January 04, 2016

Don't let Justin's Liberals define "the real Canada"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

With slogans like "Canada is back", the Liberals have had one message since they were elected: Nothing that happened under Stephen Harper was legitimate; that wasn’t the "real" Canada.

That’s what new Roman Emperors would do to the old ones: Every law they ever passed would be immediately nulled; any statues made of them destroyed. Stalin did that too, of course.

Melanie Joly, the new Minister of Heritage, says she plans to uproot any cultural symbols made in the last nine years. For example, that memorial for victims of Communism? Gone. And remember what happened to that portrait of the Queen...

If Stephen Harper had this approach, he would have stuffed the 22 vacant Senate seats with his friends in the days after the election, before Trudeau was sworn in.

That’s how the Liberals play. It wasn’t how Harper played. Though he was the one called the dictator.

I’m just as much a Canadian as the Liberals are. And so are you.

We have to push back against these bullies in every way we can. If you haven't done so yet, sign our petition to demand that we have a right to vote on their scheme to change elections. Go to LetUsVote.ca and add your name.

NEXT: Refugee and immigration lawyer Guidy Mamann talks about Trudeau's refugee plan. He says the PM's refusal to prioritize minority victims of Muslim violence "doesn't make sense."

Seven out of ten would-be "refugees" are now declining to come to Canada. "If you're truly running for your life," says Mamann, "you'll go anywhere."

This proves, he says, that the Liberals aren't focused on trying to help true refugees, and that their plan was a election stunt rather than a true humanitarian effort all along.

It's a fascinating conversation with a true expert, and exactly the kind of information you'll only hear on The Rebel.

Then Wildrose MLA Rick Strankman talks about the ongoing fight against the Alberta NDP's Bill 6. We review that revealing video of Premier Rachel Notley laughing about the new law, which will destroy farmers' traditional way of life.

Strankman talks about what he thinks Notley's NDP have in store for Alberta in 2016, noting that the government's tone has become increasingly belligerent.

Don't forget to stay tuned for viewer feedback (and leave yours in the comments!)

PS: One viewer mentions my interview with England's anti-Islamist crusader Tommy Robinson. If you missed it, be sure to watch it HERE.


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commented 2016-01-05 16:58:41 -0500
Many of us Conserv’s that were frustrated with Harper’s pussyfooting liberal left pandering agenda were right on.
He did not get enough accomplished. The CBC did him in as predicted.
His politically naive reward is that the Libtards and the left media are now ironically branding him as far-right which he wasn’t.
commented 2016-01-05 15:48:36 -0500
Proof again that the Liberals, despite the fact that 60+% of voters, voted against them, will use any tool they have to fashion Canada into the socialist hegemony they so desire. This man / child and his supporters will be gone in four years. With the knowledge of what his fellow travelers have done to Ontario, one must fear what ‘stupid’ and his handlers will do to Canada.

Less than four years to the end of this dark reign of oppression.
commented 2016-01-05 15:47:48 -0500
I can’t speak to whether or not whomever the Liberals might appoint to Canada Post would be any better than Deepak Chopra but they certainly couldn’t be any worse.
Chopra is on record as a liar. He was quoted by the CBC as saying that Canada Post’s rise out of the financial quagmire, that they had put themselves into, would not be financed by increases in parcel delivery rates. Anyone who owns a small business can tell you that is a crock. Canada Post has raised parcel delivery rates to the US astronomically in the last several years, over 25% increase in 2015 alone.
Chopra also received a $500k/year contract recently, all the while Canada Post is crying poor and that they need to cut services.
As for Deepak Chopra’s having been an executive at Pitney Bowes, anyone who has ever dealt with PB will tell you that they are one of the most dysfunctional and poorly run companies on the planet. Oh, wait, sound like another company, ermmmm, Canada Post maybe!
I am a Conservative, not a Progressive Conservative but a BIG C Conservative and I do not support anything that Justin Turdeau has in mind for this country but you won’t see me crying any crocodile tears for Deepak Chopra, the liar. Given Canada Post’s out of control price gouging under Chopra I highly doubt that anyone the Liberals appoint could make anything worse.
commented 2016-01-05 15:03:21 -0500
The Canada I know is the Canada of te Charter and the Constitution. Now I know Dizzy Levant doesn’t like that that Canada, but I’ll bet he is out numbered 3:1 on it at least. And that 1 will never grow, just like the con base.
commented 2016-01-05 14:56:29 -0500

Of course we do – we value the human life and her choice to do what she wants with her OWN body.

Yes, most people don’t think like you – including the law.
commented 2016-01-05 14:44:56 -0500
Michael Mann , Then I would say the “most” people you are talking about have a very poor appreciation and respect towards human life.
commented 2016-01-05 14:25:32 -0500

I don’t. I simply agree with it as do most people.
commented 2016-01-05 14:18:11 -0500
Michael Mann, Why do you need the law to define your moral compass?
commented 2016-01-05 14:02:44 -0500
Hey EL and other Conservatives, the people of Canada spoke and you lost the election. Get over it and stop whining. After 10 years of stevie and company you can handle 4 years of JT.
commented 2016-01-05 13:45:43 -0500
So the Chinese dictatorship can turn their economy around on a dime. Hmmm…how’s that working for them this week, if things continue on for the remainder of the year they won’t even have a ‘dime’ to turn around on.
commented 2016-01-05 13:00:59 -0500
“Although I believe the Harper government was an extreme right wing government … The extreme right wing views of Harper… "

Extremely right-wing? (falls off her chair laughing)
commented 2016-01-05 12:26:48 -0500
The Liberals are back and once again Canada is fading fast.
commented 2016-01-05 12:17:36 -0500
Are you feeling insignificant Mike, Sean, Jimmy. Your outlandish comments indicate you need a big hug. Then go away will ya.
commented 2016-01-05 11:32:48 -0500
Although I believe the Harper government was an extreme right wing government it doesnt mean they or their supporters werent real Canadians. But facts are that Conservatives are a small minority of Canadians (only 35% at the most) with the extreme right wing making up an even smaller part. 65% to 70% vote to the center or slightly left and as long as extreme right wing views dominate the Conservative party Canadians will band together and never allow them to form a government again. I used to vote Conservative but would not consider it again unless they move back towards the center where they were until the Reform party hostile takeover. The extreme right wing views of Harper do not represent the views of the overwhelming majority of the populace.
commented 2016-01-05 11:27:44 -0500

You seem to have a problem understanding the difference between a woman’s choice of having an abortion and having a baby. Intent matters.
commented 2016-01-05 11:21:48 -0500
Michael Mann: I wouldn’t take refuge in the law. We have seen all throughout history that bad laws have been passed that allow everything from slavery to mass exterminations (Germany Soviet Union, China etc). The law in the case of abortion is completely hypocritical. If a pregnant woman is attacked and as a result has a miscarriage the perpetrator is guilty of murder not of committing an illegal abortion. The double talk people use to justify the dance around calling a fetus a human demonstrates the willingness to try and deceive our own conscience and everyone around us. This is nothing more than a cold hard rejection of the value of a human life that is considered inconvenient to the pursuit of personal happiness.
commented 2016-01-05 11:17:35 -0500

Yes, you are not a real Canadian.

And yes, Harper’s majority was invalid. The only reason why he became Prime Minister is because the Liberal party at the time fucked up, which I can admit to. Canadians are not going to vote in a party AT THE TIME that had done some highly questionable and corrupt things. So they took a chance with Harper.

Millions of Canadians also don’t vote at all, but that doesn’t negate the fact that they identify as liberal if you were to ask them since that is indeed what the majority of Canadians identify as – varying degrees of liberal.

People like YOU specifically are an EXTREME minority. Almost negligible in Canada. What you would want in an a politician is unelectable in Canada – because you are not a true Canadian and we don’t think like you.
commented 2016-01-05 10:52:26 -0500
The arrogance of the lefties posting comments here on this website implying, if not outright stating, that those who are true Conservatives are not real Canadians is disgusting.

Harper only lost 320,000 votes from the 2011 election. Trudeau only got 39% of the vote. Harper got a higher percentage of the vote in 2011, but yet the lefties claim Harper’s majority was invalid and Trudeau’s 39% majority is not only valid but that they “decimated” the Conservatives. Liberals are arrogant hypocrites, liars and idiots. And if arrogant hypocrites, liars and idiots are the “true Canadians” as the Liberals claim, the God help Canada, because we need it!
commented 2016-01-05 10:50:25 -0500

The law states differently. A fetus is not a person/baby/human until it has left the woman’s body.
commented 2016-01-05 10:48:32 -0500

You are not a true Canadian. True Canadians don’t act, think or speak like you do.
commented 2016-01-05 10:45:16 -0500

Based on your posts here – you are the worst kind of Canadian and you should be ashamed of yourself.
commented 2016-01-05 10:32:39 -0500
I love when progressives stake some sort of claim over being “Canadian.” By far the biggest concentration of progressives is in large urban centers (the voting map will tell you where most of the Liberal votes came from) where incidentally the least friendly, most self-centred and least neighborly people in the country seem to reside. It’s where you’ll hear the loudest cheers for helping so-called refugees (per Ezra’s Show), yet they’ll walk past scores of homeless people who are legitimately Canadian (how anybody can suggest we need to take on 50,000 refugees and drive through Downtown East Hastings everyday I’ll never know). I suggest people travel this country “far and wide” before perhaps taking your next vacation elsewhere, you’ll really begin to see the fabric of what makes up this country, and you’ll see that classical liberal values are part and parcel of a large conservative base, largely amongst blue-collar Canadians, but from all stripes, colours and creeds. It’s simply progressives that rail the loudest and make claims to being truly Canadian, while stating that if you don’t like it then “get out” since they feel some moral authority—a truly un-Canadian sentiment by my books.
commented 2016-01-05 10:31:37 -0500
Bravo ‘Sean Penson’ is Jimmy duh Silva and posts garbage like the one below to crank peoples chains. The jerk just exists to annoy everyone and has no purpose in life other than that.
Ignore the turd and he either goes away or tries to post using another name. He is one sick puppy.
commented 2016-01-05 10:09:34 -0500
@ Sean Penson commented 4 hours ago
I do applaud the restoration of diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, something that Harper should never have harmed. Iran is an awesome important state in the Middle East, with a strong and stable government

What have you been drinking?

A soon to be nuke power that preaches death to Israel on a daily basis?

Two nukes and 7 million people will die.

Potentially to be at war with other arab nations?

A true dictator state?

Have you ever been there?

I dare you to go there – stand on the corner and preach “down with the government” or preach “Down with islam and up with Christianity” – we will hear about your punishment in the lefty MacLean’s mag – you know – that very same mag that gets government funding to stay alive.

In fact I think you truly should go there and visit their prisons – a true shining example of how “rule of law” in that country means nothing like you seem to believe.

You also do not seem to know that the boy with nice hair has a brother that is working hard to whitewash the nuke program and help the Iranian government push that agenda forward. He creates movies financed by Iran to promote the Iranian agenda in the middle east.

There is far more to this than you seem to either know or to even fathom.

Time to pluck your head out of where ever it might be buried.
commented 2016-01-05 09:39:40 -0500
But, with over 60 percent of the population voting NDP, Green, or Liberal, hasn’t the majority pretty well pre-approved turdo la doo’s vision?
commented 2016-01-05 06:22:44 -0500
I do applaud the restoration of diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, something that Harper should never have harmed. Iran is an awesome important state in the Middle East, with a strong and stable government
commented 2016-01-05 05:48:56 -0500
Hey Penson!! As a stupid left wing socialist, you LOOOOVE Sweden – right? Ok, but in Sweden, men get a say in abortion, ‘cause they recognize that it takes two to make and raise the child, so men should get a say. It’s not, “the woman’s body”, the baby’s body is the baby’s, the mother just happens to be the carrier. Not very advanced are you Penson? Not very “progressive” are you? Not truly into human rights like you THINK you are – are you??
commented 2016-01-05 05:19:06 -0500
Are Canadians ready for a second helping of Trudeau (senior and now junior) favourite serving for those who don’t agee, “mange d’la marde” Eat Shit yourself, Dictator Trudeau. DON’T MESS WITH THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM!
commented 2016-01-05 03:48:25 -0500
I have to get this off my chest. Forget the politicians, police, profs and papers. These are the 4 Ps of The Rebel.

1 – Panhandle for money to pay for:
2 – Polls; and
3 – Petitions. And soon, the rebel will want you to pay for
4 – Premium membership.

You all know this is true.
commented 2016-01-05 02:14:07 -0500
Is it possible to repost the ENTIRE clip of Rachel Notley?