August 21, 2015

Don’t like videogames? Fine. Wait till they come for the thing you love

Joshua LiebleinRebel Blogger

This week’s Rebellious non-debate over whether anyone, conservatives especially, should care about #Gamergate or video games in general missed the point so hard that it spun around and smacked itself in the face - unless of course, the point was to generate a clickbait debate that went nowhere, in which case, great job to all concerned and you don’t need to read any further.

In case you are actually interested in whether #Gamergate matters, though, the answer is a resounding yes. I’ve already explained this from a purely pragmatic level, in that #Gamergaters, whatever flaws they may otherwise have, are prime real estate for conservatives who want to win both elections and the broader culture war. That in itself should be a reason to care, but as I explained a couple of columns ago, conservatives looooove to find reasons to dislike “the other guys” and to sit back and gripe about how they are screwing everything up.

I get it - we wouldn’t be conservatives unless we judged everyone and everything harshly. If you think video games are toys for little kids, I can’t really do much to change that, but I do think it’s completely fair to ask if you are going to behave any differently when it’s your favourite thing under attack by the social justice warriors.

For example, how many people think chefs - people who prepare food - are “indulging in a vice?” Anybody want to tell Gordon Ramsay that to his face? Well, guess what: The restaurant business is officially just as sexist as video games, as per the SJW’s…but, I guess these guys aren’t as tough as we originally thought, being pushed around by feminists and all that there. Nope, I don’t think the real conservatives will be lending a hand to chefs accused of sexism anytime soon.

Very well then, how about…heavy metal? Pantera, Slayer, Judas Priest? Now those guys know what’s what! Their music has the words “heavy” and “metal” in the title! How much more manly can you get? No way they’re going to be told off by…oh. It looks like the metal world had its own version of #Gamergate as well, and the social justice warriors kicked the metalheads’ leather-clad behinds all over social media. That’s disappointing. Well, guess it’s too much to ask for guys wearing eyeliner to stick to conservative principles.

OK, OK. Death metal is for wussies too. Now pro wrestling - there’s something the SJW’s could never mess with. Some SJW’s love pro wrestling, and Vince McMahon is pretty much Donald Trump already, and…hold on, sorry, no, WWE has decided to erase Hulk Hogan from their company’s past over a taped phone conversation from 2007 where the n-word was runnin’ wild, brother.

They didn’t even wait for the Internet backlash - they just ended Hulkamania pre-emptively. No more clips of the Hulkster lifting Andre the Giant over his head at Wrestlemania 3. Well, clearly wrestlers are a bunch of wimps! Cuckservatives, every one of them! No wonder McMahon’s wife can’t win a Senate seat. Why are red blooded conservatives watching a bunch of nearly naked dudes grabbing each other’s bodies anyway?

So it goes, until every kind of entertainment - yes, even the stuff you like - has been picked clean of anything potentially offensive. Pointing your finger and laughing at the incapability of those who have been overrun already isn’t going to prepare you for the day when they get in your face, accusing you of being racist and sexist and homophobic for liking something.  

“First they came for the gamers, and I did not speak out because I was not a gamer...”


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commented 2015-08-24 09:06:25 -0400
I am not a Gamer. I am not American. I am not young. I am not a Liberal. So maybe “I” am as dissimilar as the 89% or 99% rates quoted. But as dissimilar as I am to some (many or most?) Gamergate supporters, what I would not be idiotic enough to do is to insult them and patronise them, and expect their good wishes. Because we all know that if someone you don’t know, and are not close to, insults or patronises you, the EXPECTED result is them telling you to “Go screw yourself” and ignoring you.

So it strikes me as odd that Gavin McInnes is seen by some as “hard done by” from some quarters. He went out of his way to insult Gamers and they told him to go screw himself and….and I don’t k now what is so hard to comprehend?
What are we saying? Too many people criticised him? No. Not at all. Considering the number of Gamers online, If he got a few hundred it is a tiny portion.
Or was it that the critique was too brutal? That is all kind of bad luck for Gavin. If he was not wanting a bad reaction he ought not have baited for a negative reaction in the first place.
Or was it that Gamers ought not have done anything and should have copped a smear without reacting? How about “NO”?

So now onto you Kathy. Condescension and insults. This is your first impression to any Gamergate supporter. This is what we judge you on. You do not start with our overall impression of you as a person or of your value, as being positive or neutral. You came across in your comments to ChrisS as a patronising, holier-than-thou, blowhard trying to insult, belittle and telling Gamergate what they are and what to do. Here is the punchline. They don’t need you. They will win with or without your support or my support or even ChrisS’s support. They do not need your support. What is more, why would they want it?

You mention that Gamergate is political. That is not true, so why say it? They are apolitical in the same way they are irreligious. It is not a factor. It IS true that they are mostly Libertarian (not all but most) and a good amount of them are Liberal. That does not make them a Liberal organisation nor Conservative organisation, any more than it makes them a Christian organisation or an Atheist organisation, so throwing that about is dishonest.

As to who needs to grow up? I don’t know but from my viewpoint, it looks like you were being petulant and childish. It set a very bad first impression of you. Regardless of who you are and what you have been, you are unknown in Gamergate circles and have not earned any respect. You may say that this is fine because you do not respect Gamergate supporters either or think we are all children or that you are better than us or whatever. That is fine. No great loss for either of us then.

Maybe there is more to you than first impressions. Often this is the way. Maybe you were misreading something, had a bad experience or were having a bad day in general, it happens. It would be a nice thought.
commented 2015-08-23 20:59:40 -0400
I just can’t see how this is any different from taking any other single issue group and making them part of the coalition. Ignoring the untapped potential here is like saying, “Well, some of those people opposing Kathleen Wynne’s sex-ed program are Liberals or are clueless politically, so forget them.”
commented 2015-08-23 02:57:43 -0400
Video games, heavy metal, and pro wrestling,are all handy scapegoats for the morally righteous. It is not a matter of an ideology coming after these forms of entertainments. Both the right wing and left wing have attacked these forms of entertainment.

The issue isn’t politics. It’s that these whiners have no comprehension of how crude entertainment affects people. These whiners would like you to think that when a person is exposed to this filth, they surrender all personal autonomy, and turn into some kind of a mindless killing machine. To this day, I have never jumped on a turtle, followed the subliminals of Better By You or Suicide Solution, or lit a wrestling opponent on fire. But I have bothered to learn computer programming, studied musical theory, and yes, practiced spitting out water HHH style.
commented 2015-08-22 23:03:07 -0400
Watching Gamergate from the sidelines I have to admit that while the SJWs have hardly covered themselves in glory, the other side seems intent on trying to say “We are too liberals, but you girls are just wrong.” What they have not realized is that in SJW land “you girls are just wrong” can never, ever be true. And to deny this means you are really no longer a liberal.

I was amused at Kathy saying “do you know who I am?”. Most people who say that have nothing to back it up except ego; Kathy has the full set of scars from the Canadian Free Speech Wars and the coveted Mark Steyn Medal of Honour. She’s been fighting SJWs and their more primitive socialist ancestors since before games were invented. Pay attention!

One note on the article itself: the trick to winning these sorts of debates is to not give a rat’s ass when someone accuses you of being “racist and sexist and homophobic for liking something”. A good answer is, “What is your point?” Another is, “Yes, so?” The worst possible answer is “I am not a racist, sexist, homophobic person.” because then you are buying into the narrative. You are allowing the liberal to take the moral high ground without a fight. Given the weakness of the average liberal argument, ceded moral high ground is really all they usually have. Of course, in the Gamergate contest you have the wonderful option of asking “So you really think it is ok for a girl game designer to fuck journalists for good reviews?” But stand back because the SJWs tend to get a little emotional when called on their BS.
commented 2015-08-22 15:23:45 -0400
Kathy, the fact that you and Gavin have had to fight this fight alone for so long is the very reason why you need #Gamergate. You need an army. #Gamergate- and the chefs, and the metalheads, and the anime fans, and everyone who’s been mugged by the SJW’s- could be that army. Who else have we got?

Oh, and #Gamergaters- please show Kathy some respect. She’s right about fighting the political battle longer than you have.
commented 2015-08-22 14:03:19 -0400
Listen. I’m French. I was a disgusted as you about PEN whining about the “poor,oppressed terrorists” when my favorite caricaturists died that day. I know the French gaters felt the same. And I was happy the islamists in Garland got ripped to shreds by the SWAT here.

I may be leftist and all that, but Gamergate (and some smaller controversies two-three years after ) changed my position on a lot of things. If I was American , I would vote right-wing for the time being as I feel the left institutions don’t represent what I thought was the left. I support FIRE too (Remember, Sommers work here too) and I am completly disgusted with what happen to the universities today.

I understand you may be bitter for everything the left did to you. But gamergate aren’t influencial journalists neither institutions. We’re just middle class average guys. We didn’t support it when that online payement thing cut it’s support to that bakery who refused to serve gays (we hate them too , see 8ch/voat). The most we did was laughing at Jon Stewart.

We aren’t the best allies ,we disagree with you on a lot of things, but we’re in that shit with you for the time being. And we have concrete proof about media bias, plans to dumbing down the youth via gamification shit, wikipedia corruption and censorship, and neo-Marxist ideologies permeating the academia and the tech industries.

We are keyboard warriors for the time being. But it’s because their is nothing right now we can do best on real life to help. Give us opportunities. If the right media decide to extend their hand and give us a way to inform the public, I’m sure more people than you think will work with them.
commented 2015-08-22 12:18:54 -0400
What I’ve learned over the past 48 hours is that Gamergate really isn’t about free speech and fighting political correctness. If it was, all these folks would have been fighting alongside us on the Right, who’ve been fighting this stuff since the 1980s. Any Gamergate types in Garland Texas earlier this year? Any of them push back at PEN over the Charlie Hebdo stuff? Come on, these are cartoons we’re talking about. You guys can at least get behind that, right? No? Chirp?
Gamergate is REALLY about the “right” of leftwing beta males to pretend to be big, strong, macho, politically incorrect warriors — BUT only in the safety and relatively risk-free world of make believe land.
And only as long as they can still be liberals, dammit, and not yucky rightwingers. Ew.
commented 2015-08-22 12:16:31 -0400
Dear Kathy,

I don’t intend to cast aspersions on your fight – you’re an ally after all. I suppose I’ll just say to other readers, that Gamergate’s collective legal bill is well over $50,000 dollars now, and donations to various other charities and ventures is well over $100,000.

Still, you’re intent on sniping at me across pointless partisan lines.

Maybe you just can’t teach an old dog new tricks!
commented 2015-08-22 12:02:41 -0400

I’m proud to be this person:
“Maybe, without noticing, you’ve become that person who wants those pesky kids to ‘turn that racket off!’ because they ’don’t make music like they used to’. "
When you get older, you’ll be like that too. Sorry. If you aren’t then alas, you’ve remained immature.
To someone your age, that “old man shouting at clouds” thing is the biggest insult you can imagine. It’s like Hugh Hefner calling someone a “prude” or a rapist calling his victim a “slut.” It really says more about the person doing the insulting.

I take it you haven’t seen my Twitter (@kshaidle), but on second thought, never mind. I’ve had to mute/block a lot of your #gamergate friends. Like potheads, they aren’t a very good advertisement for your cause.
Yes, I’ve “explained what SJWs do.” But what you can’t seem to accept - because I imagine it is too painful to contemplate -- is that the evidence over the past couple of days show that Gamergaters “do” that “90%” stuff too. I explained how. I’m not about to repeat myself.
“Irreverence, mockery, and genuine rebuttal. That’s healthy, Kathy.”
Little boy, I hate to play this card but: Do you have ANY idea who the f*** I am?
You’ve got “skin in this game”? Fine. Scan your legal bills and upload them here.
Ditto your bankruptcy and tax audit paperwork, and the newspaper articles/Google searches denouncing you as a racist Nazi homophobe. I’ll be waiting.
But thanks for explaining to me that Gamergate types are “lifelong liberals”. That helps explain the arrogance, condescension, ignorance, self-congratulation, and thin-skinned hysteria on display.
It all suddenly makes sense. This is an intra-liberal factional fight.
As usual, some of us stupidly thought we were your 90% allies — pro-free speech, anti-censorship, anti-PC — are finding out that, as usual, liberals would not accept help — and even the MILDEST criticism — from evil rightwingers.
“Be better, Kathy, or as Gamergate would say, ‘gitgud’. "
Grow up, Chriss, or as we people with real lives say, go f * yourself.
commented 2015-08-22 10:15:13 -0400
To Kathy,

In your comment you suggest the writer of this piece isn’t going to win by teaming up with a gang of ‘hysterics’ who turn on someone who agrees with them on 90% of things.

This is humorous on a number of levels.

First of all, you’ve just explained what Social Justice Warriors do – to a T. They are people who agree with liberals on 90% of things, but relentlessly attack, sabotage, harangue and generally try to destroy said allies – and usually over the most minuscule of matters.

This isn’t what you witnessed from Gamergate in reaction to Gavin’s piece. Gavin wrote a piece specifically goading Gamergate, with charmingly antiquated views – and it wasn’t really even a serious piece, more of a curiosity. Gamergate responded in a variety of ways (being that ‘Gamergate’ is really just a convenient way of grouping thousands of disparate people together), as they always do. Irreverence, mockery, and genuine rebuttal. That’s healthy, Kathy.

And if Conservatives have become so kowtowed they can’t take a bit of rough talk, can’t handle a free exchange of ideas without the pleasantries, then they really aren’t going to get along with Gamergate – but I know that’s not the case.

So to be clear, no. There isn’t an equivalence to be drawn here between chiding and crusading; that is, between Gamergate and Social Justice Warriors.

Secondly, you make the mistake of assuming Gamergate advocates are all anonymous and are no more than ‘keyboard warriors’. Except this isn’t actually the case, is it? Quite in fact, at least two Gamergate advocates work for this very publication. Others are lawyers, media personalities, professors, academics, scholars, journalists, and so on. More still are right now involved in legal proceedings, with first class free speech lawyers, related to the cause.

So please, if anything, don’t do us the disservice of calling us an anonymous horde of trolls. We very much have skin in this game – we’re very much invested in ensuring journalistic ethics, freedom of speech, and freedom for artists to create.

I feel it unfortunate, Kathy, that you’ve decided to take this stance against Gamergate, whilst decrying Gamergate for, er, ‘attacking allies’.

As a lifelong liberal (as many of Gamergate are) Gamergate has been a revelation for me. I’ve grown to care less about what I find disagreeable about an opponent’s stance and focus on what I find agreeable – this is how we in Gamergate have managed to break down partisan barriers, whether that’s between devout Christians and atheists, Republicans and Democrats, left wing and right wing, social conservatives and the LGBT community, whoever.

So you’ll forgive me if your apocalyptic prophecy of Gamergate turning in on itself seems somewhat amusing. Because the fact is we constantly in-fight. We’re always arguing about the best approach. It’s a true marketplace of ideas, with a striking diversity of beliefs and visions. And you know what? When it comes down to it, we put our differences aside and focus on the enemy. That’s how you cost Gawker millions of dollars, force FTC disclosure updates, and pushback a Social Justice Warrior incursion.

If you don’t like the Gamergate’s approach, fine. But perhaps your own advice is what is required here: remember who your real enemy is. And for goodness sake, don’t expend your time attacking the current most effective opposition to Social Justice Warriors. Very parochial to think this fight only has an impact on video games. Two of Gavin’s preferred voices, the brilliant Christina Hoff Sommers and Milo Yiannopoulos, have gained upwards of 40k followers and now have a significant social media presence.

Be better, Kathy, or as Gamergate would say, ‘gitgud’.

And finally, if ‘we all sound the same’ to you – Gamergate and Social Justice Warriors – maybe the problem is you. Maybe, without noticing, you’ve become that person who wants those pesky kids to ‘turn that racket off!’ because they ’don’t make music like they used to’.
commented 2015-08-22 08:53:21 -0400
Josh, let’s do an experiment. I don’t doubt that you disagree with, say, Ezra on some issues.

If he does a story about your pet issue, and you think he gets it wrong, do you and your friends unleash a three-day avalanche of tweets and YouTube comments calling him a “f-ing ass…” etc, getting all ad hominem, and (not incidentally) throwing a lot of tired, easily refutable talking points his way?

Would you say stuff like “Ha! This video only got 25,000 views!” (which is more than anything this fictional “You” has ever managed). “Look at all the thumbs down!” (Because YouTube reactions are legendarily sane and sober.) “Ha! Ezra is such a loser!” (Even though he’s accomplished more in his life than this fictional “You”) etc.??

You are horrified by the very idea, right? Someone would have had to have spiked your drink with angel dust to get you to even consider reacting in this way.

Well, meet your friends!

I pride myself on my unfiltered nasty mouth. I give no f’s. BUT I point it at my enemies, not my 90% allies.

This incident is an early glimpse at how all your friends are going to turn on each other and implode, any month now. And they’ll all brush off the ashes and wonder what went wrong.
commented 2015-08-22 08:12:51 -0400
Joshua, do you really think we’re going to “win” with a gang of hysterics who viciously insult someone like Gavin who is 99% with them — but suggests they get a more grown up hobby? Gavin says “get a life” — surely he is far from the first person to say that to them (gee, I wonder why) — and they turn into flying monkeys. Really, have you been watching the Rebel twitter, or mine? You really want to be associated with these people, who attack their (as Reagan would say, “80% friends” the way they claim to attack their enemies??)

Who think they just invented protest and outrage?

Who attack — and I mean attack, not mildly criticize — people like me/Gavin/whoever who a) have fought real world fights to the tune of thousands (and in Gavin’s case, tens of thousands) of dollars, and who don’t hide behind fake names and anime avatars? We have skin in the game: lost companies and jobs, libel and HRC cases. They have carpal tunnel.

Who sound — I’ll say it again — exactly like their enemies, and are so lacking introspection, a sense of history, maturity and self-control that they can’t even see that? They sound EXACTLY like crazy trannies and radical feminists!

They may “win” against the SJW, but they’ll lose their natural allies in the process. You say you hate conservatives who are always arguing about who is “real” or whatever. Well, listen to your gamergate pals. They talk exactly like that too.

The state of the movement? Here’s an example of somebody winning without screaming “burn the witch” AT PEOPLE WHO ARE ON THEIR SIDE:

“In the case of FIRE, some 36 schools have abandoned or severely restrained their speech codes after the group brought suit on behalf of aggrieved students and faculty whose right to lawful speech were infringed.”

But your friends would say that these activists are jerks because they don’t watch ugly Japanese cartoons and pretend to be superheroes while staring at a screen.
I’ve lost the little respect I had for gamergaters after this.
commented 2015-08-22 06:59:28 -0400
Sure Kathy, and if the state of the movement was such that we could win without these imperfect vessels, I’d agree with you.
commented 2015-08-21 15:42:40 -0400
Actually, Josh, they came for the gamers last.
Some of us have been fighting SJWs in the real world for decades. Only when they came for these immature guys’ toys did they rouse themselves to fight. (They’ve admitted this themselves; check my twitter :-)) Now they — some of whom weren’t even born when I started fighting — want to be hailed as Alamo-like heroes of some great last stand. Their petulant, touchy, brain-dead reaction to Gavin’s perfectly reasonable video simply proves his point for him. GamerGaters are no different than the thing they claim to hate: angry, territorial, tribal SJWs. Look up Jung on “the shadow.” They can have each other.
commented 2015-08-21 14:17:14 -0400
I really like Gavin McInnes but he blundered on GamerGate.

I’m not any kind of gamer. I never was. But I do recognize the importance of GG. That was the big wake up for me. Before GG I was completely ignorant of the destructive activities of RadFems/SJWs/Progressives.

The biggest mistake an individual or business can do is bend to the nonsensical whims of SJWs and apologize for whatever they demand you to apologize for. No matter what you give them trying to appease them hoping they’ll go away—they don’t. They’re never satisfied. They’ll pick you clean to your bones if you let them.

One shining light I really enjoyed seeing was when ProteinWorld successfully stood up for itself by publicly mocking them in a way you would never expect any business to do.