July 07, 2016

Donald sings praises of Saddam? Media’s shameless attempt at “prosecuting Trump” to protect Hillary

Brian LilleyArchive

By now you’ve heard the media party outrage over the clip of Donald Trump purportedly singing the praises of brutal dictator Saddam Hussein.

Except he wasn’t really and in fact, he wasn’t saying anything different from points he’s been making all along about the Iraq war leading to instability in the Middle East, points which many on the left agree with.

Yet now, the media party and the left are turning themselves into knots to vilify Trump for these comments.

What’s the difference?

Well, the media needed to turn the page away from the Hillary Clinton email scandal and towards Trump.

Watch as I explain the media’s shameless attempt to prosecute Donald Trump while protecting Hillary Clinton.

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commented 2016-07-13 17:46:46 -0400
Yes the MSM was in overdrive trying to manufacturer incidents to deflect during the Clinton email hearings to deflect the attention away from Hillary Clinton’s scandals. Then when Trump tried to defend himself they criticized him for wasting valuable time he could have tried to go after her for the scandal but if he hadn’t addressed this the media would have used it as proof the allegations were true. Now Hillary is trying to stir up the race issue again in her sick attempt to score political points and showing she will stoop to any depth to win an election. Shame on her and shame on the MSM for facilitating her ruthless and divisive tactics.
commented 2016-07-08 23:54:43 -0400
Andrew your comment just proved me right as well, please tell me what they have gotten wrong?
commented 2016-07-08 12:57:24 -0400
While I’ve never heard Trump “sing praises” of Saddam, I have heard Trudeau sing praises of the red Chinese communist government…
commented 2016-07-08 12:17:05 -0400
Quick question Andrew, did Hillary Clinton lie about the email scandal?
commented 2016-07-08 09:11:34 -0400
“Andrew i notice you get more desperate as the Rebel is proven right. "

Proven right? LOL. That’s the beauty of yellow journalism and fabricated crises, if your entire story is barely true, then you don’t care about nuisances like evidence, particularly when the peanut gallery eats it up at face value. Remember that time they blamed homelessness on Notley, using data that predated the election? LOL.
commented 2016-07-08 06:06:33 -0400
FBI director Comey has determined that there was not sufficient evidence to prove Hillary was sophisticated enough to understand that she was commiting an offence by using her private devices and servers for her emails.
It is tough for the MSM to hear that their favoured candidate lacks the sophistication to be the POTUS.
commented 2016-07-08 03:06:43 -0400
Andrew i notice you get more desperate as the Rebel is proven right. And Obama has said stupid things , they just did not cover them like the hypocrites they are in the MSM, they even lied about what Sarah Palin said like the pathetic children they are.
commented 2016-07-07 23:01:27 -0400
Yes Andrew Stephenson, and Hillary can be just as crooked as a dog’s hind leg the MSM covers her ass…It’s obvious to all here but you….
commented 2016-07-07 23:00:05 -0400
Didn’t Tony Blair just admit he was influenced in his decision on Saddam Hussein and Iraq?

Donald Trump has more insight than what the mental media midgets are trying to portray him as having.
Listen and learn US and please vote for this man.
commented 2016-07-07 22:54:09 -0400
Yeah, Andrew, it is true. Myself and others will comment on Rebel stories as if they are important.

The Rebel was provided as a conservative discussion and rallying site. But it was also provide as a forum for Ezra Levant after the collapse of the Sun news network, which he had invested in big time.

The overhead is low on an e-mail site. The forum is good, in that it let’s us give our opinions that might be edited on real media sites.

Almost no-one takes the actual stories seriously. Ezra Levant certainly doesn’t.
commented 2016-07-07 22:52:58 -0400
If comey doesn’t resign soon he may get run over by a bus he was thrown under.
If he is not taken out of the picture he will be in her face right up to election night
commented 2016-07-07 22:29:18 -0400
Oh, please. Trump said something stupid. He says a lot of stupid things. I think we’d all be shocked if he said something halfway intelligent, actually, since the ign’ant buffoon act is part of the game he’s playing.

Similarly, the Rebel has a similar issue, but in this case, it’s the tiresome “media party” conspiracies REBEL EXCLUSIVE: EZRA HAS A HANGNAIL. MEDIA PARTY SILENT!!!!!!!!!
commented 2016-07-07 22:25:24 -0400
This is the first time I have heard of these comments by Donald Trump praising Saddam Hussein. Thank you, The Rebel, for bring such items to our attention.

The readership statistics seem to show that 50% of Rebel readers live in Canada and 25% live in the United States. The remaining 25% live in the rest of the world.

I myself feel that the people of the United States should be free to determine their own future. Thus I do not appreciate Rebel items like this.

The Rebel can report on Canadian issues, and let Americans have their own say.
commented 2016-07-07 19:54:34 -0400
It really is too bad the main stream media is so bloody immoral an unethical. I would like to for once hear the truth from the main stream media in the USA and Canada.
commented 2016-07-07 19:53:09 -0400
Keith Richards: Comey said today he had interviewed Gucifer who admitted lying however I find it completely hypocritical and egregious for Hillary to claim she did no wrong after the way she accused Geore Bush of corruption for his hidden emails and said it was shredding the constitution. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIyNoyTexxQ
commented 2016-07-07 18:49:27 -0400
oh looky.

Hillary is talking about how she won’t use gov email because of the tracking


That’s some fine FBI-ing there Comey. Who wants to bet that Comey resigns before the end of the month.

commented 2016-07-07 18:26:49 -0400
Our approach and opinions of Hussein are somewhat complex and need to be. On one hand he was a dictator that brought stability to Iraq. On the other hand he funded and supported the insurgency that came afterwards
commented 2016-07-07 18:23:41 -0400
Yep, and this was the tactic of the MSM and political class to ensure the Brexit went to the remain side. How did that work?
commented 2016-07-07 18:17:43 -0400
They can’t find a single past employee (and there were tens of thousands) to confirm Trump’s “racism”.

They can’t find a single woman (and he has had girlfriends, wives and thousands of pageant contestants) to confirm Trump’s “misogyny” and “sexism”.

Only the NYT had a half-hearted hatchet-job article to claim sexism, but each woman that was cited came forward to discredit NYT completely and say they took their comments completely out of context and the NYT was totally wrong.

So how desperate is the media party to find something? Serbian saying “they are looking for a hair on a frog” .
commented 2016-07-07 18:03:57 -0400
Trump’s thesis is essentially correct. Brutal, genocidal dictators like Saddam Hussein crush everyone under their heels, including radical Islamists trying to get a foothold within their borders. Overthrowing brutal dictators like Hussein or Gadhafi creates a power vacuum that is usually filled immediately by a weak government that is quickly beset upon by radical Islamists. This is something leftists agree with — third-worlders should be left crushed under the heels of genocidal dictators.
commented 2016-07-07 17:42:09 -0400
Hillary needed an assist? Well it didn’t work.
I keep listening to his so called gaffs and I usually think, so what is the big deal. The more they try to vilify Trump for what he says the more ridiculous they look.
commented 2016-07-07 17:37:47 -0400
The globalist commie agenda sticks together….
commented 2016-07-07 17:27:16 -0400
I can almost understand how the American media wants to twist everything Donald Trump says, in order to ensure that “Crooked Hillary” becomes the next president, BUT why in hell is the Canadian media doing exactly the same thing???? Unbelievable.
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