February 12, 2016

Collusion and incompetence: More REVEALED about Media Party and Elections Canada in aftermath of $1M contract to Assembly of First Nations

Brian LilleyArchive

Remember back at the beginning of December we brought you the story of Elections Canada giving a $1M contract to the Assembly of First Nations (a partisan organization) to do voter outreach in order to increase voter turnout on reserves?

It was problematic for many reasons, and there were so many angles the media could have picked up on but they didn’t, choosing to ignore the story instead.

Except in one case where a CP reporter did ask Elections Canada a question about my story but he did so apologetically, as if he was sorry for even asking. Why? Because telling this story doesn’t fit the media’s narrative.

It seems unbelievable but this shows how the media operates in this country. So you see, it’s not simple incompetence but avoidance if it’s a story they’d rather not tell.

Do you know who is incompetent though? Elections Canada, and they don’t like it when anyone notices as these documents reveal.

They also reveal something even scarier. Elections Canada didn’t know about some of the problems with voting on reserves . . . except through Twitter.

Incompetence and collusion with the media. This is what we get from the organization that’s supposed to be the independent, non-partisan watchdog of our elections.


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commented 2016-02-13 05:20:01 -0500
I still haven’t ruled out outright cheating – at one of the polling stations here in Surrey, there was a family of 3 persons working the same station, a father, daughter and son ! Elections Canada are not neutral – they’re civil servants !
commented 2016-02-13 02:38:39 -0500
Keep bringing us the truth, Brian! You are like a pick axe that keeps chipping away at the bullshit.
commented 2016-02-12 21:44:18 -0500
This is all rigged the whole dam thing is a sham! This last election wasn’t legal in so many ways! Foreigners funding Canadian elections and all of the incidents Brian Lilley has reported, this country is turning rotten to the core!
The country should be up in arms about this! This is no dam Democratic way to hold elections! I am going to bite the bullet and travel around to Polls in the next election with a lawyer and I am going to press and lay charges in every dam place where I and my lawyer and a couple of witnesses spot an infraction! I will call the Police and lay and press charges enough of this Communist style elections! Now why should I and others’ like me as citizens’ have to suffer the consequences of this inept deficit stricken Government bringing our country down? We didn’t vote for them in this illegal election – but we still have to pay the consequences?
This has to stop! we need to raise hell and complain and not cooperate until there is honesty and Justice – I won’t put up with it regardless!
commented 2016-02-12 16:39:48 -0500
I predict at next election cycle that Elections Canada Will openly campaign for the liberals.
commented 2016-02-12 16:13:33 -0500
in the last NWT election one riding had a 105% turnout, no investigation or even questions from the govt.
commented 2016-02-12 13:06:30 -0500
dont these 500+ foreign nations get enough foreign aid? btw that first 100 days went so quickly.. lets hope the next 1300 are as fast..and speaking of the msm..love the new at big brother (cbc).. rendered the already useless comments sections dead to all but the most obtuse.
commented 2016-02-12 12:46:40 -0500
Dale said “Why would the Indian “Nation” be voting in another Nation’s Election?”
Dale… You are at worst a genius. No sarcasm from me and that’s the truth. “Progressives” pretending to care are destroying not only our nation but also the world.
commented 2016-02-12 12:34:35 -0500
America suffers under a second term – so far only a second – of Obama’s America-murdering regime, in spite of the litany and variety of election-cheating, government criminality and other assorted high crimes and whatnot, all clearly illustrated by the alternate media since the first Obama ‘election’ – all ignored by the MSM.
The Wynne/Notley/Trudeau ‘elections’?
The Harper/Abbott executions?
Merkel and fellow travelers in Bruxelles?
The only reasonable consideration could be; A/ the voters are really stupid, or B/ those ‘elections’ have all had the fix in…somehow.
As much disdain as I hold for the great unwashed sheep, I cannot believe that all those conformist lefties will cut their own throats – and ours.
Either way – we’re all hooped…
commented 2016-02-12 12:24:01 -0500
The commonplace media is evil these days as they are more like government propaganda agencies. There is no longer any accountability for misinformation or downright lies.
commented 2016-02-12 12:10:28 -0500
Why would the Indian “Nation” be voting in another Nation’s Election?
commented 2016-02-12 11:28:17 -0500
Reelection NOW!!!!
commented 2016-02-12 11:04:49 -0500
Now lets compare the reaction by the MSM to the storm that they raised around the alleged country wide robocalls. How Harper stole the election and wasn’t the legitimate PM. Now tell me there is no bias in the media. If you consider all of the crap that is going on right now, it would make excellent material for a conspiracy based novel.
commented 2016-02-12 11:04:13 -0500
The river of lies and corruption run deep at Elections Canada, and they rigged this election. The UN bought and paid for this election, funneling money through the leftwing parties, and the unions, who registered to campaign against the conservatives. There were hundreds of MSM unions who were campaigning directly against PM Harper, but neglected to inform the public. This should horrify everyone, as we watch our country burn under the corrupt liberal party of Canada. Junior has made it clear that Canadians can eat dirt while he brings the enemy of our freedoms, into the heart of Canada. And the low class ass insults our troops by booting them out and giving the enemy access to our guns and ammo on our bases. I can’t wait until the public turns him in to enemy #1, when they finally see what he has in store for us.
commented 2016-02-12 10:41:17 -0500
Let’s see, elections Canada, the AFN, Mainstream Media Party, left-wing liberals, all working together! Doesn’t that just produce a synonym for lies, underhandedness, incompetence, deception, deceit, etc.?
commented 2016-02-12 10:21:06 -0500
There has to be something on the books to lay charges against corrupt elections Canada cartel.
commented 2016-02-12 10:04:49 -0500
More financial raping of Canada courtesy the librano party and supported by the media party.

Elections Canada = Get libranos elected Canada.
commented 2016-02-12 10:03:24 -0500
Brian, “Do you know who is incompetent though? Elections Canada…” Incompetent?? Brian you are too kind using a euphemism for corrupt!
commented 2016-02-12 09:58:07 -0500
There is no point in appealing to the moral sensibilities of anyone on the left since they literally do not have any.

Liberal bureaucrats, especially Federal, truly have blinded themselves to their partisan political activism. They do not think they are doing anything wrong. They want Canada to be 100% Liberal forever and will do anything they can to make sure that there is no competition … no democracy … to their goal. They want a Liberal socialist/communist dictatorship.
commented 2016-02-12 09:49:59 -0500
Specialized Voter outreach programmes of any type should be illegal, whether for Indians or for any other group. They are only ‘get out the vote’ programmes directed at special interest groups. As such, they are partisan by definition of targeting select groups. In this case, because the AFN follows the Mugabe Theory of Democracy, they would clearly only ensure independent thinking Indian would be discouraged, by any means including violence, from voting. I also wonder how much of that million ended up going to the outreach programme and how much into the Grand Chief’s Vegas account anyway.