for the chuckle. Very cynical of you.
commented 2015-05-21 15:10:14 -0400
The problem is that the Pope doesn’t have Brian Lilley as an adviser. He’s also handicapped by actually having traveled to those parts of the word, and having really spoken to the Palestinian and Israeli leadership, which is bound to distort his perspective. And of course, he’s a superbly educated intellectual who has spend his life pondering and thinking; he obviously lacks the clarity and simple focus of the Rebel Media team.
commented 2015-05-21 06:09:16 -0400
Face it, the Guy’s a commie dickhead. But with all his Save-the-Earthing and Palestine bootlicking he’ll be right in sync with a lot of other Christian denominations.
commented 2015-05-21 01:38:23 -0400
YVETTE MOZOL, Pope Francis “is infallible when it comes to matters of religion”. Let’s consider Pope Francis’ pronouncement of Islam being a religion of peace with his assertion in Evangelii Gaudium that “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence.”
commented 2015-05-20 23:14:53 -0400
Pope Francis is a man of God & he is infallible when it comes to matters of religion. However, if you give someone an award, etc it’s because that person has earned it, therefore giving Abbas “an angel of peace” medal suggests to me that Pope Francis thinks of him in that way. I like the new Pontiff but, disagree with him totally on this action. Personally, I think Francis is more of a people’s pope in that he takes interest in what is going on in the world & speaks openly about what’s on his mind, thus showing us that not only is he spiritual but human as well.
commented 2015-05-20 18:20:37 -0400
It is unfortunate that so many of us (me included) are confused and dismayed by the controversial remarks of Pope Francis. Much like the Pharisees viewed Christ for socializing with sinners, and how people misunderstood Him, (sometimes even his own apostles, as we see in some of the 4 Gospels). Speaking for myself, I am praying for the Pope and for all of us and counting on the fact that God is in charge, and that when Jesus gave Peter the Keys to the Kingdom, He said, “You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it” Mt.16:18. So keep the faith folks.
commented 2015-05-20 16:04:06 -0400
Gee Whiz, Lord Thundering Man!!
What’s with all the Popes lasting only a short time lately?
(Peace be upon Them… oh wait, that the other cult!)
Is it really that time again?
Time to vote for a new Pope AGAIN??
These guy’s have to start voting for a “not so senile Pope” (Peace be upon Hi….. Doh!)

Now maybe in a related matter,
For the next Pope,
via coronation…
I (Peace Be Upon Me) would vote for “ummm” J. Turdo.
(Peace be upon… “ummm”, hmmm… well?… “ummm” ??… ?
… “ummm”)
Yeah, “ummm” that just might work!
Okay then…
(Peace “Ummm” Be Upon Him)

Why “ummm” J. Turdo? (P"U"BUH)

“ummm” well, you know… “ummm” He (“) does have nice hair and WOW!… those eye’s!
He (”) could “ummm” bring ‘em back to catholicism and the church’s in droves!
Afterwards He (") could take over islam! (Curses & Chaos Be Upon Them)
And TAX ALL the Parishioner’s… (Tax’s & Lies Be Upon Them)
For the “ummm” Parishioner’s (T&LBUT) own good of course!…
And “ummm” oh yeah,
the “ummm” churches as well…

And #2…
(lol… J. Turdo…(") #2… hahahaha-hahahaha!)
“ummm” After all…
His (“) solid political and worldly experience,
His (”) awesome dramatic “ummm” work with the kids,
His (") free charitable speeches,
Nobody handles “foot in mouth disease” any better than He… (“)!
He (”) is overly qualified for anything you can imagine!

He (“) would finally find His (”) destiny… FINALLY!
J.T. (“) would finally be a dictator of His (”) very own country!
Of course we all understand that the Swiss Guards would all be expelled home,
They don’t play hockey and “ummm” wouldn’t survive any battles with Russia!

And, In My (PBUM) Humble Opinion,
the best reason of all…
He (") wouldn’t be here in Canada (Peace Be Upon Her) to destroy!
commented 2015-05-20 14:57:34 -0400
Were the cardinals merely uninformed or equally complicit in making this (hopefully just) foolish man pope?
He also seems very committed to “fighting Globull Warming”, the biggest con ever attempted by the usual suspects.
commented 2015-05-20 14:07:45 -0400
For the record, I preferred the predecessors to this current Pope. A way to peace in Palestine? Hamas must be completely and utterly destroyed first. There is no other way.
commented 2015-05-20 12:42:01 -0400
Evidently the Pope doesn’t read the Holy Bible nor is he a follower of God. He comes as an “angel of light”; speaks of peace and love, but underneath is the great deceiver, Satan!
commented 2015-05-20 10:06:23 -0400
Now we are told that the Pope told Abbas “you are a bit an angel of peace”.
Why are the Pope’s pronouncements commonly clouded by ambiguity?
Okay let’s go with Abbas being told that he is “a bit an angel of peace”.
Abbas has repeatedly honored and praised Palestinian ‘martyrs’ who have slaughtered innocent Jews.
The supposition is that the Palestinians only want to be left in peace, whereas there is abundant evidence that the deepest desire of Palestinian leaders is for the extermination of Israel. Have Vatican officials never seen the photos of Abbas holding up a map of Palestine that encompasses all of the territory currently known as Israel?
Are they unaware that he has personally called for a Palestine that is Judenrein?
Why is Abbas accorded such a cordial reception at the Vatican?
commented 2015-05-20 09:23:27 -0400
I’m not fond of the new pope. He certainly hasn’t acted like any pope before him, and he comments on things that he really shouldn’t be commenting on, and says things in a way that can be misconstrued. I think the pope likes his power, or his perceived power, but I think he forgets the source of that power.
commented 2015-05-20 07:24:59 -0400
So Brian is castigating “left wing media” for “interpreting” the Pope’s statement with a political spin Brian disapproves of, and he does so by substituting HIS interpretation, which gives the Pope’s statement a political spin Brian approves of?
Following the exchange and “controversy”, the Vatican stated: "Pope Francis meant no offence to Israel by referring to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as being “an angel of peace” and intended to encourage harmony between the two sides, the Vatican said on Tuesday.
commented 2015-05-20 02:05:39 -0400
Sorry to digress from the subject.
commented 2015-05-20 02:04:21 -0400
Interesting I should think of Michael Coren when I saw this coverage of Pope Francis. Michael tore a strip off Pope Francis on the gay-marriage issue, which I’m sure many will remember.
I just checked the National Catholic Register and voila:
Michael has defected.
After his little rant, not long before Sun closed down, I suspected something was up with him and Catholicism. I sent an email entitled the Vatican Rumble! I wasn’t happy with what he had to say about Pope Francis or his inference to the Catholic Church.
I look at Catholicism as the quintessential religion. It is not the easiest, but no pain, no gain. I’m sorry for Michael he couldn’t see it through. My question is: the Anglican Church is divided on end-of-life issues as well as gay marriage. How does one find direction if their church is divided? The Catholic Church is what it says; the rest is up to us.
commented 2015-05-19 23:15:37 -0400
Linda Cayer, I hope you’re not referring to Pope Pius XII. He helped thousands, if not tens of thousands of Jews escape the Nazis. Post war, he received much praise for his work in rescuing Jews from the Nazis, by such notables as Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir. It wasn’t until “Hitler’s Pope”, a book published in 1999 by the British journalist and author John Cornwell, was released that this “Nazi Pope” moniker was wrongfully assigned to Pius XII. It was pure bull shit. In 2005, “The Myth of Hitler’s Pope: How Pope Pius XII Rescued Jews from the Nazis” written by Rabbi David G. Dalin was published to counter Cornwell’s BS. But the damage was done, and to this day many still believe the Cornwell BS and the moniker of “Hitler’s Pope” still hangs over Pope Pius XII’s head.
commented 2015-05-19 22:48:47 -0400
FRASER MCBURNEY characterized Pope Francis as “nothing but an Argentinean street COMMUNIST” in relation to the Pope’s friendly meeting with Cuban dictator Raul Castro. Others are making such a claim as in this article, “The Catholic Church Has Gone Socialist” by Cliff Kincaid.
Does Kincaid make a good case?
commented 2015-05-19 22:02:07 -0400
He wouldn’t be the first Pope to side with those against the Jews.
commented 2015-05-19 21:44:07 -0400
commented 2015-05-19 21:43:27 -0400
RICK HEMMINGSON – Actually, he was chosen, by God, to lead the world. As the successor to Peter, he has been entrusted with the keys to the kingdom.
commented 2015-05-19 21:20:49 -0400
Is this Pope dangerous? I wonder.

He needs to remember that he was elected to lead a religion, not a world.
commented 2015-05-19 21:12:32 -0400
Talk about timing. The day before Israel’s national holiday (May 17th) commemorating the reunification of Jerusalem after the Six Day War, the pope presented Palestinian leader Abbas with a bronze “angel of peace” medal. All this was done as the Vatican readied itself to sign a historic treaty officially recognizing the sovereignty of the State of Palestine – which technically has no borders and doesn’t exist. Sorry Brian, I would be inclined to lean towards the Pope calling Abbas an “angel of peace” as it is bewildering that someone would be presented a medal with the expectation that they will eventually earn it. (Or he may have said, “May you be an angel of peace.” It really doesn’t matter.) Very troubling! And now Pope Francis is calling on the world to take action against global warming:
Or speaking as a ‘scientist’, endorsing evolution and the big bang.
Perhaps his handlers should tell him to ‘stick to his knitting’.
commented 2015-05-19 20:12:57 -0400
Anne, the pope is not infallible. He is a man like Peter. Only the teachings of Christ are. I will point out that Francis doesn’t speak English so some things are lost in translation
commented 2015-05-19 19:58:30 -0400
Many of the things Pope Francis says are either taken out of context or misinterpreted. I hope this may be covered on Eternal Word Television Network, (EWTN) on the WorldOver program in more detail. For those who don’t have EWTN I would suggest going on and then click on WorldOver. I hardly think Pope Francis would have said Abbas is a man of peace when Christians, mostly Catholics are being slaughtered out of existence in the Middle East. Also, we need to remember, the Pope is infallible only in matters of religion, not in everything. I’m concerned that it appears he has endorsed Climate Change and am praying that is also has been mistakenly interpreted. Of course, he has the right to be wrong but it encourages the agenda driven goals of the proponents.
commented 2015-05-19 19:57:26 -0400
When Jesus said love one another, he meant spread the truth to others. Not a feeling.Action. ANY sin can be forgiven, like he said to the prostitute. “Your sins are forgiven now go and sin no more”
commented 2015-05-19 19:49:05 -0400
I have serious doubts about Pope Francis. He certainly isn’t as easy to read as his two predecessors, nor does he seem to be nearly as orthodox in either his Catholicism or Christianity. I really don’t know what to make of him. Sometimes I think he’s ok, and other times I think he’s a disaster. I guess time will tell.
commented 2015-05-19 19:42:25 -0400
It makes a great deal more sense that Pope Francis was exhorting Abbas to be a man of peace.
commented 2015-05-19 19:27:01 -0400
Brain Pope Francis is nothing but an Argentinian street COMMUNIST and should never have been made Pope When Pope Paul went to Cuba the Castro brothers killers didn’t want to embrace Catholicism. Now with this communist pope Raul Castro " I may want to return to my faith" . If he does he should be excommunicated right away for murder and theft.