September 16, 2016

Does Black Lives Matter care about black lives?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Guest host Jerry Agar reports: The murder rate was dropping in major U.S. cities before Black Lives Matter started targeting police officers. Now murder is up by as much as 90 per cent in some cities as cops have been inhibited from doing their jobs in high crime neighbourhoods.

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commented 2016-09-17 19:53:59 -0400
From “Time” article on this subject: “There is no evidence showing that such thinking is to blame for the recent uptick in murders.” Jerry, you’re a racist, sensationalist fraud.
commented 2016-09-17 18:22:06 -0400
Black Lives Matter are modelling their political Movement on the same platform as Radical Islam.
It is a smart move.
Every time a Black skin gets hurt by a non-Black -it is Hate crime. Time to riot and burn down your ‘hood’
Every time a Muslim or his property is hurt
- by a non-Muslim- it is a Hate crime. Vocal victims in the Hood. Time to riot and demand POlice Protection. HATE is just a 4 letter Word.
commented 2016-09-17 02:11:31 -0400
Dr Genius well put, but facts are ignored.
Stephen E well said as well, no matter what the cops do they will complain. The cops should just stop serving those areas, let the idiots take care of themselves.
commented 2016-09-16 16:24:54 -0400
Black lives matter only when a white person is around. Otherwise they would be demonstrating and screaming about blacks who kill blacks in black areas.

Why haven’t they formed street patrols to stop crime where they live? But if police (black, white, red, oriental) come to check the neighbourhood, they complain and some strike out. If the police don’t patrol, well, its because “we aren’t white”.

In Canada, the natives complain that no one cares about murdered naive women. The solution rate for native women murders is (when I last looked) 89%. The solution rate for non-native women is 88%. 90% of all violence against native women is committed by family, boyfriends, or people they know. But its all the fault of white men.

The real problem is communities not taking responsibility for its own actions. Its easer to blame an external group.
commented 2016-09-16 15:13:37 -0400
Black people make up 13% of US population, represent 24% of people killed by cops, but represent 50% of violent crimes like homicides. Unarmed blacks killed by cops represent only 3% (13 people in 2016) of all people killed by cops, the same percentage as unarmed whites killed by cops. 90% of all murdered black people were murdered by other black people, at a rate 40× that of all black people killed by cops.

Just ponder how outrageous the fact is that 13% of the population commits 50% of all violent crime. But this means that black people are actually underrepresented in people killed by US cops. This seems to be the inevitable result of a culture that celebrates violence, failure, and dependency. It’s kind of like how 1% of the US population has produced 99% of the body count of terrorism committed on US soil over the past 20 years. A culture whose highest ideal is mass murder.
commented 2016-09-16 15:04:03 -0400
If black lives mattered, the movement would zero in on the perpetrators in 90% of all murders of black people: other black people.
commented 2016-09-16 12:26:13 -0400
one simple reply they don’t give a shit about black lives, only getting in front of a camera,
commented 2016-09-16 10:56:16 -0400
The cultural Marxists in the elite want to advance their agenda by supporting all minorities against the majority, in this instance the black minority against the white majority. They also want to get rid of nation-states such as the United States of America by making the police less effective. This is probably an effort to provide Obama with an excuse to cancel the upcoming U.S. elections. Black Lives Matter is funded by billionaire radical George Soros. Black lives do not matter is Black Lives Matter. They are only concerned with the Marxist agenda in yet another failed attempt to create a Marxist utopia.
commented 2016-09-16 10:01:18 -0400
That is the probable purpose of Black Lives Matter, to prevent the front line police from doing their job effectively which was getting in the way of gang activity.

Black lives matter; Blue lives matter more.
commented 2016-09-16 09:50:26 -0400
BLM is a Marxist terrorist outfit.