March 13, 2017

Did “toxic left-wing politics” cause bullying at Vancouver School Board?

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

This week, a report on the long awaited independent investigation into allegations of workplace bullying and harassment at the Vancouver School Board was finally released. 

The partially redacted report includes this statement:

“The report finds that some of the problems that led to the bullying included but were not limited to: The partisan composition of the Board. The governance model adopted by the District; The lack of consistent role definition amongst Trustees.

This seems to confirm what I believed to be true all along-that it was the political agenda of the radical alt-left Vision Vancouver board members that brought about the bullying, harassment and the toxic workplace that school board staff and the superintendent had to endure.

Watch as I share other findings from the report, including witness descriptions of the behaviour of the Vision Vancouver board members.

The report also reveals staff at the board who were subjected to harassment and bullying are still scared and concerned that next election, some of the fired members will get re-elected and exact some revenge for the way these events have played out so publicly.

Sadly, I don’t think those are irrational fears.

It seems the answer to solving these problems is to get municipal political parties out of the mix for school board elections.

Allow parents, former administrators, or teachers to run independently and get these toxic partisan left wing politics out of our public school system.

We need to stop electing such radical ideologues like Vision Vancouver, for the sake of the kids and the future.

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commented 2017-03-13 19:02:11 -0400
Boards have been co-opted by the marxist left and their bullying is very telling of their true character.
commented 2017-03-13 18:56:45 -0400
Amend the policies to clearly state Trustees who have been fired are ineligible to run in the future. No chance of returning to the position and exacting revenge.
commented 2017-03-13 17:27:22 -0400
Boards have lost their purpose for being. Nothing more than JV politicians. Community activist can climb the pol food chain if not born into it.
commented 2017-03-13 13:50:29 -0400
You’re right Christopher. School boards should not be political bodies, but parent guided/governed.
The leftist political agenda will soon include gender separation, and non-Christian prayer allowances, as is happening in Ontario.
Leftist bullying is now politically correct. Calm dialogue has become an alt-right extremist ideology.
commented 2017-03-13 13:25:19 -0400
This is not a single occurrence, this is happening in several school boards across Canada. Need an example? Then look at Ontario.
commented 2017-03-13 12:08:13 -0400
This sounds incredibly similar to how the Board in Medicine Hat behave.