April 24, 2018

Does Labour hate my working class home town?

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

I’m from a working-class town up north. My family are a mix of manual labourers and professionals. My town is an old mining town, and it’s a Labour safe seat. We were lucky to be largely unaffected by mass immigration and multiculturalism for decades. It’s only in recent years when I’ve gone back home that I’ve noticed things gradually beginning to change.

And for years, the working-class people of my town have voted Labour. They’ve placed their trust in our local Labour MP – a total nobody who has had no positive effect on politics at all – and assumed that our town would always remain the same.

But things are changing. Our town is changing, and the Labour Party has changed. It changed a long time ago, but it’s the fact that our town has remained largely unaffected for so long that’s meant people didn’t notice. The Labour Party is ashamed of England, and hates the working class.

Well, to be more specific, they hate the white working class.

So that means my town is doomed.

Labour still claims to represent the working class, but the truth is that the party is run by millionaires and career politicians who really only care about new, growing demographics who are certain to vote for them indefinitely. The white working class have nothing to lose – they’re not scared they’re going to get deported if the "wrong" people gain power, and they don’t feel like they owe a party anything. If a political party betrays them, they are willing to vote for someone else.

That’s why, in majority-English working class towns, Labour still performs well – and in "diverse" working class town, the immigrant and immigrant-descended population vote Labour, and the white working class vote for anti-immigration parties or just don’t turn up to the ballot box at all.

It’s easy to call this a hatred of the working class. I did in my column title. But perhaps there’s more to this. Perhaps it’s not just a matter of hating the working class, but them caring more about themselves. A new demographic who will vote for Labour indefinitely give Labour politicians exactly what they want – job security. And all the while, their party can continue an agenda of anti-English policies without fear of repercussion.

They’ll give us some lip service here and there, too. Throw us a bone. Corbyn is once again calling for St George’s Day to be a national holiday (something that’s long overdue) – but the real story is that he wants to introduce four new Bank Holidays overall. Of course, a socialist wants more days off. That’s not pro-working class. It’s just socialism… and pandering. When a party has nothing real to offer people, they’ll go for the easiest option. For Labour, it’s a few days off work.

Lucky working-class voters will be able to take some time off from their mundane jobs in our grey and depressingly "diverse" inner cities. What a gift. Make work a nightmare, and then make workers feel grateful to get an extra day or two off.

The more I go back home, the more I see change. Streets I played in as a child are falling apart, forgotten by the local council. I see new people and hear about more stories of crime. It’s not the town I grew up in.

I’d like to say that the change in my town might wake a few people up, and give Labour a good thrashing next time our Parliamentary seat is up for grabs. That’ll probably happen, but she’ll still win… just by a smaller majority. And then, when the new demographic becomes more settled and increases in size – creating the new Labour voter base – her majority will grow with it. Then the town will be back to square one, but with a new "local" culture and "local" people. It won’t be an old mining town full of Lancastrians and Scousers. It’ll be another concrete metropolis – a world town completely indistinct from every other "diverse" town in the country.

You know what? Maybe that is hatred after all. Perhaps it’s not as complicated as I thought. Perhaps the fact that Labour politicians care more about their own pockets than the identity of their own constituencies is a hatred for our way of life and our people. The white working class are the biggest target for politicians today. They hate us so much that they’ll see us displaced for their own personal gain.

Naively, I thought my town would be the lucky one to survive.

But it won't be.

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