October 11, 2016

Do Liberals mete out justice differently for well connected?

Brian LilleyArchive

There’s a premise of law in Canada that justice is meted out regardless of who the person is but I wonder, is this being done in the case of Maryam Monsef versus the almost 200 people the Liberals have deported for lying on their citizenship applications?

CBC broke the story on the weekend that since the Liberals have come to power, 184 people have had their citizenship revoked, which puts the Liberals at a much faster rate for this process than under the Conservatives.

So why the different treatment for Maryam Monsef? Do Liberal insiders get one treatment while those without connections, get another?

It leaves a bad taste in the mouth for a democracy that Monsef is in the middle of trying to fundamentally reform.

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commented 2016-10-12 17:38:50 -0400
@leviticus 2013….You don’t need to be Justin Trudeau or the Attorney General to file any action with the appropriate authorities unless the legislation states that limit (as in hate speach for instance). Any citizen can do it.
commented 2016-10-12 09:51:41 -0400
“Monsef should, at the minimum, resign from cabinet. Period. The she should apologise to Parliament and submit her resignation as a MP.”

There is no reason she shouldn’t be treated the same way this English woman in Nova Scotia is being treated. Deportation is what the law requires. She should also be properly vetted now, since she wasn’t in the first place. How did her father die exactly, who are her relatives and what are her families connections in Iran and Afghanistan? Since she is a sitting member of Parliament we have a right to know.
commented 2016-10-12 09:34:55 -0400
We have a young lady in Nova Scotia who is facing deportation. Her trial is Nov.4 She came from England as a child. Due to abuse at home she was brought up in foster homes. She has many health issues and also two daughters. She was shackled to her hospital bed up until two weeks ago. A protest outside the hospital helped get them removed. She was never given citizenship as a child while being brought up in CAS care. She wasn’t even aware that she wasn’t Canadian. Maybe she should plead the Monsef rule. Although it may not work as she is a blue-eyed blonde.
commented 2016-10-12 05:22:31 -0400
Monsef should, at the minimum, resign from cabinet. Period. The she should apologise to Parliament and submit her resignation as a MP.

As I have said time and again, tax payer funds should not pay for any government employee with dual citizenship. Public funds should be for Canadian only citizens. Also, no politician should have a second citizenship, such as Monsef, Mulcair and Dion have. There is the appearance of split allegiances. As with Mulcair and Dion, I don’t want tax money paying for their retirement back in France.

Regardless, Monsef should be off the government payroll and out of Canadian politics. Her mother intentionally lied on official documents about her daughter. That is a deportation offence. Or does Baby Doc have one rule for the masses he is bankrupting and another rule for his buds? If he is such a feminist, treat Monsef as he would a male conservative.
commented 2016-10-12 01:43:20 -0400
Oh come on , no way, liberals are all about equality and morality LMAO!
commented 2016-10-12 00:15:27 -0400
How can Trudeau have Monsef deported after the praises she received from his clone Obama when he spoke in Parliament. One way or another they’ll weasel their way out of it & she will continue in her role. A law for the elite & well connected & a law for the rest of us Joes.
commented 2016-10-12 00:02:40 -0400
Bill elder… What is this…?
All that ended in 2002 when private prosecutions by citizens were protected by statute and reconized as a legitimate criminal or civil court action with the weight of the law behind them – if the feds don’t act – do it yourself
commented 2016-10-11 21:30:53 -0400
Canada does not have a justice system. It only has a legal system meant to break the non-connected whilst protecting Lieberals!
commented 2016-10-11 20:22:00 -0400
Brian we’ve lived with a 2 tiered legal system (it does not produce justice by any measure) for years – we have seen it when we were kids when the Councillor’s kid get a pass on his drunk driving charge – to when we grow up to see Michael Briant walk away from a vehicular murder charge that was enforced against a Cabbie in the same jurisdiction – and so it goes here as elsewhere where wealth and political connection buy you the “justice” denied others.

All that ended in 2002 when private prosecutions by citizens were protected by statute and reconized as a legitimate criminal or civil court action with the weight of the law behind them – if the feds don’t act – do it yourself.
commented 2016-10-11 20:15:36 -0400
I haven’t seen or read the CBC report but I somehow doubt they were just reporting “facts”. They were in all likelihood trying to portray the deportations as cruel and unusual so as to soften us up for the sainthood about to be cloaked upon Monsef the chosen one, we’ll all cry crocodile tears over her plight and shower her with the power to change the way we vote and a gold plated pension to boot.
commented 2016-10-11 18:21:58 -0400
Has anyone asked what countries these people whose status was revoked are originally from. It would also be interesting what their religious believes are as well, and maybe what skin color they are. Just openly wondering.
commented 2016-10-11 18:20:59 -0400
Libs do not give a damn about the common person – it is all about them and their buddies.

Want to get ahead today?

Become a lib and send them cash – they will protect you

o wonder they have been called Liberanos
commented 2016-10-11 18:18:02 -0400
Understanding , forgiveness and absolution are only granted to those who have been baptized into the Liberal socialist orthodoxy. The rest of us are anathema and damned to the fires of hell.
commented 2016-10-11 18:14:17 -0400
How many more illegals are in our government determining what we in Canada are doing. In Monsef’s case how we carry out our democratic process when we vote. I would deport her, that’s what should be done, especially when no quarter is being afforded to other liars and cheats gaining access to Canada. Our Immigration and Refugee system is a joke at best and a danger to us all at the worst.
commented 2016-10-11 18:12:36 -0400
The left will do and say or allow anything to protect 1 of their own. Nothing will happen to this dumb bitch.
commented 2016-10-11 18:01:05 -0400
Yes liberals are protecting Monsef. She should get what anyone else would under the circumstances, which is deportation. If she got into the country with incorrect information then her status is invalid. She isn’t even a Canadian citizen, so how can she be in our government?
commented 2016-10-11 17:22:32 -0400
Lying is a key liberal party value. But only for the liberal party. Of course she gets treated differently. You have to ask?
commented 2016-10-11 17:20:47 -0400
Liberals do everything to help liberals. They are lying, hypocritical, thieves who want to rape the country as fast as they can before they get booted out of office again. Why are so many people so stupid to believe them and then even VOTE for them. (shaking head)