July 11, 2018

Don’t give me diversity, BBC. Give me talent

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

The BBC has published the salaries of its on-air talent between 2017 and 2018, and — surprise surprise — we’re talking about the so-called pay gap again.

The list revealed that the top 12 earners on the BBC’s list are all men, with Match of the Day host Gary Lineker earning between £1.75 million and £1.76 million between 2017 and 2018. I suspect that massive salary is less to do with the fact that he’s a man, and more to do with the fact that Match of the Day has a MASSIVE audience. England loves football, but somehow sexism still has to come into this.

The most perplexing thing about it all, though, is that Chris Evans is still up there. Who watches or even like Chris Evans?

The list also showed that Claudia Winkleman remains one of the top-paid women, with a massive salary of £370,000, with baking legend Mary Berry and Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis joining the top-paid list.

I’m troubled by the fact that the BBC thinks there’s a problem here. Director General of the BBC Tony Hall said that they were making progress and are aiming for a 50/50 split between men and women between 20/20.

Hold on to your hats, people. You’re about to see a lot more women on the television, and it won’t be because they’re talented. There are realistically only a few ways the BBC can achieve this unnatural 50/50 split – either to pay talented men much less than they’re worth (though we could have a debate about whether anyone should be earning millions from a taxpayer-funded operation), or to force untalented women onto our screens in the name of diversity.

Give me more Victoria Woods any day. Give me talented women who are great on television, and let that be that. Why do we have to ruin TV by socially engineering it?

Womens Hour presenter Jane Garvey spoke to Radio 4, saying the progress being made was "absolutely glacial," and they they need to have a "proper conversation about why in 2018 we are still fighting the same old battle on equal pay."

But it’s nonsense. Categorically, it’s nonsense. This isn’t the same old battle. The battle was won many years ago when women became legally entitled to the same pay as men, if they did the same job. This new battle is a fight against a logical fallacy.

The more I read about this, the more I’m convinced it’s time to get rid of the BBC in its entirety. I don’t say that lightly. I’ve loved the BBC for a long time. I love it for its classic shows (shh, I’m a secret Doctor Who fan) and some amazing comedians have blossomed on the BBC.

But these days, the quality of comedy has changed, and the diversity hires are increasing by the day.

BBC, don’t give me diversity. Give me talent.

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commented 2018-07-17 14:50:14 -0400
A media system wants ostensible diversity that conceals an actual uniformity
Joseph Goebbels

Makes you wonder who the actual neo-fascists are.
commented 2018-07-13 15:04:09 -0400
And for all practical purposes, that is already the case in both countries, both of which are well on the way to George Orwell’s ‘1984’ scenario. The HRC’s and HRT’s in Canada prevent conservatives from fully participating in public life by holding the heavy hand of the state over us if we dare try to do so. Ezra Levant experienced that heavy hand about ten years ago when he was prosecuted for about 300 days for just publishing some cartoons of Mohammed that had previously been published in a Danish newspaper. Ultimately the prosecution was dropped, but not before Ezra had spent about $100,000 Dollars to defend himself. So, as he has said before, the process is the punishment, for a non-existent ‘crime’. He never should have been prosecuted and the fact that he was prosecuted demonstrates the deplorable state of our so-called ‘justice’ system, in which our Supreme Court has ruled that truth is not a defense. The writers of the Magna Carta are surely turning over in the graves and expelling the last meal they ate, as they watch British freedom heritage being destroyed in the UK and its offspring nations, and being replaced by with cultural Marxist ‘1984’ societies by utter lunatics.
commented 2018-07-13 14:45:20 -0400
One of the biggest failures of so-called Conservative (in name only) governments in the UK and Canada has been their continual acquiescence to the continued existence of state broadcasters run by Marxists and cultural Marxists that pump out Marxist and cultural Marxist propaganda to the detriment of these countries and their citizens. As long as these state-funded Marxist/cultural Marxist propaganda outlets continue to exist and thrive, both our countries will continue in decline, until eventually there will be nothing left but Marxist dictatorships.
commented 2018-07-12 03:17:34 -0400
I used to enjoy Graham Norton and Have I Got News For You but since both programmes push the BBC anti-Trump agenda, I turned them off. As to a female Dr. Who… CHEESES!