November 10, 2016

Divisive Democrats play gender card in Hillary’s defeat but only have themselves to blame

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Democrat supporters continue to pretend that Hillary Clinton lost the election because she’s a woman instead of a corrupt politician under investigation by the FBI.

They haven’t considered that being female doesn’t relieve you from being a moral and responsible human being.

Yesterday, even Premier Rachel Notley mentioned Clinton’s historic campaign and how so much more needs to be done and there’s a long way to go, suggesting that the reason Clinton lost was because of her gender.

Notley herself is the Premier of Alberta and stands amongst several female Premiers elected in six provinces and three territories in Canada, not to mention Angela Merkel and other female leaders elected by voters around the world.

Everyone continues to mention the glass ceiling that’s already been broken. What about Kellyanne Conway, the first woman to run a successful Republican Presidential Campaign?

The Democrats had a losing strategy, using tactics like segregating everyone into categories by race, gender and religion under the guise of being inclusive and promoting diversity.

They focused on every difference between each group and used it to divide an entire population.

They trotted out the narrative that a woman’s life in America is horrible because they will never be equal to men, and then doubled down by suggesting that Clinton lost the election because she’s a woman.

They still don’t comprehend that it’s people like them that handed the election over to Donald Trump.

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commented 2016-11-11 03:58:00 -0500
Hi Holly. The left go back to the only explanation they understand. They lost because the society is bigotted and oppressive.

Lock her up!
commented 2016-11-11 00:40:12 -0500
Yet the progressives crap all over Thatcher. Oh sorry i forgot they can criticize freely, anyone else is not allowed to do so without being labelled.
commented 2016-11-10 19:59:23 -0500
A few years ago I voted for a rookie candidate, Michelle Rempel. Although she was young and had no experience as an elected politician, the election campaign convinced me that she was far and away best candidate on the ballot for several reasons, none of which had anything to do with her gender. Just over a year ago I voted to re-elect Ms. Rempel based on her excellent performance as an MP and junior cabinet minister during her first term, but I have to admit that it STILL had absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with the fact that she is female.

I guess I just don’t get it…
commented 2016-11-10 15:39:17 -0500
The Hillary campaign was after the womens vote but forgot about the hundreds of other genders, or is it thousands of genders, I can’t keep track of them all.

I’m surprised all those other genders aren’t complaining about being left out.
commented 2016-11-10 14:40:15 -0500
Apparently, according to a National Post article, 56% white women voted for Trump. So the narrative in that article was that white women cannot appreciate the woes of non-white women such that they betrayed them at the ballot box. That is the problem with identity politics, it keeps changing the narrative when the facts don’t support the old narrative.

It is this constant creation and revision of false narrative by the regressive left elites that people are sick of and are beginning to vote against world wide: Brexit, Trump, France next spring. If the regressive socialists put a modicum of the amount of time they put into these false narratives into forward looking policy to improve the lot of people instead, then they might have found they wouldn’t have lost the support of voters. But I guess it is easier to dream up a false narrative than it is to draft solid policy.
commented 2016-11-10 14:37:17 -0500

Some of the very best reporters of local and world new work for the REBEL

And EZRA who just happens to be a Jew and has built into his D N A heat seeking missiles for the truth for the other side of the news
commented 2016-11-10 14:17:13 -0500
Clinton didn’t lose the election because she was a female, she lost it because she was the more “deplorable” candidate.
commented 2016-11-10 14:14:15 -0500
Thank you Holly for properly exposing the twin and related evils of identity politics and of the popular mantra “diversity”. Both are the antithesis of what they claim on the surface, and both define the moral vacuum of leftist ‘progressive’ ideology.
Clarity on these cornerstones of leftism need to be repeated until we all learn to see through them.
commented 2016-11-10 13:18:43 -0500
Yep….the “shame on you cis gendered white male” election platform is now right up there with the “let them eat cake” incumbency platform… Good thing for Hillery there are no guillotines in Washington DC or Trey Gaudy would be playing Robespierre….BTW I hope Trump appoints Trey Gaudy to the supreme Court to backfill Ginsberg…if she keeps her promise to step down.
commented 2016-11-10 13:16:03 -0500
I’m such a raging misogynist and racist that I get the majority of my political information from women and jews…