November 23, 2016

Dishonest media find way to blame Trump for Islamophobic “hate crime that wasn’t”

Andrew LawtonRebel Commentator

Since the revelation that the assault of a Muslim woman in a London, Ont. grocery store this summer was not a hate crime, national media don’t seem interested in the story.

Earlier this year, I revealed that the woman charged with assault after a Muslim mother was allegedly spat on and had her hijab removed, was a Farsi-speaking immigrant with mental health issues—not a clear-cut portrait of a racist Islamophobe, as coverage of the story by mainstream press made her out to be.

Last week, the case was put on hold after the accused was deemed not mentally fit to stand trial. The case has been turned over to a review board, which will decide when—if ever—she is of sound mind to continue.

At a prior court date, the woman was not in attendance as she had been involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric facility.

But even with this knowledge out there, people have insisted upon characterizing this story as something other than what the facts show.

National Council of Canadian Muslims spokesperson Amira Elghawaby said Donald Trump was to blame for anti-Islamic incidents.

“The fact that he is allowed to say these things and being provided a very large platform may give people license to share those bigoted and racist sentiments and perhaps act on those sentiments,” Elghawaby told Global News.

Other media outlets have continued to cite this case as an evidentiary point of Islamophobia in Canada.

A mentally disturbed woman got into a scrap with a stranger at a grocery store—but that headline won’t sell papers.

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commented 2016-11-27 09:19:04 -0500
cite not site, spellcheck lol
commented 2016-11-27 09:16:36 -0500
Cameron Robock commented 21 hours ago
" Spreading false news …"

Sloppy trolling Gordon. If you are going to threaten then at least get your citations correct.

You cited "R.S., c. C-34, s. 177. Date modified: 2016-11-17 "
but it is 181 that you quote.

What you cited (s. 177) is:

177 Every one who, without lawful excuse, the proof of which lies on him, loiters or prowls at night on the property of another person near a dwelling-house situated on that property is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

To correctly site your quote:
Code: R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46, 181.
commented 2016-11-26 12:11:11 -0500
Spreading false news

181 Every one who wilfully publishes a statement, tale or news that he knows is false and that causes or is likely to cause injury or mischief to a public interest is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.

R.S., c. C-34, s. 177.
Date modified: 2016-11-17
commented 2016-11-26 10:42:24 -0500
A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not advanced by that opponent.1
The so-called typical “attacking a straw man” argument creates the illusion of having completely refuted or defeated an opponent’s proposition by covertly replacing it with a different proposition (i.e. “stand up a straw man”) and then refuting that false argument (“knock down a straw man”) instead of the original proposition
commented 2016-11-25 13:14:54 -0500
WHAAAAA,boooohoooo, it is okay for Muslims to discriminate against non-muslims but be damned if they are discriminated against is that it? You are hypocrites.
When I can go to a Muslim country and NOT have to cover my head or have my clitoris cut or have my daughter married off at nine or be killed for being gay or or or…then YOU can start saying I and others are bigoted, racist assholes!
commented 2016-11-24 14:28:51 -0500
This is a Canadian story! Why bring Mr. Trump into it at all? Oh, right, Mr. Trump sells news, so the media make a tidy profit! I am really surprised that they passed Mr. Harper by on this one!
commented 2016-11-24 00:59:59 -0500
Wretched Earth under Obama black lives got worse.
commented 2016-11-24 00:59:08 -0500
Wretched Earth you men 3 week period? HArdly a reliable stat. And how is Trump responsible for Islamics committing hate crimes?
commented 2016-11-24 00:57:53 -0500
Wretchd earth i see people raise their hands at Hillary rallies as well. The left is pathetic.
commented 2016-11-24 00:56:07 -0500
At the root of the hoax hate crime epidemic is your average sewer dwelling social justice wanker -

1. Stick Figure Racism on College Campuses

Last month at Salisbury University in Maryland, a drawing of a hanged stick figure was found on a dry-erase board in the library. The word “nigger” and the hashtag “”tweet-url hashtag" href=“!/search?q=%23WhitePower” title=“#WhitePower”>#WhitePower" were added for extra effect. The university quickly jumped into action to denounce this act of intolerance and launched an investigation, which then discovered that black students were responsible for the drawing.

Similarly in 2013, a hate crime was reported at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York when a student from the school’s Bias Incident Response Team reported finding “F*** N*ggers” spray painted on student residences. Turns out it was the same student on the Bias Incident Response Team who reported it.

2. Black Lives Matter and Bomb Threats

In December of 2015, Kayla-Simone McKelvey, a black alumna of Kean University in New Jersey, attended a Black Lives Matter protest at her alma mater but apparently things were just too peaceful for her, so she ducked out midway through to shake things up a bit. She used the library’s computer to create an anonymous racist Twitter account in order to send out a bomb threat and a shooting threat: “i will kill every black male and female at kean university,” it read. She returned to the rally and started spreading the Twitter message among the crowd and through her personal Twitter page. The university condemned her actions saying, “We wholeheartedly respect and support activism, however, no cause or issue gives anyone the right to threaten the safety of others.” As a student, McKelvey also made up a racism claim against the student organization and a professor.

3. Profiting from Fake Racism

In 2014, a black waitress at a Tennessee Red Lobster restaurant accused her white take-out customer of writing “nigger” on the total line of the bill. She posted a photo of it to Facebook and said: “This is what I got as a tip last night…so happy to live in the proud southern states…God Bless America, land of the free and home of the low class racists of Tennessee.” Days after the photo went viral, the progressive blog Addicting Info started an online fundraiser and raised over $10,000 for the waitress. The accused man denied writing the racial slur and even hired a handwriting expert who concluded the writing didn’t match. The waitress said she now believes he didn’t write it either, but that was after she cashed the check!

4. Hallucinations of Racism

In 2015, the University of Missouri was a hotbed for Black Lives Matter protests. The round-the-clock protests and voluntary starvation must have caused some of the students to begin seeing things. A message was sent out on Twitter by the black student body president warning students to “take precautions” and “stay away from the windows in residence halls.” The reason? “The KKK has been confirmed to be sighted on campus”; they were throwing bricks and the National Guard and state troopers had been called in. Mass hysteria ensued and more rumors of bricks being thrown spread. The story crumbled after campus police debunked the entire thing, saying no incidents of bricks thrown or a KKK presence could be confirmed. In addition to the mythical men in white robes, the National Guard was also never on Mizzou’s campus.

In another moment of “seeing what you want to believe,” the metal frames of three paper lanterns were found hanging from a tree on the campus of the University of Delaware in 2015 and somehow were misconstrued as nooses. Campus police informed the entire campus that they were investigating this “hate crime.” University President Nancy Targett sent out a message on Twitter, encouraging students to “stand together against intolerance.” Targett believed the “nooses” were placed in the tree as payback for BLM protesters interrupting a conservative speech on campus. But as it turns out, the lantern frames had been hanging in the tree for over a week and time and weather had disintegrated the paper. The president never apologized for her overreaction but instead organized a meeting to “continue the dialogue” on what the school has learned about racism… from an incident that wasn’t racist.

5. Faked Racial Assault

Three black female students at the University of Albany reported being victims of a racial assault by a group of white men and women inside a bus in early 2016. The campus, of course, erupted in protest and created a media frenzy. Even Hillary Clinton sent out a solidarity tweet for the “victims.” Yet, video evidence, from multiple sources and angles, proved that it was in fact the three women that were the aggressors and showed them assaulting a 19-year-old white woman. The white men they accused were actually trying to break up the fight.

6. Black Church Arson Hoax

Shortly after the Charleston, South Carolina church murders, America entered into a renewed pursuit of erasing any vestige of the South. The war on the Confederacy had begun once again. And with that, the media began reporting on an “uptick” in attacks against black churches in the South. Report after report of black churches being burned to the ground was regular fodder on the nightly news and in print and online publications. Instead of finding out the cause, though, the sensationalist headlines linked all of the churches together as if caused by white arsonists. The media finally quieted on this “breaking news” as it became apparent that the fires were most likely accidental, due to electrical faults and lightning strikes, NOT criminal intent.

In Houston, Texas that year, a mosque was burned to the ground and Islamophobia was blamed. It seemed like an open-and-shut case, as the media regularly churn out accusations of right-wing hate against Muslims. But surprise, surprise — a member of the mosque, a devout Muslim man, was found to be the arsonist. So much for reporting the truth.

7. Threatening to Kill “White Devils” Not That Big a Deal

A black University of Chicago student threatened to “rid the world of white devils” and targeted at least 16 of them on campus. Jabari Dean posted his plans online and the threat caused the closure of classes for a day. His threat was specific, too: come to campus with “an M-4 carbine and two desert eagles” and shoot white male students and staff. He hoped the standoff would end in a shootout with police, taking out “any number of white policeman in the process.” But since no weapons were found at Dean’s apartment, he was placed on house arrest. While awaiting further sentencing, the judge allowed him to resume attending his classes. Imagine if the skin color tables were turned on this one.

At Michigan’s Saginaw Valley State University, a student posted an anonymous threat on the social media app Yik Yak: "I’m going to shoot every black person I can on campus. Starting tomorrow morning.” Shortly after he posted that message, he backtracked and admitted that he was black and “was going to give it an hour to see how you all would react.” That didn’t work out so well. The 21-year-old was arrested and could face up to 20 years in prison.

8. “Whites Only”

Black students were outraged to find “White Only” signs hanging near University of Buffalo bathrooms and water fountains last year. But not to worry: it was an “art” project by a black graduate student. Other students didn’t know this and proceeded to rip the signs down. The student blamed “white privilege” on any white person who walked by and didn’t tear the signs down. Her flimsy excuse behind her “art” showed what a special snowflake she truly is: "I am in pain. The afflictions I suffer from are self-hate, trauma, pain and an unbearable and deafening indignation. White privilege and compliance only exacerbate my symptoms. Non-white suffering is the greatest psychological detriment that I have ever faced, and one that many individuals undoubtedly face as well. It manifests as a blatant or furtive acknowledgement of inferiority to the dominant group. It results in a trauma that is perhaps more destructive and damaging than any physical, legislative, or societal oppression an individual may ever face.”

9. “Public Figures” not Exempt from Playing Race Card

Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts accused the Los Angeles Police Department of racial profiling after they stopped her and her white boyfriend for “public lewdness” — they were having sex in her car parked in front of everyone. She said they were just “making out.” So, the media ran with her version of the story and quickly spread this racial “atrocity” which helped her false narrative along. However, police audio was released by TMZ which proved the cops did their job without bias and it was Watts who inserted race into the I.D. check. She refused to show her I.D. and proceeded to call her father and insist the cop talk to him. She appeared on CNN and said she would sic the ACLU and NAACP on the LAPD. She stated on air that, like what happened in Ferguson, she, as a “public figure” was going to “raise awareness” of racial profiling. Instead, she has since disappeared back into Hollywood obscurity.

10. “Walking While Black” and Dashcam Truth

University of North Texas Dean of Journalism Dorothy Bland claimed in a Dallas Morning News op-ed that white officers racially profiled her when she was stopped while walking in her own affluent neighborhood wearing a hoodie. Bland said the officers blasted their siren and lights, interrupting the quiet golf community that morning. In her piece, she recalled Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray and Sandra Bland (no relation) coming to mind during the brief stop. Like them, she felt her life could be in danger. She proceeded to lecture the cops. It was only later when the police dashcam footage revealed she had fabricated the entire story. There was no racism, the officers performed their duty appropriately, and it was Bland that became agitated when asked for her I.D. It was also learned that the officers were concerned for her safety and they stopped her because they noticed a truck almost hit her as she walked in the street with her head covered, listening to music. They simply were trying to tell her to walk on the sidewalk instead of the street. But racism. If inherent, systemic racism is indeed the epidemic in the United States they say it is, why is there ever a need to create it out of thin air like these and so many other examples? Because it doesn’y – it’s all venal lefies tryignto profit from hysteria among pathetic snowflakes
commented 2016-11-24 00:55:46 -0500
Wretched Earth anti semitism has risen in Canada since Justin got in.
And sorry but Trump is not to blame for left wing jew haters.
commented 2016-11-23 23:50:47 -0500
WRETCHEDEARTH commented 4 hours ago
Sure, Leviticus, lol.
Rotten earth now I know you are truly demented because you responded to me and I haven’t left the posting on this thread yet until this one… LOL you truly are demented maniac.. I guess I should feel flattered..!!!
commented 2016-11-23 22:40:58 -0500
Wretched one…..your psychosis is glaring through your posts. Seek help for your substance abuse and mental illness.
commented 2016-11-23 19:51:16 -0500
Sure, Leviticus, lol.
commented 2016-11-23 19:47:59 -0500
Gordon, you are so transparent it is hilarious.
commented 2016-11-23 19:38:36 -0500
@hyacinth, …and your mismash copying and pasting erases the rise of anti-semitism after the election of Trump, how?

You know what they say….Heil Trump! Stright from the Ronald Reagan building!
commented 2016-11-23 19:35:21 -0500
I think you can start referring to the mainstream media as the Fake News.
commented 2016-11-23 19:21:55 -0500
“Guess you Cumservatives need facts slapped across your faces to rid you of your dogmatism.”

Really? You are so wacked WackedEarth.
You may have seen an unconfirmed story regarding a possible hate crime incident involving a “Chris Ball” alleging he was assaulted in Santa Monica on election night, November 8, by “Trump Supporters”.
The Santa Monica Police Department and the City of Santa Monica have not received any information indicating this crime occurred in the City of Santa Monica. We encourage the alleged victim to come forward and work with us if a crime did in fact take place. A check of local hospitals revealed there was no victim of any such incident admitted or treated as well.
If you have any questions, please contact Public Information Officer, Lt. Saul Rodriguez, (310) 458-2293.
“A student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette fabricated a story that she was attacked and had her hijab rippped off, police said Thursday.
The attack was one of several reported in the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory.
In a press release Thursday afternoon, the Lafayette Police Department said that during the course of their investigation into the woman’s complaint, she “admitted that she fabricated the story about her physical attack as well as the removal of her hijab and wallet by two white males.”
Claim: The KKK marched on a bridge in North Carolina to celebrate Donald Trump’s presidential victory.
On 9 November 2016, the day after Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump claimed a surprise victory in the U.S. presidential race, a grainy picture began circulating on social media along with the claim that the Ku Klux Klan were openly marching in Mebane, North Carolina, to celebrate the win.
They have no affiliation with the KKK or anything else. They were just Donald Trump supporters. They are not a radical group or anything of that nature. There are no sheets, no hoods, no crosses, they didn’t have Confederate flags. Jones added that he checked with the local police departments and found no reports of the Klan marching openly in Mebane as the tweet claims. We also contacted Mebane police, who confirmed they had no reports of a KKK march
“… Writing in the Huffington Post Monday, Peter Dreier made a false claim that Donald Trump is a serial anti-Semite. Sadly, Dreier wouldn’t know Antisemitism if it jumped up, did a backflip and kissed him on the lips.
Putting aside for a moment, that for Trump to be an anti-Semite he would have to hate his daughter Ivanka who is a Shabbos- observant Jew, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, their three children, and his son Eric’s wife Lara Yunaskav, all of them are Jewish. But like most liberals Dreier is trying to brand Trump as a hater to make it easier to elect Hillary Clinton who along with her supporters has a track record of not being friendly to Jews. …”
Police in Smyrna – where the incident is alleged to have occur – told PhillyVoice on Thursday that no such reports have been filed, and they haven’t heard from the alleged victim or anyone with information about a confrontation that occurred Wednesday.
Spokespersons for the Delaware State Police (which oversees Kent County), New Castle County police, Dover police and Smyrna police all said they had no such reports, either.
Corporal Brian Donner, who’d been in touch with representatives of various agencies when the post started making the social media rounds, said there are no records of calls to 911 and the non-emergency line in his jurisdiction.
“There is no record of this beyond what we’ve seen on social media and while there are several ways to file reports with us, social media isn’t one of them for obvious reasons,” he said. “We haven’t heard from the victim, any witnesses or a store owner. We would love for any witnesses to call us, but have gotten no phone calls. There is no record of this occurring in Smyrna, if at all.”
Police say a Louisiana college student has acknowledged she fabricated her report that she was assaulted and robbed of her wallet and Muslim headscarf by two men, one of whom she described as wearing a white “Trump” hat.
BOSTON (CBS) — Graffiti discovered over the weekend on the side of a building in Mission Hill was hard to miss.
In large letters, it read, “Kill your local Trump supporter.”
commented 2016-11-23 19:14:59 -0500
The facts of this case are the police have no case against this lady .
The so called victim lied when she told media she called 911 right after this happened ,no call was ever made strange isn’t it?
Police started fishing around this story after hearing about some TWITTER posts about an alleged attack
With all the security cams directly behind the alleged assault none show any illegal activity ,this attack NEVER HAPPENED
commented 2016-11-23 17:59:32 -0500
I doubt that she has been locked up in a psych facility. I think we’ve been given another snow job by the press and the legal system. This will never be addressed again, as they sweep this under the rug.
commented 2016-11-23 17:45:30 -0500
London, ONTARIO and D. Trump is responsible?
Isn’t he in the US?
commented 2016-11-23 16:43:41 -0500
Wrechedearth is a hysteric moron who reacts on delusion and has no factual basis for their hysterical claims

Hate crime hoaxing has increased – as they display here
commented 2016-11-23 16:39:27 -0500
Hate hoaxing – this IS a crime that is equal to, and exceeds, the the social damage of a real hate crime – I strongly believe hate hoaxing should have the same legal consequences as a hate crime.
commented 2016-11-23 16:34:37 -0500
@wretchedearth….we want fact check…nothing…absolutely nothing you have said on this site so far has ever panned out to be a fact and no matter how many times you have been handed your ass you keep comming back as if you were commissioned to correct us…

So…let’s have some facts from YOU….first fact I DEMAND….What is your name…

Second fact I DEMAND from you….where did you get the money to eat lunch today…

Who in the Hell do you think you are that you can hector scold and nag us….you are just an overbearing ignorant asshole.
commented 2016-11-23 16:26:08 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,293 Attacks, 206,591 Killed, 289,358 Injured that we know of.