July 06, 2015

Don't worry - the Globe & Mail columnist will let you know when something is racist

Joshua LiebleinRebel Blogger

So last week the Globe & Mail’s Jeffrey Simpson dropped a massive turd of a column in which he cried and moaned about how Andy Wang beat Bob Plamondon for the CPC nomination in Nepean because Wang is Chinese-Canadian and signed up lots of other Chinese-Canadians, and you didn’t hear about how it was the most racist thing ever because it’s OK for people to be racist so long as they’re being racist about Conservatives. 

Here’s how terrible this is: I have to write the column calling Simpson out for his white privilege and unconscious racism on The Megaphone of all places because the social justice warriors could not shelve their Harper hatred for five minutes and do it themselves.  Nobody’s coming out of this looking good, you hear me?! No one!!

OK, here we go: Throughout his ridiculous column Simpson is very careful to explain that Wang’s problem is that he lacks substance. Can’t you feel how unfair it is for Wang to have beaten Plamondon just because he has connections to the Campaign Life Coalition and the Chinese-Canadian community in Ottawa? In a totally fair world Bob Plamondon should have been able to show up and be awarded the nomination on the basis of his resume alone. What does the fact that Wang got his vote out and Plamondon didn’t have to do with anything?

And Simpson is totally not racist or anything but who the heck do these new Canadians think they are? Are they “dedicated conservatives”, harrumphs Simpson disparagingly?  Do they think they can just show up and take over? Is Wang going to be a quote, “spear carrier”, unquote, if elected? (See, that’s how not racist Simpson is - he knows that Chinese people don’t carry spears, so calling Wang a spear carrier is A-OK!)

Then we have the part where Simpson complains that the Harper Conservatives are aggressively wooing the Chinese Canadian community, “a rather pro-Liberal community across Canada”. And how did they become “a rather pro-Liberal community?” Certainly Liberal “aggressive wooing” in decades past had nothing to do with that, I’m sure?

Let me remind you all that Jeffrey Simpson has been covering federal politics for three decades, so there is no chance that he actually thinks what the Conservatives are doing is new or pushing the envelope. He only writes columns complaining about it when it’s not the Liberals who are doing it, that’s all.

But hey: Jeffrey Simpson wants you to know that he thinks democracy is served when the best candidate wins. That’s why he has absolutely nothing to say about the Liberal plan to force gender parity in their nominations. That is totally different because of reasons that Jeffrey Simpson hasn’t thought of yet, but when he does they’ll be awesome.

You know what I’d love to see? A Jeffrey Simpson column where he writes about Justin Trudeau’s lack of experience and his “wafer thin resume,” bemoaning the fact that Marc Garneau should have been leader of the LPC. Think we’ll see that in this lifetime or any other? Nope, because when Justin has one of his brainwaves, Simpson says the following: “A blockbuster set of ideas.” “Democracy would be better off” if they were implemented. The Liberals “deserve kudos.”

I know this column will only go so far towards unpacking the invisible weightless knapsack of Liberal privilege, but we cannot keep silent any longer. We must create conversations about reconstructing systems of power within this country and make commitments to end anti-Conservative bias in public space, because those of us affected don’t have the luxury of ignoring the disparity.    


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commented 2015-07-07 17:10:50 -0400
WANG had the CPC lists Plamondon Didnt, thats it, the guy with the Lists Wins, Come on folks we all know that, Bob Plamondon is probably one of the smartest additions that Harps could have Asked For….but did not, Oh well, democracy is all part of being in the Right Place at the Right time, BOB, buy some Short pants and Work for an MP for 3-4 years, victory will be yours, I agree fully with Jeffery Simpson on this one, Wang will just be another CPC bobblehead …if even electable
commented 2015-07-06 17:38:25 -0400
Good one!
commented 2015-07-06 15:50:14 -0400
It’s futile to shake your fist at journalists who have sold their souls to their media masters but we should have a name for them.