April 13, 2015

Obama is BEHEADED by Jihadi John in disturbing new ISIS cartoon

Rebel Staff

A disturbing cartoon created by ISIS supporters shows US President Barack Obama speaking Arabic before being decapitated by Jihadi John.

It begins with a typical ISIS 'Message to America' text followed by an 18+ warning. Apparently their other videos are kid-friendly. 

In the video, it sounds like a little girl does the voice for Obama who begs, “Mom! Dad! Jihadi John is going to slaughter me. Save me!”

The video was translated by MEMRI.

At one point, Jihadi John smacks Obama, knocking him out and cartoonish stars circle his head.

“This knife has been craving Obama’s stinky blood and today Allah gave us the power to capture the mule of the Jews,” the executioner says.

The end of the video shows Obama's lifeless body after being decapitated. He then wakes up in his office, revealing the whole thing had been a dream.

You can watch the video here.

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commented 2015-04-15 01:27:37 -0400
That is sickening. I don’t like Obama at all but his beheading, even in a cartoon, is scraping the bottom of the barrel for shock value.
commented 2015-04-13 20:28:40 -0400
I can’t see a down side to this, both should be drone bait.
commented 2015-04-13 20:10:25 -0400
Yeah, this looks like it was made by young teenagers. Every real jihadi knows Obama is no friend of Israel.

IS is likely to be as mad about it as Obama although I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Obama say that if he a son, he would make a cartoon like that.
commented 2015-04-13 20:07:46 -0400
Islam at it’s best.
commented 2015-04-13 19:46:24 -0400
Must be a joke they are both on the same side
commented 2015-04-13 19:44:10 -0400
“Obama is BEHEADED by Jihadi John in disturbing new ISIS cartoon”

I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about that
commented 2015-04-13 19:15:00 -0400
just a muslim beheading a muslim
commented 2015-04-13 17:30:47 -0400
Now that is just creepy. I think Obama is an awful president but that is just nasty. Hope he sees it and finally realizes that apologizing to people like these savages does not help. It only empowers them. Yikes. Really creepy.
commented 2015-04-13 16:28:53 -0400
Sounds to me like someone is trying to say Obama is pro Israeli. Propaganda probably started by the White House.